Erotica by Remote Control (L)

We bought a remote controlled vibrating panty for my wife and made a date to go out for dinner. The idea was for us to play in secret in the restaurant. I had the remote, of course!

Here is the letter that she wrote afterward to share her experience with me:

“Thank you!!! That is all I can say. Thank you for a beautiful and extremely erotic evening. It was another dream come true. You are wonderful to me, and you know how to take my body to heaven and back. There are so many words that come to mind when I think of describing this evening and describing you.

Our little toy (the vibrating panty) has been washed and is hanging over the chair to dry.  Hopefully, we can use it again soon. It was absolutely drenched in my juices.

I cannot believe that we laughed so much! Yet it was so erotic and sensual. I think I laughed so much because I did not know how to handle all those incredible feelings between my legs.

It really felt as if you were making intimate love to my pussy (and doing it in such a public place).  It felt as if you had your fingers in me, fingering me and playing with my clit all at the same time. What made it even more special was that you had the control button and I could not do anything to stop you.

You sat across from me and just watched my face as you had me squirming in my seat. It was so sexy to see the pleasure in your eyes as you watched me having orgasm after orgasm. I tried my best to hide it from the other patrons in the restaurant. You know that I have violent orgasms! It was extremely challenging not to give away what you were doing to me.

I was so desperate for you to switch it on. Yet every time my panty started buzzing, it would give me such a scare. But it was such a wonderful feeling too! Maybe I should call it an “anticipation” fright. It felt as if I wanted to push my pussy closer to your hand — but there was no hand! Just all the tremendous feelings between my legs.

I loved the way that you would stop and start, over and over, until I was sitting in my own juices. I was so wet and had three massive orgasms before our main meal was served.

The best cum was when the waitress caught me halfway into an orgasm. I saw her approaching our table just as I was about to peak in a massive one. I could not stop it. My pussy was on fire. My face was tingling. My mouth was open. My body was shaking. But all I could do was hold on to the table for dear life. The rattling of the stuff on the tabletop gave us away. I was trembling so much that I could not hide it. And she just stood there and watched me! I think she was suddenly just as wet as I was. The jealousy was evident in her eyes.  You knew what was happening and just sat there enjoying my orgasm.

To make it worse, she looked directly at me and asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Madam?” I could not answer her. I just had a foolish grin on my face and shook my head to indicate a “no.”

I had to smile when you carried your sweater over your arm to hide the massive wet spot on your trousers as we walked out.

Then came the shocker when you pulled your car in next to mine at the traffic light and pressed that button. It was completely unexpected. I grabbed my boob and twisted my nipple and shook as I enjoyed a massive orgasm. My legs were quivering wildly, and I could not move. The light turned green and then red again. Maybe the traffic light was blushing about what was happening to me! I am so glad there weren’t any cars behind me and I could cum in peace.

But the best part came when we arrived home. You pulled me out of my car and rammed your hard cock into me from behind while you pushed me face-down on the hood. The panty was switched on, and you just moved it to one side as you entered me. You were like a wild animal as you fucked me.  All I can say is, “Oh fuck. It was soooo good!!!!”

You felt so big, a perfect fit inside my pussy. All your pent-up passion came out as you rammed yourself into me. Wow! The feeling of your balls slapping against my clit was heaven!  Your cum and mine dripped down together onto the garage floor. Awesome!!

Times like these make me wonder about our future. I have to fight against the fear that we might one day lose all this pleasure. I do not want this ever to stop. I never want to experience life without you. Can you understand that?

Well, the reason for me writing this note to you was just to thank you for a most amazing evening. My heart, mind, and pussy were all deeply satisfied. The toy brought lots of laughter, but don’t get the wrong idea. I experienced some serious sex and extreme orgasms. It was so erotic — Erotica by Remote Control.

The best foreplay in public that I have ever experienced.

Let us do it again very soon.

It was SUPER.

I love you.”


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12 replies
  1. The Rose says:

    Goodness Gracious. Is it possible to have so much fun? Your wife is someone to be applauded. What a lady. I love your stories. They are so erotic, and yet so real. I think we can all learn from the way the two of you bless and enjoy one another. I would love to try this in a restaurant soon. I am going to look for a vibrating panty for my beloved TODAY! Do I sense some fun in the air!!!???

  2. Ben G. says:

    Great story! Gonna have to get Gina a pair of vibrating panties. Would be fun to watch her squirm around. She would probably enjoy it so much, she would want control of the remote😄 . God bless!

    • JAM777 says:

      If you do Mr. G, you guys should do a story about it! I love your two's stories and how you guys bring so much heart into them!

  3. Tulsa says:

    Whoa! Great fun you two had!
    I bought one of those, with some other toys, but we never tried it out in public, other than going out in the hills in the Jeep. That’s how we tested it!

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