The Long and Winding Road ~ Ignite Story

Kay Sets the Stage

With a busy four-day holiday weekend upon us, we so looked forward to a romantic time away together, alone. My girlfriend, Sandy, and her husband, William, offered us the use of a secluded private lakefront lodge, and the time was finally upon us. We left our home on Thursday, excited about having four days alone. It’s a win-win for both couples. They get to witness her niece’s wedding, and we get to cabin-sit and keep an eye on things.

Bill Withers and Grover Washington, Jr. came to mind, and I couldn’t help but croon to my love:

Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
(Just the two of us)
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I

Sandy and William took on this beautiful property located about an hour outside the city when it became too much for her parents to maintain. Its been in their family for decades, dating back to the 1930s. The surrounding land is zoned residential, which keeps prospective developers at bay. The closest neighbors are two miles away, leaving my girlfriend and her husband’s 10-acre property all to themselves—nothing but blue sky, cottony white clouds, and the glorious summer sun.

This is my favorite time of year to visit their spread. Birds sing their celebration of life, a chorus of frogs creeks in the pond, and the steady cadence of cicadas pulses. Woodpeckers are hard at work chiseling the bark of their trees, and critters rustle in the nearby brush while swans and cranes splash in the lake. It’s paradise on earth, a taste of the Garden of Eden. Nature is in harmony.

And in close communion with God’s animal kingdom, we would cherish four days of being naked, in our natural state and one with nature. In this secluded hideaway, we didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing us in the nude—just the way God made us, male and female.

Ken usually doesn’t spend as much time naked as I do, which is fine. Being nude is my communion with my Creator and with His creation; it feels perfectly natural to me. One could say it’s even a form of worship. There’s something intimately spiritual about praying to the Lord together outdoors in the nude, thanking Him for life and nature while making love to my man. I bet He looks down upon us, his beloved children, and smiles as we celebrate this most special gift that He bestowed upon wives and their husbands.

As we travel, I wipe a tear of joy from my eye, picturing the impending bliss we will soon experience.

The Long and Winding Road

“I can’t believe it; we’re almost there. How much longer? What’s our ETA?” I asked Ken.

“Well, my phone says 25 more minutes. I’m sure glad we’re following this narrow, twisting old road in the daytime,” he answers, “because I would hate to try to navigate it by night. I can’t go much faster than 35mph with all these sharp turns and curves.”

“Speaking of curves, guess I won’t be needing this.” I reached inside my blouse.

“Really, Kay? That’s not fair, distracting me like that while I’m trying to pay attention to this so-called road.” This is yet another example of how I toy with my husband. He marvels at the way I nonchalantly undo my bra under my blouse, peeling down the shoulder straps and yanking it through my sleeve before tossing it into his lap.

“Eyes forward, mister. Ahhhhh, that’s much better. You’ll never know, my dear husband, the relief and freedom of releasing these titties from confinement.  Mmmm, I can breathe again. Ahhhh.” I removed my blouse and tossed it into the back seat, where it landed on top of our pillows and beach towels.

Still trying to focus on the sorry excuse for a road and not my glorious jugs, Ken fought a losing battle. From the corner of his eye, he could see me lightly lifting, cupping, and kneading my breasts as I softly purr and moan. He found the sight of me, topless and wearing sunglasses, especially erotic. My lacy black bra (his favorite) remained crumpled in his lap; he resisted the urge to pick it up and take a deep whiff of my uniquely feminine scent.

“Oh, Ken, this is such a gorgeous day out here in the county, don’t you agree? Nothing but all these trees, wildflowers, and the bright summer sky. The hot sun feels wonderful, beaming down through the sunroof onto my tits. I love feeling its incredible warmth upon my bare flesh. Mmmmmmmm, take your time getting us there, honey. I’m really enjoying this. No rush. No rush at all.” I take in a long, slow, cleansing breath before slowly releasing it as I shift in the passenger seat. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Ken’s Thoughts

“She’s certainly enjoying this—and I’m stuck driving. Is she teasing me, trying to get my attention? Rubbing it in, perhaps? She can be mischievous like that. Such a sexy little stinker.”

Coming out of yet another series of curves and finally embarking upon a long, lonely straightaway, I stole another glance at my adventurous, sexy wife and was not disappointed. Damn, she is hot—in more ways than one. I quickly admired Kay in her half-naked state, out here in our SUV in the middle of nowhere with her eyes closed, a hint of a smile on her face, and her hands continuing to gently caressing her bare bosom. The angle of the early afternoon sun really brought out the beautiful peach fuzz along her jawline. My eyes followed the fuzzy white trail that ran from the top of her baby blue shorts and ended in the valley between her breasts, adorning her torso like a soft blanket. Oh, how my tongue enjoys the downward journey along that wonderful path leading to Kay’s Promised Land.

Forcing my attention back to the road, I marveled at this beautiful moment—just the two of us, husband and wife, woman and man, part of God’s creation. As He said in Genesis, “It is not good for man to be alone.” I shuddered at the thought of having gone through life without the gift of my dear bride, and the chorus of Chris Tomlin’s “How great, is our God…” rang in my mind.

My thoughts were interrupted by a wonderfully familiar sound that I have come to know and love in the last several years, a “popping” sound from Kay’s mouth. Quickly glancing to my right, I see that Kay is suckling her own breasts. Oh, what a treat!  I love watching—and listening—to her doing that. With my attention divided between the road and Kay’s roadshow, I struggled to maintain a safe focus.

Plop. More soft moaning, loud sucking sounds, and more plops. Kay continued nursing herself, alternating between each full breast and letting each nipple plop out of her mouth.

“Mmm, my nipples taste sooo good, Ken. You have no idea how much I enjoy sucking my own tits—no idea, babe. Mmmmm.” Plop. “Aaaahhh.” Plop. “Ooooo.” Plop. “Mmmmm.”

Those nursing sounds and the sight of Kay struggling to hold her breasts in her small delicate hands and licking her protruding erect nipples jump-started my penis back to life. Its sudden expansion in my pants had become a bit uncomfortable. Why did I wear briefs today instead of boxers? An adjustment was needed.

“Mmmm, Ken, you like watching me suck my own tits, don’t you? Mmmmm.” Plop. “And you like hearing this sound too, right?” Plop. “Ah, I know you do. These titties are so warm and heavy in my hands.” Plop. “Ahhhhh. Look how they spill out as I try to hold them. “Mmmmm.” Plop. “I taste so good. Too bad you can’t really watch me, Ken. I especially like licking and sucking both nipples at the same time… like this. My strawberries, as you call them. Mmmmmm.”

I jerk the car back into my lane, intermittently watching her virtuoso performance. Her breast play still detracts me after all these years together. And she must have been enjoying the effect her impromptu show had upon my driving, Though her eyes were hidden behind her shades, I saw that sly little smile return after I again corrected my steering.

“However, my dear husband, what I really like is doing is this.” Kay began to tilt and push back the passenger seat, stretching her legs out all the way to the front dashboard. “Ahhhhhh, that’s better. Much better. Hmmmmm, what to do now…”

Kay’s big boobs jiggled as they absorbed every bump on this poorly maintained township road. Her hands leave her tits and slowly trailed down towards her hips. Without stopping, they disappeared into her shorts and slowly guided them down her thighs and towards her knees. I gasped, watching her doing this, especially as the uppermost portion of her lush brown bush peeked out. I didn’t know she wasn’t wearing panties.

“I hope you don’t mind, honey. It’s getting a bit toasty in here, and I need to let this hot, sweaty pussy get some fresh air. After all, my sweet, tight little kitty has to breathe too, you know.” Her shorts continue their descent down past her pretty knees… her shins… and her ankles.

It had become harder and harder to concentrate on the road while Kay kept up her private peep show. My dick grew stiffer now; it needed some fresh air too. Perhaps some warm, fresh air…

Once her shorts reached her toes, Kay expertly flicked them backward, and they landed upon her chest. Man, that girl has strong muscle control and coordination. As my mind processed the erotic spectacle unfolding before me, she tossed her shorts into my lap. Now totally naked, Kay reclining in the passenger seat, nearly her entire body now bathing in the summer sun.

“Ahhhhhhh, so much better. My body can really breathe now,” she sighs in contentment.

My eyes continued darting between the road and her beautiful nude form. The sun, bathing her bare flesh in a brilliant golden hue, illuminated the peach fuzz on her forearms and thighs and her now glistening, neatly manicured yet lush lady garden. Oh, how I loved watching this girl play—except while driving! I swerved to miss a daredevil squirrel. That was close.

Yet Kay didn’t notice. Eyes closed, she had all ten fingers from both hands gently working their way up and down her sides, placing gentle softies along hips, abdomen, and fuzzy tummy. Up and down, her fingers journeyed as she seemed to stir now in the passenger seat.

Meanwhile, my cock had been stirring for the last several minutes.

“Mmmmmmmm.” My wife brought her legs up, resting her feet several inches apart on the dash. “Ouuuuuuch, that’s hot,” she protested. Tentatively, she resumed the position. “How much longer till we arrive, Ken?” she asked in a low sultry voice.

“Well, if I don’t get lost, ETA 11 minutes. Why?”

“Ooooooo—I mean—Oh, I was just curious.” Kay giggles, slowly writhing in her seat.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see her tanned gymnast’s legs slowly parting as both hands disappear to her sacred place nestled in between. I immediately heard a soft squishing sound and ever-increasing low moans.

“Mmmmm, this feels wonderful. Guess what I’m doing, Ken? No peeking; you have to guess,” she teased.

Duh—my brain channeled Billie Eilish.

The squishing sound becomes louder, as did her purring. Kay began to pant, working herself with both hands. Man, how I wished I could watch this performance unfold. But I couldn’t; there was no place to pull over. Damn.

I sensed rather than saw Kay lift her left hand to her face and deeply inhale before exhaling in contentment. With her other hand, she continued fingering herself, and from the sound of it, she was already nice and wet. My sensitive nose took in the natural fragrance of womanhood as her vagina lubricated itself.

“Mmmmm, hear that, Ken? My pussy is getting nice and wet. Ahhhh, feeeeeeeels so good…. Ooooooooh.” Removing her left hand from her sex again,  she stretched it towards me. With her eyes still closed, squirming in her seat, Kay brushed my lips with her slippery fingers before slowly inserting her middle and index fingers into my mouth. They tasted uniquely and delectably sweet, sharing with me the mysteriously delicious flavor of her nectar. She gently plunged them in and out of my mouth before returning them from whence they came.

Softly moaning again, Kay purred, “My cunt is juicy, isn’t it? Mmmm, I love how I taste, don’t you? My fingers feel really good, but I’d prefer your thick, veiny cock inside my hairy snatch instead of these two fingers, wouldn’t you?”

Before I could answer, her entire body shuddered. “Oh, Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhhh…. Mmmmm, Mmmmm… Ahhhhh, Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhh!” The force of several massive orgasms took Kay captive.

My eyes darted between this sorry excuse of a road and the spectacle of my wife writhing in her seat as I reached down and freed my throbbing, aching cock.

Panting for air like she just finished an obstacle course, her body bathed in sweat and goosebumps, and her fingers still deeply embedded in her luscious twat, Kay turned her head to steal a glance at me. At the sight of me jacking off while driving, she lost control. “Oh fuck… fuck! Look at that big, thick cock… Look at it… I gotta have it; I gotta have it. Ohhhh. Ohhhhh, ohhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhh….” My naked wife’s head jolted back as if a cattle prod had poked her. “Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhhh… Ahhhhhhh!”

To my amazement—in utter ecstasy—Kay squirted. No, make that, Kay’s over-stimulated vagina drenched the glove compartment and dashboard of our vehicle. I heard the sound of her juices splatter against it and saw her clear nectar dripping down and pooling onto the floor heavy rubber floor mat. She rarely, if ever, squirts—let alone like this.

“Damn, girl!”  Panting and rapidly licking her fingers, Kay fully extended and flexed her muscular legs, and I marveled at the rock hard mass of her peach-fuzz-covered thighs and the profound curve of her calves as they locked into place on the now stained dash. I stopped masturbating and clamped my right hand onto her left thigh, applying a strong masculine squeeze and burying my nails in her quivering, moist, warm flesh to demonstrate the mutual power we possess.

Kay didn’t flinch. She finally came out of her trance, returned the seat to its normal position, and pulled her feet back to the front edge of her seat, knees bent.

“Ooops, look like I made a little mess here. Sorry, Ken. Wow, did I really do all that?”

“I’m afraid so, dear. Someone is going to have to clean that up, you know. It wasn’t my fault; I was just trying to concentrate on the road and get us to the lodge safely.”

“Really now? And you had nothing to do with this? Hmmmmmmmm?”

Smiling at me, she reached over and grasped my cock, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Hey now,” I gasped, slightly swerving the vehicle. Sometimes I underestimate this girl’s strength—to my peril. Man, she really has quite a grip.

“How do you like that, mister? Two can play the squeezing game.” Shifting in her seat, Kay turned and suddenly went down on me, her head nestled between my dick and the steering wheel. “Mmmm, I love the salty taste of this tube steak. Mmmmm, very nice…. So, how much longer until we arrive at the lodge?”

Somewhat distracted by driving and Kay’s impromptu fellatio, I glanced at my phone. “Wow, five minutes, Kay. Where has the time gone?”

“Yeah… where has the time gone?” Kay responded between her loud slurps. One hand gently fondled my balls while her other pumped me with precision and her tongue lightly traced a trail the entire length of my shaft. She delicately licked my sensitive slit, drooling saliva upon the throbbing head of my dick.

Without warning, Kay impaled me. I gasped. She locked onto her target, holding me firmly with her throat muscles, her cute button nose buried in my pubes. Gently, she bit me at the foundation of my cock. Like an experienced scuba diver holding her breath for long periods of time, Kay didn’t breathe as her mouth continued performing its wonderful magic. Then her head jolted up, and she gasped for air, strands of saliva cascading down from her mouth to my knee. Nose running, eyes watering, she pumped away on my manhood. The expression on her face all business—when I could hazard a glance—she cleared her throat and delivered a big glob of white spit onto my bulbous cock head, scoring a direct hit. More squishing sounds ensued, this time from my wet dick bathed in her salvia.


Two Minutes Out


“I can finish you off right now, or we can wait until we get to the lodge,” Kay gasped in a raspy voice. “I’m so horny now. My cunt is aching for you. Either way is fine, but you better decide right now, babe. Your tool looks so good in my hand, and I love swallowing your hot load. But I also want to make love to you out on the pier. You decide.”

Her slippery hand felt so wonderful pumping me; I was torn over what to do. Up ahead, I see what appears to be our friends’ lodge up ahead. “Let’s do it on the pier!”

Kay kept stroking me with her left hand, and I noticed that her right had once again disappeared between her legs. A few minutes went by, and I was getting close; so was Kay. And so was our destination, but I couldn’t hold out much longer.

The sexy, English-accented female voice of Google Maps informed us that our destination was on the left. Kay began moaning, and I grabbed her hand to prevent her from finishing me off. “You’ve arrived,” Ms. Google announced. Kay moaned louder as we pulled up in front of the rustic lodge and parked under a tree.

Kay reached into the back seat, grabbed a big fluffy beach towel, and flung the passenger door open. Exiting our vehicle, she jogged to the back of the lodge, where a pier jutted into the lake. Kay remained naked, her left arm making an unsuccessful attempt at covering her breasts to keep them from bouncing.

Damn, she looks sexy right now.

Looking over her shoulder, Kay shouted, “Hurry, Ken. Join me on the pier before I cum again. I need you to be with me right now.”

I swung my door open, dropped my shorts and briefs, and peeled off my shirt as I ran to join her. What a sight we must have made, streaking to the pier.

Kay got there first and spread the towel, carefully making sure it covered enough space. Then she flopped onto her back just before I arrived, basking in the sun, and her arms reached for me.

Parting her legs, I mounted her and easily penetrated her to the hilt. I felt her finger working its way to her little nub as I began impaling her.

“Mmmmm, that’s it, babe; that’s it. Right there. Oh, your cock feels sooooo… good… in this wet pussy. Mmmm. Keep going, Ken. Keep going. Don’t stop… Don’t stop. Oooooooooo, yes. I feel you… throbbing. Ohhhh, you feel so good buried inside me, right where you belong. Mmm, just as God intended. Ahhhhhhhh.

Incredibly, we both began to climax at the same time. I grunted and groaned in pleasure and intimate love for my wife, depositing my seed deep within her. Primal instinct took over, and I pound her, causing her head to scoot backward off the towel. The sun bore down wonderfully on my back, ass, and the soles of my feet.

“I love you, Ken. I love you.  Aghhhhh, Aghhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhh. Ooooo, mmph, mmph. You feel… so good… on top of and inside of me. Aghhhhhhhhh!”

Kay’s constricting vaginal muscles finally milked me dry, and I collapsed onto my wife, my chest pancaking her luscious tits. She tightly clamped her legs around my lower back as I worked my arms under her head, pulling her into a tight embrace. Neither of us let go; we kissed as married lovers do. We are one. What a beautifully intimate moment. This is what love is all about. It was such a blessing from above to come together right there on the lake with the sounds of nature enveloping us.

As we each slowly released our grip, I reluctantly pulled out and collapsed onto my back next to her. I took her hand in mine as our breathing slowly returned to normal. The sun full in our faces blinded us to the surroundings.

Then, to our shock and mortification, we heard Sandy and William’s voices from the back of their lodge.

“Well, hello, kids.”

“We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow.”

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6 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Awesome and fun story. After I knew my wife had read it, I commented to her about your story of you getting caught on the beach, too. She hadn’t read that one, so I quickly found it and read it to her giving us a chuckle. Then I asked her, “aren’t they the ones that lost their clothes on the baseball field?” Y’all are crazy! Keep it up and keep it fun.
    God bless

  2. Waiting Hardly says:

    Love how godly nudity adds such a spiritual dimension to your lives! I also know that to be the case. Jesus restored our relationship with God so we need not be ashamed any more of our bodies.
    So blessed by your story!

    • LovingMan says:

      I loved this comment: “Jesus restored our relationship with God so we need not be ashamed any more of our bodies.“

      This is soooo true!

  3. DexterousD says:

    Awesome story, LadyGarden! My wife and I read it to each other a couple nights ago as a starting point to our date night intimacy discussion. Let's just say it inspired us – to three sessions of passion among other things – so I have just finished writing them up as a draft for a potential MH post. Love your freedom and sense of play! A recommendation to men – you need to make sure your wives read aloud the female orgasm parts of the text. Hehe.

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