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It’s Friday evening and the official kick-off of my beloved’s birthday weekend, the first of three days of romance, pampering, and affirmation of my intense love for her. I always try to begin this highly anticipated annual ritual with a bang, and this year, I’ve got the perfect treat in mind. She’s been hinting about this fantasy for weeks, so now is my time to deliver. I wonder who is more excited, Kay or me?

Kay Prepares

My man certainly knows how to plan a romantic setting. Tonight is a warm summer evening, yet there’s no humidity and a nice gentle breeze. I breathe in the sweet fragrance of lilac and other fresh blossoms wafting in from the backyard. The romantic saxaphone of Boney James and the smooth voice of George Benson set the mood, courtesy of the Amazon Music Smooth Jazz Station via Alexa. (I wonder if she will be eavesdropping on the magical bliss that transpires this evening.)

Outside our westerly-facing bedroom windows, the last of the sun drops from view. A freshly chilled bottle of Pinot Gris from Cooper’s Hawk waits for us, and strategically placed candles from Bath & Body Works provide soft romantic illumination to tonight’s love chamber. A beautiful fresh bouquet—Oh, how I love daffodils, roses, orchids, carnations, and lilies—is proudly displayed on the nightstand next to our luxurious king-size bed, which is adorned with rose pedals. What did I do to deserve such love and affection?

“Honey, are you sure you can’t give me just one little hint about what you have in mind? I’m very excited and am going crazy trying to guess.” My mind is racing trying to figure out what he has planned this time. I’m such a lucky girl. Scratch that—such a blessed girl! Thanks be to God for providing me such a loving, thoughtful, faithful mate. But for the life of me, I can’t discern his strategy for tonight. All I know is that he created this incredibly romantic setting, and all he wants me to do is take a luxurious bubble bath and come out in exactly one hour—no more, no less—to claim my special gift.

“What could possibly go wrong?” he says with that goofy, boyish-yet-mischievous grin on his face.

I remind him, “Well, big guy, let’s see… (Readers of our previous LadyGarden adventures in the MarriageHeat archives will understand where my thoughts are headed).

“Have I ever led you astray, my dear Kay?” He must have seen the gleam in my eyes as he quickly adds, “Don’t answer that.” Almost as an afterthought, he says, “Oh, I almost forgot… Of course, you’ll have the good taste to come out of our bathroom naked.”

“Of course.” I wink at him as our lips meet to seal the deal. I slowly turn to walk away, subtly wiggling my big bum for him as I disappear behind the bathroom door and lock it.

My man knows me so well. As Jesus said regarding marriage, “And the two shall become one.” Yep, we are indeed the couple that became a part of each other. It amazes us that God brought us together for His service and purposes in this life. I give thanks to Him every day for creating marriage and gifting me with my husband as we journey through this life together.

And K sure knows my routine like the back of his hand. He correctly anticipated the time it takes me to first enjoy some time in the Jacuzzi, then a luxurious bubble bath. I perform some last-minute pruning of my lady garden and legs—a daily task, lol—apply moisturizer, dry my hair, and put on my make-up. It takes about an hour to pull myself together, sans any clothing, of course.

I wonder again what he has in mind. With K’s deviously romantic mind, it could be anything. And thankfully, I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed by any pranks. We agreed long ago on no awkward pictures or videos. And we must obtain permission from the other before sharing any intimate portraits with the select few special people in our lives.

What will I see when I open the bathroom door? Will I be greeted by my man? Did he concoct a creative scenario with my crazy sister? Or will I enter an empty bedroom and walk downstairs naked, searching the dimly lit house for him? I feel a twinge deep within me as I consider the possibilities.

Well, it’s 8:05 p.m.; showtime! “Okay, honey, I’m all finished in here. Sorry I’m a little late. I wanted to make sure to look my very best for you.”

I hear, “Yep, Come on out, sweetheart. Everything is ready.”

The anticipation that’s been growing all evening made me want to touch myself so badly while I soaked in the tub, yet I resisted the temptation. As I prepare to open the door, that twinge that has been smoldering between my legs for a couple of hours is now a small fire, and that fire will need to be extinguished before too long. Fortunately for me, my man has the perfect tool to extinguish the blaze.

Kay Appears

I hear the gentle turn of the bathroom doorknob as it unlocks, and there’s my blushing bride, standing there in all her glory. The look of love in her eyes is the same look I saw on our wedding day. And look at that incredible smile, dimples and all—pearly white teeth and my favorite red lipstick.

I gaze upon the feminine form that is my Kay. Oh, how I love that woman and adore her curves. I quickly snap a couple of pictures in the soft light. Kay smiles, winks at me, shifts slightly to the right, and bends her knee a tad. She places both hands behind her head and tilts it towards the ceiling, her silky brunette locks cascading down her back as she stretches her upper body.

She knows how much I enjoy watching her stretch like this, especially how stretching greatly accentuates her delectably full breasts. I take a few more photos as she turns a tad more to the right and holds the pose, knowing the effect it has on me. Left hand on her hip, right hand behind her head; I am blessed seeing her incredible profile. Her prominent side breast and protruding nipple are on full display as she subtly flexes her muscular calf. My dick engorges with blood as I gaze upon her nudity, especially seeing this profile of her magnificent fluffy bush reflecting the soft candlelight. How can a woman have that much hair down there?

“Naughty boy, taking pictures of your vulnerable, naked wife. What would the neighbors say,” she teases. (However, we both know from time to time the neighbors have secretly peeked in on our mating rituals, lol.) “I love what you did to our bedroom. It’s very romantic. You are so sweet. But hey, Mister! You know how much I love those boxers, but I’d prefer you were naked, like me.”

“In due time, my love. In due time. Now come on over, lie down on your back, and relax. If you don’t mind, that is.”

“Oh, I don’t mind. There. Is this better?”

My oh my, look at her—lying there in her natural state. Naked, the way God made her. Naked and not ashamed. Perfectly at ease in her nudity as a gentle breeze blows through our bedroom curtains.

“Mmmmm, that breeze feels soooo good; I was getting kind of hot in the bathroom. Aaaah! What are you doing? Oh, I see. Go right ahead.”

Crawling from the end of the bed towards my wife, I marvel at her incredible gymnast’s legs. Her slightly bent knees show off those powerful calves of hers. She’s nicely tanned, too.

Maneuvering between her feet, I pick them both up, lifting her legs into the air, and gently begin massaging both feet with my thumbs.

“Oh, baby, that feels wonderful. Mmmmmmm, thank you.”

My thumbs massage the bottoms of her feet and her heels. I go back and forth, gently squishing them along the way. Then my thumbs and forefingers grip her ankles and Achilles tendons, working them over for several minutes. Kay purrs in contentment, her eyes closed and her fingers gently tracing her ever-swelling, strawberry-sized nipples surrounded by large-diameter round areolas. Ummmmmmm.

Placing both feet together, I lift her legs towards the ceiling, nearly lifting her bum off the bed. I gently blow warm breath on and lick the backs of her thighs where they join her beautiful big ass. She jumps in surprise, not anticipating that. Still holding her legs straight up with feet pressed together and massaging her soles, I let my tongue continue its slow journey along the back of her thigh, gently planting kisses and nipping her tender flesh along the way. At the halfway point, I lightly lick the back of her knees, causing her to shiver in delight. Then I continue towards her calves. Even in their relaxed state, they are hard from years of exercise and running. My big left hand grasps both her ankles while my right hand and tongue take turns running softly up and down her calf to her ankle. Then in tandem, they reverse course and make their way back up towards her magnificent lady garden. My tongue lingers, tracing its way along the bottom of her hip socket mere centimeters off the bed. She keeps involuntarily twitching from the sensations as I gently nibble this area for a few minutes before moving on towards her puckered little opening, getting as close as I can without making contact. I sense her hips shifting slightly to guide me there, but I resist for now.

Shifting her ankles into my right hand, I repeat the process on her other leg. More and more twitches of excitement; her body expresses its appreciation, and I sense her breathing and pulse are increasing with each passing minute.

“Oh, baby, damn. I love what you are doing. You are sooo good at this. You are starting to drive me crazy. I am incredibly lucky… but my legs are getting tingly and are on the verge of falling asleep.”

I slowly lower both her legs to the bed, still massaging both feet in my hands. But this time, I rest her heels in my palms and gently rake the soles with the four fingers of both hands, causing her body to jump again. My thumbs gently press her Achilles just above her heels.

Sensing the time is right to begin the final approach to Kay’s Promised Land, I place my head between her feet and take both her hands into mine. My tongue begins tracing a path up her shins and calves. Her breathing grows more intense as our fingers lace together tightly. Slowly alternating between each shin and calf, I eventually reach her thighs.

She is in a trance, emitting soft moans from her mouth. Her lovely bare breasts rise and fall with each breath, seemingly swelling by the minute. Releasing their grip on mine, her hands make their way to her breasts. Eye closed, she tenderly traces them with her fingers, lavishing both breasts with soft caresses and gently pinching and pulling on her sensitive nipples.

Unable to help myself, I take out my ever-growing cock and begin stroking it. I marvel at Kay’s raw natural beauty on full display here in the soft candlelight. One of the attributes that I love about my wife is her cute yet erotic, soft peachfuzz. Like most women, Kay faithfully shaves her legs yet purposely ignores shaving her thighs. It’s such a turn-on to see the bare tanned flesh of her thighs hiding under her baby-down fuzz. She is endowed with this soft adornment from her thighs to her bikini area and on her tummy, forearms, and jawline. The soft, warm texture of it on my tongue drives me crazy. I slowly lick her thighs and nibble my way to the junction of her hip and leg. There I linger for several moments, slowly licking and gently blowing my hot breath against her delicate flesh. Her moaning increases; she has long since stopped lying still.

Kay Devours

“DAMN, K, will you eat me already? Please! This wet, hairy pussy can’t take any more teasing. Do you know how hard it’s been not to touch myself or clamp down on your head with my knees and force you to graze in my pasture?!?!?! For heaven’s sake, man, get on with it! And lose those boxers, will ya? I want to see that sexy dick of yours right now. Hell, I’ll do it myself!”

Expertly, in one fluid motion, Kay flings her ankles around my hips, curls her toes inside the waistband, and brings them to the floor, all in one fluid motion. Ah, yet another of the many benefits of being married to a former yet still very flexible gymnast.

“That’s better, much better. Here, please allow me. Mmmmm, I never get tired of admiring your veiny cock. Look at that. And your bulbous head! I love how you are cut. I really do. Now, I need a sample of your sweet pre-cum before we go any further.”

Now on all fours, Kay crawls over to where I stand next to the bed and spits on my cock, taking it into both hands and pumping it before taking me into her mouth. She wastes no time in lying down on her belly and taking me deep. Gurgling sounds come from her throat as she expertly engulfs me to the hilt.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Kay releases my penis, and it pops out of her mouth. She looks me in the eyes as she gasps for air. Her eyes water, her nose runs, and long strands of saliva drip from her mouth onto the bedroom carpet.  Then she impales me again.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Again, Kay releases me, my cock glistening with saliva, and quickly wipes at her nose with the back of her hand. Her eyes are so watery that it looks like she is crying as she gulps fresh air into her lungs. Her face is bright red. Several strands of saliva have pooled on her chin as other strands drip down onto the floor like spider silk. She says nothing. Still prone before me, she looks intently into my eyes as she sticks her middle finger into her mouth and spits on it, then again on my cock. I know that look; she is all business.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Slowly, as she continues choking me down the back of her throat, I feel her finger working its way gently into my ass.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Kay begins finger fucking me in perfect unison with her mouth.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

Gluuuuugh, gluuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh, gluuuuuuugh.

I’m about to explode in this heavenly bliss—the outstanding sensations of her mouth devouring my cock as she fingers me to perfection. Perhaps sensing my near explosive state, she again releases me. More tears, snot, and saliva run all over her chin and my cock. Quite the mess.

We love it.

Skootching back towards the head of the bed, Kay collapses as she catches her breath. The color slowly fades from her face as she huffs like an athlete who just completed the 100-yard dash. Her hair is mussed, her chest rapidly rises and falls, and she’s sniffing loudly.

Slowly, Kay opens her legs as only a gymnast can do, fully presenting herself to me. Her body glistens with sweat, and the neatly trimmed lush brown forest nestled between her legs is moist from her slippery juices. My eyes take in the raw beauty of this woman—my precious woman—in heat.

I literally dive between her outstretched gams to gain access to Kay’s hungry pussy. My fingers run slowly through her soft pubic hair, and I inhale her richly feminine scent. Oh, the fragrance of her mysteriously magical place makes me nearly want to explode.

While I’m still gently stroking her soft mound of hair with my fingers and tongue, she reaches down and peels apart the last secret hiding place of her little pearl, now bright red and fully engorged. I begin to taste it, lapping lightly with my tongue and working slow little circles around it while my hands firmly grip her peachfuzz-laden thighs. She is soaked; her pussy looks like she bathed it with wine (which we have previously done on several occasions). Teasing her bud with my tongue, I play her body like a fine musical instrument, carefully eliciting each note. Kay’s body jerks each time my tongue scores a direct hit upon her clit.

Her thighs are now covered in goosebumps as my rough hands work their way up and down her legs. Then I reach for her breasts, tenderly kneading them and manipulating her nipples before working back down to her thighs. I gently pull on her fuzz as my tongue continues its work.

“Mmmmmm. Damn, K. Ooooooo. That’s it, babe, right there… Right there. Feels so good. So. Damn. Good! Uh-huh. Don’t stop. Your tongue feels ama—uhh, uhh, uhh—amazing on my clit. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. And I love… ahhhhhhh… your hands on my big titties, tugging my nipples. I love it. Mm-hmmm. I l-love it, sooooooooo…  muuuuch…”

Kay Cums

Without warning, Kay bucks like an untamed bronco, her entire body convulsing out of control. Her sturdy legs clamp tightly around my head, forcibly applying a head-scissors and slamming my face firmly against the intense heat of her now sopping sex. This girl is so strong that I literally struggle for air.

“Oh, fuck me, K. Fuck me already! Stick it in me before I cum again. I want to feel you inside me, want to cum with you all over that throbbing cock of yours. Pound me hard, baby. That’s right. Impale with your big dick. I can take it. Ravish me with your manhood.”

I pull out several times and impale her over and over again as she begins to yell out in ecstasy. However, with this last thrust, I can’t escape from her clutches. Clearly, Kay has been doing her Kegel exercises; she has me squeezed tight. She administers a scissor-lock to my hips and digs her nails into my shoulders, scratching a trail all the way down to my ass. What the…? I think she is drawing blood as her nails rake my flesh. This is a first.

Damn, it hurts… good.

She must sense my cock throbbing, buried deep inside her. She releases the death grip of her legs. Her hair is a mess, strewn about her sweaty face, and her chest heaves with each of my thrusts.

“Mmmmmmm, K, look at these big titties bounce. You like watching my titties bounce, don’t you? Uhhhhhhhhh. I love feeling your balls…slam against… my hairy cunt. Don’t…..”

And then it happens again: Kay explodes.

“Oh… K… I’m cumm—I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhhhh. Mmmmmmm, uhhhhh, uhhh.” It doesn’t stop. “Oh-ooooh! Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

She throws her arms back over her head, and I pound her for all I’m worth. Her head literally hits the headboard with each thrust, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Her body thrashes and shudders into another orgasm, one after another. I can’t take it anymore. I grunt in animalistic fervor while shooting a massive load into my wife.

“Oh, I feel it, K. I feel your cock throbbing. Shoot your load, baby, shoot it. Let it go. Mmmmmm, I love it! Put all of your weight on me. Don’t hold yourself up on your forearms; collapse onto me. I want to feel all you bearing down on top of me. Pin me to the bed!”

Nearly spent, I collapse totally onto Kay—dead weight right on top of her, my chest pancaking her breasts and my cock firmly nestled in her pussy. I take her hands into mine and extend her arms out to both sides of her body. My legs press into hers, pinning her. She can’t move.

With our bodies molded into one, I feel Kay’s heart racing beneath me, her breathing labored. Our bodies are moist with sweat, and she still twitches every few seconds with aftershocks from her orgasms. Neither one of us moves; we don’t want this moment to end. We are as intimately close as we can get, yet we can’t get close enough to each other. She is my life, and I am hers.

Sensing my cock softening and starting to fall out of her, I quickly withdraw as she takes in huge gulps of air, eyes closed. I see the flush of her cheeks, and she keeps her arms spread wide.

Looking down upon this beautiful woman God bestowed upon me, I take one last long lick of her now matted down lady garden. I lick her entire bush before working my way to her sex and lapping up the exotic cocktail of our intermingled juices, evidence of the intense passion that just occurred.

After I’ve taken in all that I can, I get up and hover over her on my knees, and she opens her eyes. Her sexy, sweet smile returns, along with an incredibly content look of trusting love in her big brown eyes. As if on cue, Kay opens her mouth as I slowly open mine, letting the nectar of our love slowly drip into her sexy mouth. Without breaking eye contact, she swallows several gulps before extending her arms towards me, motioning me back down to her.

We kiss deeply, our tongues doing their romantic dance of love and sharing what remains of our passion.

“Never leave me, K.”

“You never leave me, Kay!”

And we slowly drift off to sleep on that warm summer night.

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    • LadyGarden says:

      Thanks, in many ways, opening my legs for my man is more intimate than when he takes me vaginally, both ways are magical!😉

    • LadyGarden says:

      Mmmmm, that sounds like a wonderful idea Gina, thank you for the suggestion. Traveling fingers (and tongues, cocks, toes and candles) enjoy traveling too. Stay healthy and in heat! 😉

  1. LilaY69 says:

    Ooo ooo oo! Mmmm mmm mm, yes!!!!! I am so wet and horny now thanks to you 😉

    This was sizzling hot as always Lady Garden!!! I laid here with my hand underneath my panties and rubbed my hairy pussy to a sopping wet mess. Time to get the toy box!!!

    • LilaY69 says:

      I'm very glad you're posting again, I haven't seen any activity from you two in too long of a time!

      Please continue to keep us all wet and horny, babe!

      Love y'all!

      Lila xoxoxo :* :3

    • LadyGarden says:

      Ooo ooo ooo you're welcome, Lila Y69! lol Sorry we necessitated your panties to be thrown into your dirty clothes hamper (not). Its quite a compliment knowing you read our story with your hand underneath your panties as you rubbed your "hairy pussy to a sopping wet mess."

      How was your toy box interlude?

      We enjoy your stories and posts too–we have similar views on many erotic and sexual topics. BTW since you mentioned it, be on the lookout for another story which will post by the end of the month.

      Until then, keep those fingers busy! 😉

    • LadyGarden says:

      PS LilaY69–did you enjoy the photo caption? Forgot to say how much we appreciate the photo caption the MarriageHeat team selected for the story—K says it is my spittin' image, a true doppelganger. The resemblance is uncannily accurate, almost as if someone secretly snapped a photo. (Although he says my side boob is more prominent,lol)

      The image really brought the story home, and thought you might enjoy that tit-bit!

      Hmmmmm, perhaps its time to follow your example: "I laid here with my hand underneath my panties and rubbed my hairy pussy to a sopping wet mess. Time to get the toy box!!!"

      (I taste soooooo good…)

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