Nude Surprise

Hello, MH family. It’s Dean again. Hope you are well and sexy. Before I begin this, I want to say thank you to MH for publishing my previous post, Morning Shower – Fantasy. If you haven’t checked that out yet, please do so – after you finish this one!

Now, this is another fantasy. Please understand that I am a single man with an imagination (a Godly, purified one — but still very sexual). I hope I don’t bore or annoy any of you with these same or similar-categorised posts. It is who I am for the time being.


It was a sunny, warm day. I had to run some errands outside the house. It tuckered me out, but I had finished anyway. It was now time for me to head back home to relaxation and my wife. My earlier preoccupation with the duties at hand kept me from taking time to chat with her before I left, so I was eager to get back and fill that void. Deciding I couldn’t wait that long, I texted her a message saying I was on my way home.

Her response was, “Can’t wait, babe. 😉”

I suspected she had something planned and that got me excited. I hurried home, making record time. Before I went in, I sent a text to my wife saying I was outside. Right away I got, “Come in, sexy. I’m waiting…” Dang, I love my wife!

With that, I got out of the car. I cautiously entered the front door, but she wasn’t there to welcome me. I suspected she was upstairs, so I took it upon myself to head up. That was until I felt someone grab my waist from behind!

I turned around to see my beautiful wife totally naked! She grabbed my pants and immediately began to fondle my cock to life, all while smiling. I was shocked to get such a nude surprise, but I loved it! Anytime she’s naked is a good time!

“Baby, what are you doing? I asked. “You gave me quite the scare, girl!” I was looking down at her as she opened my fly to give me a handjob and fondle my balls.

“I’ve been waiting all day for you, baby. I decided I’d surprise you naked! I want you hard for me!” She giggled as she continued to stroke my hard cock.

Now that it was hard and I was turned on, I said, “It’s all yours, babe!”

She gave me a wink and a smile before kissing my cock and taking it in her mouth. Her hot silky tongue swirled around my shaft and head. My gorgeous nude wife giving me a stunning blow and hand job was the best reward ever for a hard day’s work! She must have planned and fantasized about it all day. Now she was doing it like the good girl she is!

”Play with my balls, baby,” I said.

She took my saliva-covered cock out of her mouth to say, “Yes, sir.”

Then she sucked my balls into her mouth while still giving me a soft hand job. The sounds she was making while giving love to my lower members was turning me on. Not to mention the eye contact and mischievous looks.

“Mmmmmm… So good, baby. I’ve wanted this all day. Bet you have too,” she said.

She went back to sucking me off before I bent down to kiss her passionately. Our tongues twirled in our mouths while I ran my fingers through her stunning hair. I helped her to her feet so that she was facing me. We were both standing now, and we continued kissing.

“Get naked, baby,” she commanded.

She helped strip me of my clothes. My body was finally totally touching hers. I scooped her up and took her to the living room couch. Placing her down on it, I went right for her boobs and started sucking and licking them. I heard my wife softly moan in pleasure. That only encouraged me to go further on her titties.

“Mmmhmm… Oh yes, baby,” she cooed.

I lifted my head up from her boobs to climb off her. Then I said, “Finish what you started, baby. Suck me off till I cum.”

My wife jumped at the words. She immediately put my cock in her mouth and ravaged on it as well as giving my balls some attention.

“I want you to come on my tits,” she pleaded. “Give it all to me. Please, baby.”

I knew I was close to cumming. I pushed my wife back on the couch and masturbated while starting to shake. I let out my cum, shooting loads on my wife’s chest. I didn’t stop jerking off until I’d drained all of my cum for my wife. She looked down at the white silk ropes that coated her chest. Her fingers swirled in it. Then she licked them clean.

“Mmm, tastes good, baby. Thank you. So sexy watching you jack your load off on me.” “No… Thank you, baby, for my naked surprise. I love you,” I said. I bent down to kiss her again.


Hope you liked the post.

Stay sexy, and God bless.


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3 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    You have a very detailed and erotic imagination my dear sir. Whoever your future wife may be, will be a very lucky woman. I loved this story. Especially the part where you wrote how you jacked your load onto your wife's breast. I love for Ben to cum on my tits, face or anywhere else he might want to.💦😜. Looking forward to more stories from you! Glad MH got the comments fixed. Stay Horny!

    • Dean316 says:

      Thank you GG! Your my favourite on the site, reading you and Bens posts is very pleasuring to say the least. Glad you are open to him spilling his cum on you where he wants and like that part in my story. Hope people just don’t get sick of future things such as this but if you like it then I must be doing something right.

      Stay sexy yourself!


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