Scene of a picnic shelter and pickup truck with no identifiable markings (emblem, tags, etc.) and a small stream crossing through the foreground.

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Miracle Mile, WYOMING – August 6, 2020

“A sexual encounter with your beloved at a location named ‘Miracle Mile’ has a lot to live up to… and it did.”

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:  My wife and I are strong believers.  Our faith in Christ is what’s most important to us.  But it’s also true that God created us sexual beings.  My experience is that, too often, believers attempt to shut down or suppress their sexuality instead of embracing it as a God-given, God-designed, positive thing.  I realized that, for much of my married life, I allowed myself to live what I would call a mediocre sex life because I failed to learn to embrace and integrate my masculinity in all of it’s powerful and life-giving energy.  The enemy sold me a bill of goods, and both my wife and I suffered as a result.  Realizing such a truth is the first step.  It’s a slow process to change years of negative thinking and become a new man.  But with time ticking against us, I was determined to redeem what time God had left for us and live our lives to the fullest.  GOD is faithful and answers prayers.

Since my wife’s “sexual awakening” after listening to other married couples’ stories on, our own sexual intimacy has been turned up exponentially.  I’ve never felt so close.  We both took a quiz to identify our “love languages” about a week ago while driving through North Dakota.  Hers was Time, mine Touch.  She must have been paying attention because tonight, she touched me in ways that went down into the very depths of my soul and shot me up to what felt like the very presence of God!  (I’m sure you men will relate; ladies – not sure.)

After a long day of sightseeing and driving, I was beat.  I love to travel, but while camping and living out of the back of a truck can be tiring, it can also exhilarating (as I was soon to find out)!

With our evening meal complete and dishes washed, I decided I’d lie down in our Silverado truck bed and take a nap.  We had outfitted it with a regular 6-inch mattress and topped it off with a 4-inch gel-foam memory mattress.  A mosquito net draped over the truck bed cover kept away any insects; we were set for very comfortable sleeping quarters.  The netting also provided us with a bit of privacy.

Just as I was about to doze off, my lovely wife, Cecilia, peeked her head in the back of the truck with a sly grin on her face and said: “Curt, I think this would be a lot more comfortable if you’d slide down here.”  She motioned to the tailgate.

Pretty certain of her insinuation, but slightly confused, I responded, “I guess I could… What exactly did you have in mind?”  My cock in my boxers already stood at “half-mast” with her innuendos.  It eagerly awaited a positive affirmation of her intention/attention.  She didn’t let him down.

“A blowjob would be more comfortable sitting down here on the tailgate, wouldn’t it?” she replied.

My cock and I (inexorably connected, as most males are from birth—a fact not readily comprehended by the opposite sex) were ready for one of our favorite treats, a good cocksucking!

I slowly slid down to the edge of the tailgate and dropped my shorts, trying not to appear too excited.  I remember telling myself, “Curt, you are a blessed man!”

She knelt before me and looked deep into my eyes.  Then she grabbed my manhood and slowly slid every inch into her warm, wet mouth.  My eyes closed, and my head fell back as she began her loving act of worship.  She fondled my balls in her hands, and her mouth occasionally left my cock to pay “the boys” some attention, careful not to be too aggressive.

She had done her homework and had come to understand a blowjob isn’t merely a mechanical, emotionless moving of one’s head with a closed mouth enveloping the penis.  She knew from watching my responses and reactions how wonderfully, both physically and emotionally, a good cock-sucking can minister to a man.  But what touched me the most?  I could see from her enthusiasm and attention to detail that she was into it… into me!

But inwardly, I was conflicted. Should I keep my eyes open and watch my beautiful wife make passionate love to me or close them and focus on the out-of-this-world feeling raging through my cock, balls, and groin?  I couldn’t decide!  I wanted both simultaneously!  But such is life.

I felt her slowly alternating movements and techniques.  Cecilia gently licked my shaft from bottom to top, flicked my frenulum with the tip of her tongue, and swirled my cock-head around with her mouth and tongue.  At times, she attempted to take it down deep with an intense sucking motion.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was both too long and not long enough.  It was so intense at times that I felt I couldn’t take any more.  But then again, I’d be content to sit there so intimately connected with this wonderful lover forever!  I finally told her, “Stop,” so I could go down on and pleasure her. 

She took my cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “No, you’re going to cum!  I don’t want anything tonight… maybe in the morning.”  Her mind was set.  She was determined to suck me off!  Tonight I would “let go” (of all my apprehensions/fears) and let her have it… all of me, including the natural bodily fluids produced during climax and ejaculation—my semen.

Many men have no problem ejaculating during a blow job.  For me, it’s been an internal struggle.  My love and respect for my wife wouldn’t allow me to finish if such a finish resulted in something distasteful to her.  That was my conflict.  But tonight, I could sense a pivotal change.

I focused on my wife, what she was doing, the intense physical feelings overtaking me, the deepest of emotional connections, and most importantly, the knowledge that our Heavenly Father saw it all and was smiling in affirmation as two of his beloved children—man and woman, husband and wife—entwined in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy!  The glory, wonder, and mystery of sex was His creation, the climax, and pinnacle of His creation!

I began slowly thrusting my hips in and out, heightening my sensation, but I was careful not to go too deep.  I grabbed my dick with my right hand and slowly worked my lower shaft as she focused on the tip, allowing me to feed her and guide her through my finish.

When I was sufficiently relaxed and near the point of no return, I indicated I was going to cum and instructed her, if she felt she couldn’t swallow, to hold my load and cock in her mouth momentarily and let me enjoy the serene and surreal peace.

As the pressure in my cock, nuts, and groin reached maximum sensation, I instinctively thrust my hips one last time and felt my load leave my prostate and balls and course down through my cock into her waiting mouth.  In four to five involuntary spasms, I unloaded every drop of my semen, feeling like she was “sucking me dry,” pulling the very life essence out of me and drawing me into herself.

In that brief moment, I felt no longer singular but fused with my sexual partner, my wife—the mother of our children and grandmother of our precious grandchildren.  Any fears or worries of the present or future vanished as time seemed to stand still.  GOD is on His throne and does all things well!

As good as this night was, it was eclipsed by the fact that I wasn’t able to pleasure Cecilia.  But that would have to wait till tomorrow.


Final note:  What to do with “the mess?” Every good love-making session always ends with this dilemma.  That’s something I needed to relearn/rethink differently also.  The man’s ejaculate and his wife’s juices are described as something to be enjoyed in the Song of Solomon.  I needed to stop looking at them as something “distasteful” that needed to be cleaned up and learn to embrace them!

And this night, that’s exactly what I did.  She let my ejaculate fall from her mouth to my stomach, cock, and groin.  I was amazed at the amount of it.  I simply reached down and spread it over my cock, balls, and thighs till it dissolved.  Why did I make such a big deal of it before?  This new attitude was fostered by reading about so many of your positive attitudes in the “cum play” threads.

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

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28 replies
    • RockyGapMan says:

      Thx @Roy Hobbs,
      I wrote this story shortly after it occurred so that I’d remember it – it was that meaningful to me. But I struggled about whether or not I should post it.

      I’ve always considered my sexuality and that aspect of my relationship with my wife as something private and sacred. I also believe that somehow on some level I’d gotten the idea that it needed to be ‘closeted’ and closely guarded – and that by adhering to that mindset, covert meanings of shame, guilt and anxiety were subliminally always lurking there under the surface. Those emotions (shame, guilt and anxiety) are anathema to good sex and a good relationship.

      I believe for many years I’d “turned off” and “shut down” emotionally both due to aspects of the purity culture movement in the church (which was well intentioned) and in an effort to protect myself from prior repeated rejection. I’ve come to realize that marriage is a long game. You can’t carve yourself up into pieces and place your physical/sexual self in one box, your christian/spiritual self in another box, and your emotional self in another. Doing so is not living in integrity (solidly integrating/melding all of your true self/feelings/core beliefs into one) and robs both you and your spouse of the powerful synergistic energy released into the relationship when the REAL YOU arrives on the scene.

      After sitting on this story for four months and with my new personal goals for 2021 before me (believe, integrate, and swagger) I had to ask myself: “Who are you? What are your core beliefs? How can you achieve these goals and become the better man you and God want you to be?

      And so, I decided that if I really believed sex was sacred, holy, and good for me, my wife and for our relationship that I needed to LIVE it and put it out there in the open. No more living life with aspects of who I am (sexuality) hidden in shame and other aspects allowed to fully enjoy the bright light of day. I decided to become fully alive! Solid and integrated. It’s both a good feeling and an ongoing commitment. To myself and my wife.

      And so, I decided that a concrete way to test out this commitment was to post this story. After “lurking” here since August it feels good to be part of the group. Part of a group of people who want to elevate sexuality in marriage to the honorable position it is.

  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Thanks for sharing this sweet story how your wife gave you such a wonderful gift by enjoying giving her man pleasure. So sweet how you really wanted to please her too. I love to make my husband happy and satisfied. Gods gift of intimacy in marriage is such a special gift.

    • RockyGapMan says:

      Thx @SouthernHeat,
      Your stories and commitment to your husband have blessed and encouraged both of us. As they say “iron sharpens iron.”

  2. O-surfer says:

    Wonderful first post. God designed sexual intimacy to bring husband and wife closer together, but if we are afraid/ashamed to talk with each other about it; afraid to have to change something: thoughts, attitudes, actions, etc; then how can we the couple truly become one? Many women don’t understand the real relationship between our attitudes towards sex/penis/semen our husband’s emotional connection with us. We may be complaining that we don’t feel like we’re connecting on an emotional/deep level, so we don’t want to have sex—without realizing that he may want sex with us to establish that emotional/deep connection. Thankfully, God does enable us to learn new things! Good job for both of you committing to do that.

    • RockyGapMan says:

      Totally 100% agree with you @O-surfer!

      Sex is SO much more than the physical acts. There’s meaning attached to all of it and our emotions are vital to good sex and our connection with our spouse.

      While self-pleasure (masturbation to orgasm) is certainly acceptable and can be enjoyable, it doesn’t compare to the explosive, sexually/emotionally-charged orgasms with a loving spouse who’s into you!

      God’s mysterious design of the differences between male/female have me both in awe, but also really leave me frustrated at times. Why do women think we only want them for their bodies??? Their bodies are fantastic, but their bodies without their heart, soul, feelings and emotional expressions are typically often just cold and lifeless.

      As a younger man, I’d think I’d just have taken the “cold and lifeless,” but now that I’m aging, I want ALL of her!

      It’s been a real journey getting to know myself… who I was, what I wanted and was truly looking for, but the journey/struggle’s been worth it.

      And the connection with an awesome group of like-minded fellow believers is just “icing on the cake!”

  3. beyondSexTrueLove says:

    Amazing how you treat your wife with love and respect, thinking of her comfort first. Really you are an example for guys like me, and I am happy you both are now more comfortable with your God-given sexuality and have learned "new tricks".

    • RockyGapMan says:

      Thx @beyondSexTrueLove,

      Yes, I hope I never lose that love and respect for her. But another part of growth was learning that it was OK to go after what I wanted. My feelings and desires were important and God-given too.

      I’ve heard it said that the sex we end up having is that which reaches our level of discomfort. It may stretch us or our spouse to go after what we want/desire. And that stretching or even broaching certain topics can be intimidating or scary. But growing in our relationship both sexually and emotionally involves such risks. Without them, we and the relationship can become dull and boring and no longer serve us well.

      Our drive for our spouses should leave them feeling cherished, loved, desired and yes – even ravished at times. Such relentless pursuit takes a lot of planning and energy. But I believe that’s precisely what Paul meant when he said husbands should “love their wives – like Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it.” God’s love for us as believers is unquestionable – He died for us! The “Hound of Heaven” (Holy Spirit) pursues us relentlessly – never giving up! (it can even be tiring at times). Do our wives feel that deep, passionate, relentless love from us???

      That’s our goal/challenge!

  4. Tulsa says:

    Love this story, and everything about it! Outdoors, on the tailgate, oral…..YES!
    Fist time my wife decided to let me cum in her mouth, was on a camping trip too!
    We are in total agreement with your final note as well!
    Great job!

    • RockyGapMan says:


      Thx so much for your compliment and encouragement. Your stories/experiences have been an encouragement to us also. It’s great to belong to such a great group of like-minded people.

    • RockyGapMan says:

      Thx @ LovingMan

      I think it grieves the LORD to see his people not enjoying the gift of sex He gave them to the fullest – to enhance their union in so many powerful ways.

      It’s tragic that such a wonderful gift can also be tragically twisted and used to devastate so many lives in so many ways. It’s time believers claim and proclaim it for what it is, Who created it, and Who it belongs to.

  5. Roy Hobbs says:

    @Rocky Gap

    On another note, you were on a world class trout stream, so I hope you were able to wet another line and slay some trout 😀. I’ve never fished there, but it is on my list.

    • RockyGapMan says:

      I’m not a trout fisherman, but that country is breathtaking. I camped there about 16 yrs ago with my son and always wanted to go back.

      There were several fishermen scattered out along the banks – but a ways off. I hope we didn’t disturb them!

  6. studhubby10 says:

    I am just curious. Many of the phrases you used in your comments are similar phrases that I hear from Corey Allan at Sexy Marriage Radio. Just wondered if you have followed him or maybe you and he are picking up similar phrases from some other resource.

  7. RockyGapMan says:

    Yeah, with the “extended content” you get the longer version of the podcast where he goes into more depth with his different guests on various topics, plus there’s a 24/7 online community on Slack where you can interact with individuals and/or the group, ask questions, get & give advice, etc.

  8. SamtheMan says:

    A story- outdoor sex and sensual oral from your obviously sensitive, loving & giving wife. You referred to it early in the story that men will relate and ladies not so sure. You are blessed brother!

    • RockyGapMan says:

      Wow! Didn’t mean to ignore your post. Just found it.

      Thx @SamtheMan. Blessed I am! Hope your marriage is also!

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