The “Cum-A-Thon” (L/A)

This story contains strong language (L) and anal play (A).
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Allow me to share ‘the plot’ with you first. Lucy and I try our best to have at least one Cum-a-then every 3 to 4 months. (This is like a marathon, but it involves multiple orgasms.) The rules are simple.

1. I am in control of her body and can make her cum as many times as I want to.
2. She is in control of my body and may do the same.
3. She can ask me to make her cum as many times as she wants to and say how she wants it.
4. I can ask her to make me cum as many times as I want to and say how I want her to do it.
5. Last but not least, clothes are not permitted for the entire day, from the time we wake until the next morning.

One more thing: we live on a small-holding (tiny farm) and have complete privacy in our home, garden, and hot tub. Allow me to invite you to be a voyeur of how our last session went. (This was on a Sunday with nothing and nobody to disturb us.)

I woke up to the sounds of my wife busy in the kitchen. I knew she was naked as I was and wondered what she was up to. When I walked into the kitchen, I was shocked, to say the least. Usually, our Cum-a-Thons start slowly and build up to many climaxes, but I did not expect to see what I saw.

As I entered, she asked, “Are you ready for breakfast?”

My mouth fell open, my eyes popped out, and my cock sprang to immediate attention.

Lucy had her feet on the kitchen table, her arse on the kitchen cupboard, and her legs spread wide. But the real shock was what she had in her hand. No, let me rather be honest and say what shocked me was what she had in her pussy! My baby had a very thick cucumber embedded inside her pussy. She was dripping wet, her clit a deep purple and begging for attention.

I walked over, wet my fingers with the juices dripping from her stretched pussy, and started making circular movements on her clit. Within seconds, she started grunting and shaking—and the next moment, she pushed the cucumber in so deep that it just about disappeared. She held it there and lost all control. Her orgasm went on and on as I rubbed her clit at a blurring speed. She did not stop there but started pounding her pussy with her veggie-toy. It was beauty in motion. She used both hands and seemed to have left the planet. Her juices dripped on the floor, and the cucumber had foam covering it. This went on for some time, and I was so blessed to be able to experience it. What a glorious gift!

Lucy suddenly froze up, her entire body becoming like stone. An orgasm of massive proportions overtook her… and then she fell back. Her hands dropped to her side, and the cucumber shot out and landed on the floor. I held Lucy against my chest for a few minutes while she came down from some far-away place. This was a very unexpected start to the day, but there was much more to cum.

After having a quick naked breakfast with a wife that was clearly still on “another planet,” I started with the job at hand: painting a wall that had suffered some water damage. (Remember that we are completely naked the entire day.) While busy painting, I kept thinking about the cucumber in Lucy’s pussy, which caused a semi-erection.

Lucy saw it and walked underneath the ladder, took my cock in her hand, and asked, “Did the little green monster excite you?” Then her lips surrounded my cock.

I did my best to continue painting, but after about 20 seconds, I grabbed hold of the ladder and just enjoyed the sensations of her lips and tongue around my cock head. I was at the perfect height on the ladder, and she started using her nails to make long, gentle scratches on my balls. When she could feel my balls pulling up and getting ready to spill my load in her mouth, she suddenly stopped, walked over to the couch, and calling me over, saying, “I need to cum now, so get to work.”

I was still getting down on my knees when Lucy grabbed me behind the head and forced my face into her pussy. She was dripping wet, and her clit looked massive and probably very sensitive. She wanted it fast, but I decided to make her beg. Though she wanted a charging elephant, I gave her a fluttering butterfly. Lucy lifted her arse off the couch and kept on pulling my head in tighter, but I continued to make her suffer. She was desperate to cum and started with a verbal attack.

“You bastard, suck me harder. Eat me harder, or I will make you beg next time. Stop playing. Suck my clit. Oh, fuck, sink your teeth into my clit. Bite me. You’re killing me. Make me cum. Maxx, don’t do this to me. Stick your finger in me. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Finger-fuck me. Don’t stop. Suck on the tip. Faster. Faster. Ohhhhhh, fuuuuck… I’m cumming. I’m cummiiinnngggg.”

The next moment my face, neck, and chest were drenched with my lover’s juices. Oh, what joy!!

My pre-cum was dripping on the carpet, so I just lifted myself off my knees, plunged my cock into my Lover-wife’s pussy, and started pumping. I thought that I would cum in a few seconds, but shockingly, I fucked my multi-orgasmic wife through two orgasms before my balls contracted and I emptied my load deep inside her. (It was not yet 09.00 a.m.)

I returned to my painting job and watched Lucy prancing around in her exquisite nudity. My cock remained in a semi-erect state for the next hour until it started hurting. The rules of the game were, “Feel free to ask.” Just as I was about to ask her for a combo blow/hand job, she came up with her next surprise. She had taken a seat on the couch with her legs spread extremely wide. Her purple Swan vibrator was in one hand and a bottle of coconut oil in the other. She looked at my cock and said, “You may watch only, or you can show me what you do with that cock when you are alone and watching one of our private movies.”

What else could I do? I chose option two. This was going to be so much fun.

Lucy called me closer. She wanted me to bring my cock very close to her face and perform for her while I focused on what she was doing to her pussy.

I was dripping on the floor! Oh, what pleasure. I decided to focus on my cock and give the visual performance that she wanted. When her vibrator buzzed and slipped into her extremely wet pussy, I took the coconut oil from her and squirted it all over my cock. I was ready. Very ready.

My left hand folded around the base of my cock and my balls. With the other hand, I pulled back my foreskin to expose the head. It was engorged with blood and twitching with every heartbeat. I used only my thumb and forefinger to make circles around the head very slowly and allowed my pre-cum to drip on her body. Her eyes were fixated on my cock, and her mouth hung open.

“Do you see how hard my cock is, Lucy? Look what you are doing to me. I am dripping all over you. Look at my cock! It wants to fuck your tight little pussy. Now, look how I fold my hand around it and see how the head comes out slowly as I move my hand down over this hard piece of meat. Oh, there go some more juices. Look, it dropped on your clit. Yes! Yes, fuck your little pussy with that vibrator. Push it in deeper. You are making me so sensitive. Lucy, you are so beautiful. I love you. Oh fuck, fuck, my cock is so sensitive. I want to explode and cum all over you, but see how slowly I am rubbing my cock. (Lucy was staring at my cock, but her eyes could not remain open because she was having a massive orgasm.) Yes, baby. Cum for me. Yes! Yes! Cum, baby. Look at my cock. It is going to cum for you. Oh, fuuuuck…”

Lucy did something that had never happened before: “My face!! Cum on my face!” She was shaking, her eyes rolled back in her head, and then streams of my cum hit her face, her hair, her neck, and ran down her tits. I could not keep my balance and fell next to her on the couch. She was still cumming, and streams of “Fucks” came out of her mouth and mine.

There were a few seconds of complete silence except for our breathing, and then my wife started crying softly. It was so intense. I wrapped my arms around her and just held her until her breathing deepened as she fell asleep in my embrace. I heard a thump as the vibrator slipped out of her pussy and landed on the floor.

We woke up more than an hour later, messy and smelly, but very satisfied and in need of a shower. The warm water soothed us, and we decided to wash one another, knowing what it would lead to. I jumped out of the shower and fetched the coconut oil. When I returned, I washed her face and hair, and then we started bathing each other, giving special attention to all those special places. After some time, Lucy’s hard nipples clearly showed that she was ready for some extra attention.

I poured some oil in my hand then said in a very stern and commanding voice, “Turn around, put your hands against the wall, and spread your legs.” She instantly obeyed. “Spread them wider. I want to reach that little love-button that is begging me to play with it.” I put my oily hand between her legs and slipped two fingers into her pussy while my other arm wrapped around her so I could start rubbing her clit in full circles, using much more pressure than usual. The combination of one hand fingering her while the other frigged her clit very quickly had her shaking and flooding my hand as an orgasm went through her like a freight train. I slowed down but kept on rubbing against her G-spot. This kept her on a high for quite some time.

Lucy took her time to come back to earth, but then she stood up and suddenly took control. She repeated my words just about perfectly: “Turn around, put your hands against the wall, and spread your legs.” I instantly obeyed. “Spread them wider. I want to reach that hard cock that is begging me to play with it.” Lucy put one hand between my legs from the back and grabbed my cock, pulling it back through my legs. While she started giving me a hand-job, she used her other hand’s middle finger to very slowly penetrate my arse. The sensations were mind-blowing, and the angle that my cock was forced into made it extremely hard. Without her asking, I spread my feet even wider. It felt so good. I do not know what she was doing, but her hands were making magic. I didn’t think it was even possible for me to cum again, but suddenly my entire body responded. My face was on fire. I shook all over, and it felt as if my legs were going to fail me. Then I shot streams of cum against Lucy, who was kneeling behind me.

We held one another under the shower while the water washed all the sperm off our bodies.

The day was not over yet, but we both felt that we’d had enough for one day. (But we were wrong.) The rest of the day, we were very relaxed, sleepy, and still nude. We took an afternoon nap, followed by a light evening meal, and then my brain—the one in my cock—kicked in. I decided to try a very subtle way of giving my lover one more orgasm before the day was over.

“Lucy, you have been such a stunning lover. Allow me to treat you with a gentle back-rub while you just relax. If you fall asleep while I do it, I will just cover you, and you can sleep till morning.” (That was not my plan! Liar, liar, pants on fire!) I planned to take her to the height of an erotic evening where she would cum simply because she can and because I want her to.

We decided on an early “Let’s Go to Bed” for a change. We both had a nice warm shower, and when I walked into the room, Lucy was lying on her tummy on top of the bed. Her lovely arse grabbed my attention. I put my finger on her foot and languidly drew a line up the inside of her leg and along her thigh. I briefly touched her pussy, then went between her arse cheeks, up her back, and ended with a kiss behind her ear. Then I poured coconut oil all over her back and gently rubbed her for a few minutes. Very slowly, I started massaging her lovely arse.

Lucy relaxed her legs and moved them apart very slightly without saying anything, allowing my hand to move in between her cheeks and start touching her tight little hole. I did not try to penetrate, just touched and made little circles over it until her breathing deepened and a soft moan escaped from her mouth. I knew it was “Game On, Baby!”

My hands moved away to her legs, and she responded by lifting her arse just a little to draw my attention back to it. The way she had spread her legs made it possible for me to see that her pussy lips were swollen and begging for attention. I ran my finger from her arse down, down, down until I touched her pussy.

Lucy was hot. She turned over on her back and spread her legs slightly. Now her body needed more coconut oil. I poured it all over her boobs, tummy, and pussy. Then my hands moved up and down her lovely curves, touching and lingering on every sweet spot. Her nipples were hard and shining and extremely sensitive to my touch. I alternated between touching her nipples very lightly and then turning and twisting them between my fingers.

By this time, my cock was screaming for attention as well. I pulled back my foreskin with one well-lubricated hand, exposing the head, which dripped copious amounts of pre-cum on the floor. Meanwhile, the other hand played between her pussy lips.

“Come closer,” Lucy instructed. “Put your cock in my mouth. I want to suck you while you make me cum.” She turned her head to the side, and I watched as her lips closed around my head. Would it be possible for me to cum a fourth time in one day? My body was screaming for release, but I had to take care of Lucy first.

I would make two circles around her clit then push my finger into her, repeating the pattern again and again. She started lifting her arse off the bed every time to meet my plunging finger. Then I added a second finger and then a third. Soon, I just fucked her pussy with as much of my hand as I could get into her. My precious Lucy clenched her teeth; in the next moment, she roared like a lion and drenched my hand as she had a massive orgasm.

Oh, what exquisite beauty. I love making and watching my Lover-Wife cumming. My balls were screaming for release, and I wanted to put my cock back into her mouth, but she signaled with her hand for me to wait. It took her a minute or two to come back to earth.

“Maxx, that was heavenly, but now I want my final treat. Will you do something for me? Come and lay next to me. I want you to play with your cock very slowly, and I want to watch your hand doing things to your cock while I play with my clit. Do it slowly, and show me new ideas about how to please you. And then, when you cum, I want to watch your cum shooting into the air and landing on you. I will lick it off you and make sure you are clean. Do not be in a hurry to cum. Take your time. Go slowly so that I can watch while I rub my clit and fuck my pussy some more with my toy and fingers.”

I was a very obedient boy. And that was how our day ended.

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26 replies
  1. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    WOW!!!! That was so incredibly 🔥. I am laying in bed next to my wife with a raging boner!!! Oh I can't wait for her to wake up. I love the premise and the rules. Omg it is such a raging hard on waiting for my wife.

  2. Tulsa says:

    Great story!! Love going at it for hours!
    We seldom stop at one orgasm for each of us, although having 5 or 6 in an afternoon is not so common these days. As we age, everything ages!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Everything ages….
      So true. We have found that masturbating together has become a very important part of our sexual diet. I love the feeling of Lucy's hand fondling my cock.

  3. Grace911 says:

    I love the idea of your Cum-a-thons, especially the rules of being naked the entire day. There's nothing more enticing than when my husband walks around with his cock at a half to full salute! Yum!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Grace, it is very special when the ladies respond in the "Reply" section. I challenge you to invite your husband for a Cum-a-Thon and then come and tell us about it.

    • LovingMan says:

      Nice word “boobtiful.” At the risk of offending some MH readers. . . The human body is, in my opinion, God’s finest and most beautiful work. If you ever try to draw the nude form you will soon notice how different and still beautiful each body is.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      Yes. I fully agree with both of you. I love nipple and side boob. So decadent. It just wouldn’t CUMunicate as much if it was all covered up. I feel a jolt of goodness when I see a nipple on MH… it’s wonderful every time!

  4. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    This is incredible. Congrats on what sounds like am epic day! I will see if my wife will accept the challenge but being nude all day when we have a 12-year-old will not be possible but we could easily on a weekend slip in the other elements of the Cumathon.One thing we did do a few months back–and I may write about this on MH soon–was having sex for 2.5 hours straight…

    [From MH: please do!]

    Anyway, I love the idea of a Cumathon and will talk it over with my wife!

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      MtaHB, we too had been wanting to do something like this “Cum-a-thon” particularly the being nude the whole time. But like you, we’re not alone in our house. Our last anniversary we got to experience it on our getaway. We rented a Air BnB house instead of a hotel so we could stay in most of the time and stay naked. Still working on writing about our time so don’t want to tell more, but I highly recommend trying it sometime.

  5. Ben G. says:

    Great idea! Since Gina and I are now nudist anyway, a cum-a-thon sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Not sure if she has read your story yet, so will get her to read it and give her reply. Thanks my brother and God bless. This should be fun!!!

  6. Realman says:

    We recently had 2 days at a bnb, where my lover decided to pack all of our lingerie and toys. We always integrate talking about future plans in between erotic moments, so its not a Cum-a-thon, but it sort of is for us older folks!

    • ClimaXX says:

      You say "Older Folks." I think a cumathon is much better for us oldies. We have time, experience, lots of toys, empty home and we fuck as if this might be our last one.

  7. Realman says:

    Coconut oil has also been a blessing to our love life. It goes everywhere with us…
    Love your passion-infused writing. Difficult for me to capture our eroticism on paper, but love reading these!

    • ClimaXX says:

      There is something so special about coconut oil. Slippery, smooth, sexy. I love it when Lucy pours it over my cock and starts moving her hand up-and-down-and-up-and…… (Don't stop now, Lucy!)

    • LovingMan says:

      We like to use coconut oil as well. We also use Aloe Cadabra flavored lube WITH the coconut oil. The Piña Colada flavored one is particularly good because my wife’s pussy tastes like a piña colada drink. When eating her out after cumming in her pussy it’s like a warm piña colada protein shake.

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