Vibrating Panties (L)

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My husband and I have been married for around 10 years, and we are always trying new things and looking for ways to spice up our sex lives. We both love sex and all things sexual. One day, while shopping at our local sex store, we found a pair of vibrating panties with a cordless remote. We knew we had to try them out.

Not long after we bought them, hubby and I took a mini-getaway, and I decided it would provide the perfect opportunity to take the panties for a test drive. So without telling my husband, I wore them out to dinner. When we got into the restaurant, I slid the panties’ remote into his hand, giving him full control.

My husband couldn’t believe what was happening. He found the thought of being in control of a vibrator on my pussy—in public, no less—so hot. He could hardly wait to catch me unaware.

When the waitress came to get our order, my husband turned the vibrator on, and the sensation took my breath away. I was almost speechless, unable to concentrate when she asked me what I’d like to eat. My husband watched me struggling to give my order, smiling. Who knows if the waitress could hear the vibrations, but she didn’t give anything away.

All through the rest of our time at the restaurant, my darling husband had so much fun with that vibrator, switching it from high to low. He teased me, back and forth, until I reached a state of pure bliss. My pussy was throbbing for a good fucking after that. It was such a hot experience, and we fucked like animals when we got back to the hotel.

If you don’t have vibrating panties, you need to get some!!

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15 replies
  1. My Baby’s Man says:

    That sounds so hot! I’m going to order some and ask my baby if she will wear them on a date.

    One last thing. I couldn’t tell for sure from the story; did you actually orgasm in the restaurant?

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Sexlovers…hot story…wow. I just bought a pair actually…I’m afraid to wear them in public with fear that I may squirt…did you actually squirt because of these!? If so even hotter!

    • Giants05 says:

      @alwayswet101 awesome you got the vibrating panties…you should write a story on them or just on you being preggo and horny 😀. Squirting is awesome…my wife squirted for the first time the other night…it's so fucking hot.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Giants05 I saw your comment on Mr. Lover’s story about “Women and Their Toys” that’s so awesome she was able to have a squirting orgasm. Go you! It is something that feels absolutely amazing to me and it’s crazy that I just discovered this since pregnancy! Thank goodness for those waterproof blankets…ours have been a lifesaver. I’m nervous to try the panties out in public since I have been so horny! I’m worried I’ll either end up orgasming without being able to contain myself, and I’ll accidentally squirt, or someone will know what’s going on down there! The more my boobs, belly and butt grow & swell, the hornier I am and the wetter I get. It’s definitely having a similar effect on my husband because he is getting crazy hard all the time. He is getting random boners and says he feels like a teenager again, haha. I don’t mind though!

    • Sexlovers says:

      King Arthur
      Age is just a number, get her a pair and let her try them out, they are amazing

  2. AlwaysReady says:

    We have a pair. She wore them to a wedding. It was great! When the reception had music playing and was a bit louder I could turn it all the way up without being noticed! (And the ride home was a memory I should write about).

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