The Surrogate (F)

This story is a fantasy (F).
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sexual surrogate, noun: a professionally trained/certified person who addresses issues of intimacy and sexuality. Surrogate partners work in collaboration with sex therapists to meet the goals of their clients.

“Hello!” You must be the person my therapist arranged to visit. Come on in. Welcome to my home.”

“Thank you. Yes, she sent me over.  I’m the licensed sexual surrogate your therapist arranged. Thank you for scheduling.”

“Oh, you’re welcome.  Please sit over there on the couch. I’ll sit here on the recliner. Can I get you anything?”

“Yes, your plan of care indicates you enjoy ice-cold local craft beers, and that sounds wonderful on a muggy day like today. Thank you for having the windows open, by the way. That breeze helps; looks like a storm is coming. And I read that you also like Indie Music?”

“Alexa, play the Ivy station on Pandora.”

“Nice. I like Ivy, too—and Zero 7, Beck, Ulrich Schnauss… Oh, and thank you for the beer. No, straight out of the bottle is fine. Mmmmm, that’s really good.”

“I’m sorry, ah, what is your name again? What should I call you?”

“My name is Katie. You can call me Katie or Kate. It’s up to you. How would you like me to address you?”

“My name is Kenneth, but you can call me Ken.”

“Perfect. So, I’ve studied your case file and took notes from a recent Zoom call with your therapist, so I think I have a pretty good idea of what we want to accomplish during today’s session here in your home. Anything you want to add or ask me about?”

“Well, Katie, I’m very nervous as you can probably tell. I mean, this is a major step out of my comfort zone.”

“Ken, I totally get it. This is a somewhat uncommon therapy, yet more frequent than you might imagine. It’s okay and normal to be nervous or apprehensive. And remember that, as your therapist told you, you can put an end to this session at any time.”

“Yep, that’s what she said. Just say the safe word, right?”

“You got it, just say the word Covid—I can’t think of a better word to put an end to this, can you?”

Ken echoes Katie’s laugh. “Not really. That’s why I chose it. I guess I have two main concerns here.”

“That’s fine. Please share them with me.”

“Well, for one, being blind. And I’m in my late thirties and have never been with a woman before. Hell, I’ve never been kissed, let alone had the opportunity to… you know… I’m embarrassed to say.”

“Make love with a woman?”

“Yes… Katie. I’m nervous being alone with you. This is a huge thing for me.”

“And that’s totally okay, Ken. It’s alright. In fact, we don’t have to do anything for this session. We can sit here and talk. Be together as new friends. Or if you prefer, I can leave. No harm, no foul.”

“No! I didn’t mean that, Katie. Please stay. I’m just… afraid, that’s all. I don’t quite know what to do. I’m also nervous because I can tell you’re… quite pretty.”


“Weird, right? A blind man calling you pretty? Yet I have very keen senses, like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. Your voice is very soothing and—what’s the word?—fresh and a bit sultry. Whatever perfume you’re wearing, that’s very nice. And your handshake is full of positive energy; a nice firm grip that exudes love, sincerity, and friendliness. I trust you, Katie. Please walk me through this, nice and slow. I’m terrified.” Ken hears Katie rise. “Wait, don’t get up. Where are you going, Katie?” Oh…”

“Here, Ken, have you ever had a woman sit on your lap before?”

“Ah… no.”

“And put her arm around you as she leans back onto you?”

“Never. But wow, Katie. You smell especially good now. Your long hair feels lovely. Mmmmm, and it smells so fresh.”

“Okay if I rest my hand upon your thigh, Ken? Your muscular thigh, I might add?”

“Ah, yes, I guess. Wow, your hand is hot, Katie, and your fingers are very soft. Your nails feel so smooth; recent manicure. Very nice.”

“Thank you, Ken.”

“Mmmm, thank you, Katie. No, I’ve never had a woman sit on my lap before, let alone gently rest her head upon my shoulder. Thank you. And your soft… wonderful… you know… It feels wonderful pressing into my chest.”

“My breast? It’s okay, Ken. You can say it. You like my breast pressing into your shoulder, right?”

“Well, I was going to say your boob pressing against me, your big boob.”

“That’s okay, you can say that. I do have big boobs, Ken. Real, too. Do you like big boobs? Something tells me you do,” Katie responds while stealing a glance at his crotch.

“I need another beer! Want another beer, Katie?”

“Sure. Here, I’ll go to the kitchen. Be right back.” Katie disappears for a few minutes. “Here you go… Oh, I see you moved over to the couch.”

“Yes, a little more comfortable. Not that I don’t enjoy you sitting on my lap.”

“That’s good to know.” Katie chuckles. “Now, stand up as I take your hands into mine. That’s better. Stand right here. Keep holding my hands; let your arms hang all the way down. Perfect. Now don’t move, let’s stand here face to face like this.”

“Okay, got it. I can really smell your perfume now. Mmmmm, very nice. And Katie, your breathing has increased. Am I right? I can feel the heat radiating off your body, especially your thighs, even though we’re just holding hands and not really making bodily contact. You are either wearing shorts or have on a short skirt, but when you were in my lap…” Then a thought occurs. “Ah, Kate, are you…?”

“You are quite perceptive, Ken. We’re standing here as close as we can get without our bodies touching.” There’s a hint of a smile in Katie’s voice when she says, “And to answer your question—yes, Ken, I am naked. Now, we’re going to stay like this for the next 30 minutes, okay? Try to stand still. Neither one of us can speak. Starting… now.”

They stand face to face at the living room couch for a half-hour, practically nose to nose, neither moving nor saying a word. The only sounds are Pandora radio and distant thunder as the wind picks up. The barometer is plummeting while the humidity and sexual tension dramatically rise.

—Thirty Minutes Later—

Katie delicately places her lips against Ken’s. Gently and tenderly at first, she slowly increases the pressure of her lips against his. Then she slightly pulls back before returning to lightly trace his upper lip with her tongue. Awkwardly, Ken returns the kiss, shyly offering the tip of his tongue in return.

“Oh my god, Katie. That’s what it’s like to kiss? Damn!”

“Sweet, isn’t it?”

“Oh my, that was really nice. Can we do it again?”

“Of course. Follow my lead, and let’s keep holding hands, arms fully extended down.”

Katie leans in and delicately kisses Ken’s lips, the tip of his nose, and places her cheek against his for several long moments.  Pulling back, she tenderly kisses his forehead before working down to his ears, gently kissing and licking them. Ken begins to shift on his feet. After slowly breathing into his ear, she traces her tongue along Ken’s jawline, returning to his lips. Then, slowly lifting his hands to her lips, she tenderly kisses the palms of his hands before placing them onto her bare breasts.

“Oh, Katie… your boobs. Wow!”

“They’re nice, aren’t they?”  Go ahead and explore. Nice and slowly, many women enjoy the tender touch of a man’s warm strong hands applying fingertip softies, and kneading them like bread dough,” Katie explains as she places her hands upon his hips.

For several pleasurable minutes, Katie encourages and demonstrates the fine art of breast and nipple play to her eager client. Eventually, her tongue joins Ken’s as they both explore her engorged nipples.

“Whoa! I never knew women could or would suck their own… you know.”

“Suck their own tits? Yes Ken, a lot of us do. I love playing with and sucking my own titties. With ripe strawberries like these, how can a girl resist? Now, if you don’t mind, I don’t want to be the only one standing here naked.”

Ken’s unsuspecting mouth receives Katie’s most passionate kiss yet, full of tongue and heat. He awkwardly kisses back as she lifts and removes his USC tee before planting another wet kiss and pressing her prominent breasts into his well-defined chest.

“Oh, your… tits… feel wonderful pressed against my chest, Katie. So round and warm. Mmmmm. And I can feel your heart beating. Wow.”

Katie initiates another long passionate kiss, this time grinding herself into his crotch as she wraps her arms to embrace him. Slowly, her warm tongue works its way down Ken’s chest, her fingers pinching Ken’s nipples as she lowers herself to her knees.  Kissing down his stomach, she continues the journey to his crotch, rubbing her face back and forth over him before slowly pulling his gym shorts down to his ankles.

“Now, it’s my turn to return the compliment,” Katie exclaims, Ken’s fully erect penis staring her right in the face. “You are quite fit and have a beautiful penis. I love how you are cut and those bulging veins. Quite impressive, sir.”

“Thank you, Katie. I’ve never heard that before. And I’ve never been… naked with a woman before. What do you want to—”

Ken stops abruptly as Katie tenderly runs the tip of her tongue over and under his head, focusing on the sensitive flap of skin just below. His cock twitches in response, now pointing up to the ceiling. Katie’s hands roam over his chest, hips, and thighs as she slowly licks the entire length of his shaft, top and bottom.  The bulbous head of his dick darkens to a shade of purple as Katie drools her saliva onto it before slowly taking him into her mouth.

Ken gasps and sighs. “Mmmm. Oh, this is so wonderful. Thank you, Katie. Is this what you call a blow-job?”

Slowly withdrawing and letting his member loudly plop out of her mouth, Katie answers yes before going down on him for several minutes.  Ken starts moaning and shifting back and forth on his feet.

“You taste very good, Ken. Feel this slick droplet at the tip? That’s your pre-cum; it’s clear and sweet. Women love it, and it means their man is about to shoot his load. You are doing very well. I’m impressed with your progress. How are you feeling?” Kate asks, still on her knees and slowly stroking Ken’s slippery wet dick. “You are so large! You can probably tell I’m stroking you with both hands, and there is still more of you left over. Quite impressive.”

“Wow, Katie, I never knew I was… big. And it feels so good in your warm hands. But if you keep this up, I’m going to… you know…”

“Mmm, blow your load? Shoot? Explode? Cum? Is that what you’re saying, Ken?”

Sheepishly, Ken says, “Yes.”

“That’s fine. No worries, Ken,” Katie explains as she releases his man tool and walks over to the couch, throwing off the pillows and lying on her back.

“Oh, careful with my Mike Lindell’s “Go Anywhere Throw Pillows,” Ken teases.

Katie giggles before saying, “Oops, sorry. I didn’t want them to get in the way of the next phase of our session. Now come over, join me here on the crotch—I mean couch.”

Ken approaches, then laughs nervously before asking, “Uh, Katie—you’re lying there taking up the entire couch. Can you scoot over a little bit?”

“Nah, I just got comfortable. Please… join me here on the couch.”

Ken catches a peculiar scent in the air, the unmistakable scent of arousal. A naked woman, in heat. Awkwardly, he slowly mounts the lovely female surrogate.

“There, that’s better. Thank you, Ken. Ahhh, your hard body feels really good against the softness of my mine, don’t you think?”

“Oh, damn, Katie. Damn. Your boobs—tits—feel so warm and comforting below me. And you must be getting turned on, judging by the pace of your breathing and the beads of sweat on your chest. I love the softness of all that peach fuzz; I didn’t know women had that. God sure knew what he was doing when he created man and woman and brought them together to complete each other physically and spiritually. Mmmm, you feel magical below me.”

With a low groan, Katie subtly parts her knees and props her right foot on the nearby ottoman. Ken’s protruding cock teases her sex. They both involuntarily gasp at his near intrusion.

Quickly recovering, Katie instructs Ken to slowly explore her body, presented to him right here on his plush living room couch. The gentle patter of a light rain shower begins outside, its scent melding with the aroma of freshly mowed grass from across the street.

“Oh, Katie! Yes, I’m blind, but I’ve got to tell you what a beautiful woman you are. The light of your voice shines through the darkness; your energy and spirit overwhelm my senses. Your warm flesh, the freshness of your thick long hair, the rise and fall of your chest, you’re beautifully firm… tits beneath me. Such bliss.”

Katie melts.

Reaching up and taking Ken’s face into her hands, she passionately kisses him. Ken hungrily returns the kiss, their tongues exploring each other. Katie takes him into a warm hug, slowly yet expertly clamping her legs around his lower back.

Faces mere inches apart, her hands still on his cheeks, Katie lovingly encourages him. “Oh, Ken, you feel so wonderful. I love your weight pushing down on me. You are a very handsome, beautiful man. Any woman would be blessed to have such a caring, intelligent strong man as her husband. And I am so very honored to have guided you through this unbelievable time together today. Now, please, Ken… please… make love to me. Right here, right now.”

“But Katie, I… don’t know what to… how to… I’m afraid…”

Katie tenderly strokes Ken’s face with her fingertips as she whispers, “Yes you do.” Katie tightens her gymnast’s thighs around Ken, literally forcing him into her most secretive place. She is so wet, and Ken is so slippery from her expert fellatio, that he slides right in… to the hilt.

“Oh, my god, I can’t believe it, I’m—I’m inside of your… your vagina. I’m inside you, Katie. Wow!”

“Mmmm, yes, you are, Ken. You feel wonderful.” They passionately kiss, bodies tightly entwined, Ken’s thick cock totally immersed in Katie’s lush lady garden.

“I never imagined it would feel this great. The inside of your vagina is gripping my penis in the most intense and passionate hug I’ve ever experienced. And you feel so… so tight and wet in there. Ohhhhh, I love this.”

“That’s right, Ken. You’re doing wonderfully. Nice and slow. A man as big as you has to be careful with a little lady like me, you are literally stretching the inside of my pussy. The heat of your cock feels amazing.”

After several minutes of sweet romantic conversation, Ken increases his pace as Kate struggles to keep up.

“Oh Ken, thank you for the honor of… being your first woman… the first woman you… have ever made love to. Mmmm, you feel amazing, nestled up inside my wet, hairy cunt. Mmmmm. I will always… treasure this memory… You have an incredible cock, you know that? Ahhh… Ohhhh… Mmmm. Don’t stop… just like… that. Uhhhhh.”

“Oh, Katie. Oh, Katie. I’m about to… I’m about to… explode inside your pussy. I better pull—”

“No, Ken, it’s okay… keep going… don’t stop now, honey. Keep going. Mmm, keep going… keep going. Oh, god. Oh, god, Ken. Mmmm… I going to… I’m… OOOOOOO, MMMMMMM, AHHHHHHHH! I’m cumming, I’m… AGHHHHHHH!”

Katie bucks like an unbroken stallion as Ken loses control, his body thrashing about while pumping his surrogate with all his might. Grunting like a wild animal, Ken shoots several hot jets of his semen deeply into her.

“Oh Ken, I can feel your jolts of sperm exploding… inside me. And your cock twitching… as you shoot. I love it. Mmmmm. Oh, yeah. Uhhhh, mmmm.”

—Two Minutes Later—

“I gotta tell ya, babe, that was one of your hottest fantasies ever. Damn, girl. And what a great idea having me wear the thick sleeping mask—I couldn’t see a thing. I really was blind and relying totally on my other senses. That was an outstanding role play.”

“Yes, sir, it sure was; however, it was Sis’ idea. I must give credit where credit is due.”

“Wow, your crazy sister strikes again.”

“Yep, one of the many reasons why I love her so. Now, if you don’t mind, please lap our juices from my yummy muff and share with me. That’s if you don’t mind, course.”

“Oh, I don’t mind at all.”

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