G’day! Cuddles here 😊

I thought I’d pipe up from the land of Oz just to let you know that I’m still alive and kicking. Actually, I’m thriving. (The Holy Spirit sez I should say that, so I do!)

Still waiting for my man to land in my arms, but God has been cleaning him up heaps, so the time mustn’t be right yet. It’s getting harder to wait, but I trust my Heavenly Father for His perfect gifts in His time, so it WILL happen.  Whoa, maybe He needs more time to clean ME up. lol 😏

Life in my part of Australia is nearly normal. Restrictions have been considerably eased due to the Covid-19 virus being under control, for which we are all so grateful.

I’m also so very thankful for MH and all of you who make up the MH community, who welcomed me, taught me, guided me, accepted me, and have nurtured me since I tumbled out of the porn scene—who knew there was something way better for finding out about stuff—and into this holy and righteous, sex-positive world. Considering that I had my sexual awakening just last year after I turned 68, and it’s my big-seven-O next month, I’ve come a long way, baby! I know I joke about it sometimes, but I sure have received a fast-track sex education from you lot, so thank you each and every one.

*Update on my sexual awakening: I tried wearing a thong for the first time a few weeks ago instead of the cotton full briefs which I wore exclusively for around 50 years. (Pity my poor ex, lol). Sooo comfortable; loved it! To think what I (and my ex) was missing out on all these years! I’ve even got black ones now. Yay! And not one cottontail has covered my ass since that unforgettable day, haha 😁. Oh, and my toys are still in the shoe box on my bed.

It’s kinda funny how most of us go through seasons of MH, isn’t it? We’ll have a season of writing stories and comments, then we’ll disappear off the scene and not say a word. I’ve just had a season like that, but I’ve come here every day and not missed one single story or comment. I’ve still needed you all but didn’t want to say anything. Why is that?

So I’m thinking it would be a good idea to give a shout-out to all you other faithful lurkers. Why don’t you drop everything right now and make a comment to say g’day and let us know how you are doing. We’d love to hear from all our old friends. It would make us smile!

There’s Man With a Plan. Where are you Rich? And He-said She-said, Ladygarden, and 1blessedman. Then there’s bootylicious, juicy, and Husband in Training; haven’t heard from you all in a while. I’d love, love, love to hear from Luvmyhoney, one of my all-time favorite writers. What about professor dude? Such a sexy author! And that’s just a few of the ones I miss; there’re heaps more of you!

Come to think of it, why don’t we make this a whole mess of everyone jumping in with a shout-out and a g’day so everyone ends up smiling 😁

I know: let’s try to make this a new MH record for the number of comments just because it’s making us happy!

So come on! Jump in, say g’day and a Merry Christmas, everyone!


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19 replies
  1. Mercury7 says:

    Thank you, Cuddles, for giving an update and inviting all of us to do the same. Happy Birthday in advance! I'm right there with you in the 69/70 age. It's so encouraging to hear that you are still learning, growing, and trying new things (it's very erotic to think of you buying and putting on that thong for the first time!).
    You're so right about many of us having seasons in our involvement here. I posted my first stories here in December 2013 (This is the right season to read my parody "Sex the Night Before Christmas"). [ ]Since then I've gone through times of being very involved here and other times of disappearing for months at a time. But I agree with you, the site has been VERY valuable to me in my own process of growth.
    God bless you in 2021, and may the Lord answer your prayers for the right man to come into your life!

    • Cuddles says:

      G'day Mercury7

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and for my man to land.

      2013. That's way before THE LORD connected me in to MH. I can't believe it was only early last year. So much has changed for me since then.

      Ah, more sexy seniors! There's heaps of us around here isn't there. We should have a post just to do a grey headcount haha!

      Blessings on your 2021 also 😊

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    It’s so great to hear from you! I’ve thought of you often. Glad you're doing well, and glad you’re still reading MH. I’m still here. I published my 50th story this year. Have not written in awhile but I’m sure I will soon. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Cuddles says:

      G'day SouthernHeat 😊

      Thanks for your kind words. I'm still buried deep in music, and worshipping away as I expect you are as well.

      50 stories! What an inspiration you are! Do you think that writing and posting all those stories has spiced up your sex life even more? It would be like a triple-serving: when it happened, when you write about it, and when you post and read it again. Wow! That's blessings flowing all round! Even to all of us via MH! Oh, I'd say that your marriage would HAVE TO BE blessed! I hope I'll be doing the same soon.

      More blessings on you, your marriage, and on your 2021 😘

    • Cuddles says:

      G'day GG 😊

      Another writer who has blessed us with hot lovin', thanks so much!

      It's lovely to have you drop in to share some love and cheer. And yes, I plan to stay horny lol!

      Blessings on you, your marriage, and your 2021 GG 💕

  3. LovingMan says:

    G’day Cuddles! We traveled to Australia well before the pandemic hit. We loved it there! To you and everyone else: Merry Christmas! Melodie and I started the holiday out right (lovin’ under the Christmas tree lights) and it was before any family arrived. (I may write that up for MH.). Keep on lovin’ y’all!

  4. Always Horny says:

    I’m in Australia too 🙏🏻 Merry Christmas & Happiest New Year to you & your Mob. I’ve been off the grid for ages. I was going through divorce when I was last posting on here.

    I’m single now almost 5yrs, divorced for just over 3yrs. 32years old. Hoping to find covenant love again 🙏🏻

    Just wanted to say hello to y’all ✊🏻

    • LovingMan says:

      Always Horny, I was divorced for a few years before I found my Melodie. We’ll pray for you. We were very blessed to find each other. I moved from another state and met Melodie in church. Keep the hope n faith alive!

    • TorrHead says:

      So good to see Always Horny back in the MH groove! G'day to you, as well, and be encouraged in the new year. We used to talk back on the old M&SexPositive board. Glad to read you're moving forward.

  5. TorrHead says:

    Thanks for your dare-to-post, Cuddles. I'm one of those guys who has been in the MH community from its early days, but post only occasionally. Yours is a good reminder to speak up, at least every now and then. Merry Christmas (the orthodox will celebrate January 7 : ) and Happy New Year, too, to you and the whole MH tribe.

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