A Light Pinch of Nails!

Veronica opens her eyes to the phone on the charging station. The numbers on the screen tell her it’s still too early to get out of bed. In the light streaming around the edges of the closed curtains, she turns over to look at her husband, still asleep on his back with one of his arms thrown over his face. She reaches across and lightly runs her hand down his firm chest. It creeps lower, past his stomach, and extends to the waistband of his boxer briefs. Instead of sliding under, she runs it over the slick, tight material. He isn’t even close to waking up; his morning wood is nowhere in sight.

With a mischievous smirk, Veronica slides her index finger and thumb in an open pinch over the length of his cock from top to bottom. Not fast and not slow. Just a leisurely consistent pace. Up and down… up and down… up and down. Slowly his shaft begins to grow and grow. She continues her actions for several minutes. Soon, his length makes an appearance, lifting his waistband on its own.

Veronica’s smirk widens into a grin. Desiring a bigger reaction, she decides to change her technique by running all four fingertips down his length and lightly trailing her nails back up to the tip. Down with the fingertips… up with the nails. Down and up… down and up… down and up. Still, his length grows, and the head makes a true showing. She continues this motion for several more minutes until the tip begins to glisten. She desperately wants to lick it away, but biting her lower lip, she resists.

Veronica wants more.

With the boxer briefs still in place, she decides to alternate between going down with the open pinch and back up lightly with the nails. Down and up… down and up… down and up. She holds back from snuggling in close to him and tries not to touch him except with the tips of her fingers. It isn’t easy. All she really wants to do is lean over and kiss down his chest and along his stomach, following his happy trail to his cock, then all the way to the tip. She’d like to use her other hand to take down his boxer briefs while sliding his length into her mouth but decides that will be for another time. This time, she wants lazy morning sex.

Her husband’s hips start to roll with her actions. While the pinch runs downward, his hips roll forward. While light nails run up his covered shaft, they roll back. Precum drips from the head onto his stomach. He is not awake yet, and she wonders if he believes he’s dreaming. Veronica focuses on her sensual motions and tries not to lose her concentration. Her lips press tightly together, trying not to make a sound. She rubs her thighs together as her need for him increases.

Still, Veronica wants more.

The next time she goes down with the open-nails pinch, she stops to cup his balls and run her fingers over them until they draw up tight against his shaft, anticipating a release. A sexual groan rumbles through her man’s throat, and a smile erupts across her face.

He still is sleepy when she finally leans forward to lick the precum-covered head of his cock before taking it into her mouth for a moment. Then, she moves to lick the precum from his stomach. She gets up on her knees and pulls down his slick, tight boxer briefs. Veronica’s eyes widen in delight; she can’t resist anymore. Straddling his hips, she positions him at her entrance, lowers herself, and—finally, finally—slides his shaft into her hot wetness.

Veronica begins to ride. Up and down… up and down… up and down. His hands find her hips, and his eyes slowly open; his morning voice is intoxicating. He moans, “Mmmmm, baby.”

“Yes?” she asks while continuing to ride him leisurely. But as he gathers his thoughts, she increases her efforts and her pace. Before he is fully awake, she brings them both to a glorious ending.

Her husband envelopes her, drawing her to his chest and placing a kiss on her forehead. “Morning.”

“Morning,” Veronica replies, satisfied.

P.S.S. Stay Tuned for more of Veronica’s sexy adventures with her man.

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    • Barbed_Moon says:

      Thank you! She loves to give attention. But more importantly she love to see the reaction she can get from her man. Thank you for reading. More Veronica to come.

    • Barbed_Moon says:

      Thank you! He loves the morning sex as much as I love roll over sex…that need that wakes you in the middle of the night around 2 or 3 in the morning… Yes that is the best! Or a least in the top ten. 😉

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