Indescribable Pleasure

It was a Monday night, and my husband and I had both had bathed, brushed our teeth, and put on each other’s favorite fragrance. I knew he was tired from his busy day, so I wasn’t anticipating sex. I was lying in bed when he walked out of the bathroom.

He smiled and said, “You didn’t assume the position.” What he meant was that he wanted me to be lying on the edge of the bed with a waterproof mat or blanket under me and a pillow placed on the floor so his knees would be comfortable as he gave me oral.

“I thought you were too tired.”

My husband grinned. “I’m never to tire to taste your pussy.” So I didn’t hesitate to assume the position. 

He knelt down and began teasing me. He knows exactly how to please me. He flickered his tongue along my inner thigh, working his way just outside my outer labia.

“Mmmmmm, baby, that feels so good.” I really wanted him to get to my pussy, but he took his time. I could hear him inhaling my aroma before licking from the bottom to the top with a flat tongue. Next, he licked all around the inner labia and then sucked and bit my clit softly.

I wrapped my leg around him and pulled him in as I moaned, “That’s it. Mmmmmm. Ohhhh, yes…” and I came, drenching his face.

I heard his lustful sounds of pleasure at his accomplishment and asked if he had something else for me. He said he was just too tired, but was more than willing to use our firefly glass wand on me. That made me very happy!

He tried to warm it up a little and put some lube on the wand, then slowly inserted it in my wet pussy. It was still a little cool but felt so good. It’s incredibly smooth and glides perfectly. The weight and the shape of the head feel amazing! I love this toy. I no longer use it by myself because he puts the real magic in it.

He began to slide it in, press up lightly, then pull back toward him in the “come hither” motion for G-spot stimulation. After only a few strokes, I was getting very aroused and very wet.

Next, he slid the toy very deep, twisted it side to side, and jiggled it slightly, then pressed and held it on my deep A-spot—”Ohhhhhh, mmmmm!”—then back to the G-spot. He would alternate this over and over.

I was so wet and swollen. The more he stroked my G-spot, the more I would drench his hand, making the wand very slippery for him to grasp. I closed my eyes and just relaxed, and he transported me to a whole new dimension of ecstasy. I could no longer talk dirty; I couldn’t even form words at all. Oh, my God, it felt amazing. All I could do was moan, whimper, and scream.

I writhed on the bed, clawing the sheets, totally lost in the moment as he brought me from one orgasm to the next, over and over again. It felt like a wave that would come over me. I would hit the peak, then catch a breath or two before another orgasm would hit. Each orgasm was building and building, and I got more and more lost in pleasure. My juices soaked his hand and the mat I was lying on.  There are no words to explain the intensity of it all—it was simply indescribable. I began to shake and shiver from the top of my head to my toes.

My husband smiled and continued to drive me wild; I was putty in his hands. My throat started to get dry from all the moaning and screaming, but he just continued to pleasure me for at least a half-hour to 45 minutes until I was getting tired. Then he decided to stop and pulled the toy out, but my pussy was not yet willing to let go of its tight grip on the toy.

I said, “Well, maybe just one more orgasm?”  

He smiled the sweetest sexy grin, slid the wand back in deep, and brought me to a few more orgasms as I continued to quiver and shake. Then I knew he was getting tired, so I had to make my pussy and pelvic muscles relax to allow the removal of the toy.

My lover held me as I shook in his arms. I told him he had reached the deepest parts of me; it was as if I had bared my soul to him. In that moment, I felt very vulnerable. It was truly a  holy moment between us. I had not withheld anything from this man I love so much—I had given him my all. That deep trust we have, the deep commitment is so wonderful. I will forever cherish moments like that with him. I feel so loved and adored. I get goosebumps as I’m writing this, recalling that indescribable experience.

Father God, thank you for blessing me with this man who loves me so deeply and so passionately, who is so kind, gentle, loving and caring. Help me be the loving wife he deserves. May our marriage bring you glory. Let our relationship be an inspiration to others of what a fulfilling marriage can and should be. 

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30 replies
  1. Happy Husband says:

    Beautiful. I love eating my wife's shaved pussy and using her favorite dildo to make her cum. After she cums I put my hand over her pulsing pussy as she comes back down. It is so intimate.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      She’s a blessed lady! I love that you enjoy pleasing and satisfying your lover. So glad my story brought back some good memories.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Happy Husband, when your bride comes' does she become too sensitive? I could easily continue licking my wife's pussy, but she says it's uncomfortable. How does your woman react? Does she say stop after one orgasm?

  2. Bona says:

    God bless you, SH, you are my favourite in here. Love your stories; you surely bring heat to my southern region. Thanks for sharing the hot aroma of married sex with us. Eagerly waiting for the next intimate story of yours while wanking off to this. When is the next?

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you, Thank You for the Kind Words! Glad you enjoy reading and wanking to my stories! I do have another one Cummings soon!

  3. RockyGapMan says:

    Such a wonderful story of loving, giving & serving. So many people have this big disconnect between God and sex. But I believe that there is an intrinsic spiritual/physical connection between the two. Our Father wants us to feel and associate with Him in the experience.

    As a husband, I can concur with your husband’s joy at giving to his wife in this way and seeing her out of her head in ecstasy over and over again! Nothing brings me greater joy knowing I’m giving and bringing her pleasure.

    And your prayer of gratitude to God at the culmination of this experience is the proverbial “icing on the cake” which integrates that holy, spiritual aspect of our beings with our emotional & spiritual.

    Kudos to you @Southern Heat for an awesome story!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you I really appreciate your thoughts and kind words. Yes hot sexy between a loving husband and wife is a holy and sacred moment. I’ve written a story a while back Called sexual healing how sex brings healing during some tough times in life.

  4. Stevie says:

    SouthernHeat, WOW! Is the only word I can say. How amazing, your man taking you to pleasure island and satisfying your every sexual need. Thank you for making me wet so early in the morning. 😉 Keep up the amazing work… I look forward to more.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Stevie I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband to takes me pleasure island very often ! Glad I could get you wet this morning hope you enjoyed some good solo time

  5. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE! And in so many ways. I glanced at the MH page as I was making breakfast and saw the picture for this story and thought, “Oh, yeah.” Then I opened it and saw it was your story and thought, “OH, YEAH! This is gonna be great!”

    I’ve learned from past stories how much your husband loves to go down on you. I started reading it knowing I wouldn’t have time to finish yet. I only got as far as your husband saying he’s never too tired to taste your pussy, and I thought, “This man is my kindred heart.” I had already tasted my wife’s twice this morning and the kids weren’t even off to school, and that is MY favorite eating position, too.

    I copied that paragraph and messaged it with an explanation of its source to my wife sitting at the table beginning Bible time with the kids. After breakfast, I read the rest. Your description was so vivid that I could feel, taste and smell my wife’s pussy on my face.

    Then he got the Firefly! My favorite use for our Firefly (we named ours Serenity) is to use it on her while on my knees licking her clit, and I had intended to do that this morning on my second trip downtown, but we took longer than usual in the shower together so I didn’t get it out (but the day’s not over yet).

    Your description of your orgasms in waves is so very much the way my wife cums (hence her username O-Surfer) that I could see her quaking, hear her moans, and feel her legs squeezing me.

    I loved the “baring your soul” account at the end. And your prayer of thanksgiving was beautiful. My first trip down on my wife this morning was to wake her up, and afterward, I prayed with her as I usually do first thing in the morning (although usually, the prayer is the first thing.) As I held her naked body against mine, I was feeling very thankful for this glorious gift of pleasure He gave us and thanked Him in my prayer for my wife and my desire for her, and for her delicious cistern from which I get to drink.

    I feel so close to this story, and I’m sorry this went a little long. I always love your stories, and I love you guys (sorry my northern roots are showing). I always feel so close to y’all (that’s better) when I read your stories. Thank you and may God continue to bless y’all as He clearly has been already.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Awe I love these comments!!! I think you are both awesome I love your stories you are wonderful examples of a hot loving relationship. I will keep writing stories if you keep writing stories too!

  6. Bertie says:

    Love how your wonderful husband takes care of your desire and keeps your lady bits happy! As always, Thank you for sharing your amazing stories of love, trust, commitment and great sex. Such an inspiration.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Glad my written words are inspiring to others. I’m also glad he keeps my lady bits happy! Thanks friend

  7. LoveMyWife56 says:

    What a lovely, sexy, amazing story! I imagined my wife and I sitting nearby, holding each other, and watching all your lovemaking. What a blessed couple you truly are.

  8. QueenandHubbie says:

    Great story. Love that your husband was tired but that he gave you your pleasure. Also that you took it. Too easy to just give up and roll over. We have to grab as much as we can.

    Who knew “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, now,” had to do with passion and sex?

    Also, love the idea of vulnerability. Hard to O, when you’re all guarded. Better O’s are found on the other side of controlled, cautious, restrained, etc.

    Also also, love the idea that flat-out, rip-roaring, riotous, passionate sex with our spouse in marriage is worship!

    Also x 3, love the idea of broadening the definition of “sex” to include more than PIV. When Queen and I sext or give oral, or masturbate, or use manual “handiwork”, it’s sex and we celebrate.

    “Never too tired to taste your pussy.” Words to live by!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you for you kind words. Yes vulnerability is important I think that is why our sex is so incredible. We totally trust each other and we allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

  9. Salcpl says:

    Loved the story. I’ve got a glass dildo that I occasionally use on my wife. I am curious to know if there is much difference in the glass dildos. Is the Firefly really different from others?

    Anyway, it’s so hot to hear how responsive you are to your husband's use of the firefly. I know he enjoyed it as much as you, if not more. I really enjoyed hearing you describe the grip of your pussy on that toy. I have experienced that kind of grip before, and it is magical! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      It’s the shape of the head it the firefly look up Gspot glass firefly glow in the dark wand . I have another glass toy but it doesn’t brong me earth shattering orgasms like this one!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Your kind words mean so much! Thank you! I hope my writing always portrays our deep love for each other and inspires what marriage heat should look like!

  10. YumYum says:

    Fooling around with my husband—wherever we are, whatever we're doing—almost always winds up with both of us wanting the other. Pleasing each other is always a pleasure. Likewise, giving my husband what he wants gives me joy.

    I'm a bit of a submissive wife, and I give myself to my husband. I'm his and willingly provide to him whatever he wants.

    My husband is a gentleman and always gives me my share of sexual bliss before I give him his. After he stirs me up for a while, he tells me how wet I am. He sometimes tells me to wet my fingers with the honey from my pussy and then put my wet fingertips in his mouth.

    That one taste is all it takes. He tells me to rub his lips with my cunt and feed him the honey from my pussy. I spread my legs and give him what he asks for. I eagerly submit to his wishes and do my best to suck his tongue into my dripping pussy.

    My husband holds my ass in his hands and pulls my cunt to his lips so he can suck me and lick me, and he moans with pleasure as I do. Rubbing my cunt on his lips gives me one orgasm after another till I go numb and fall out.

    After a bit of rest, it's my turn to pleasure my husband with sweet lips, loving kisses, and tender touches. I suck his cock slow and deep till warm cum fills my mouth—the reward I long for. I love pleasuring my husband. Whatever he wants is good for me.

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