Morning Shower – Fantasy

Hello there sexy MH Fam! It’s Dean here. Before I start, I want to say thank you to everyone who either viewed and/or commented on my previous post titled ‘Living Nude‘. If you haven’t checked it out, please do if you want to look into my positive nude lifestyle and how much I enjoy being nude. Now, this post is only a fantasy post. For those of you who don’t know, I’m single. So, yeah.



I sat alone in the living room, the only sounds were me having my breakfast, only in my boxers with nothing else on. The only sounds were me having my breakfast and the TV on. I felt a peace but something was missing….my sexy wife. Why wasn’t she beside me and making that angelic soft contact with her man? She was just with me before and now she had drifted away seemingly without me knowing. We had made love the night before and it was still fresh in my mind despite the hours of complete darkness and closure in my sleep. I looked around to myself alone, just as I am anyway. I got up from the couch, putting my finished meal on the counter and went out to investigate for myself. Where are you, babe? Before I could expel some words out, I thought I heard water running from upstairs….the shower water. I see how it is then. Did she sneak up there or was that morning feeling drifting me away inside? Probably both, but know I knew where she was and I wanted to join in.

I made my way up slowly, wanting to hopefully surprise her as she has with me. The closer I got, the more I could hear the shower water running. A startling discovery looking at the floor to our bathroom door was the clothing leading up to it. My wife’s clothing. Bra and panties placed very deliberately at the door, almost saying coming in. That I was. I stood outside the closed door just listening to the water running and it was only the water running that I could hear. My boxers were stiffening before I reached down to feel how hard I was. I started rubbing it with my hand while my boxers were on and I was hard. Seeing my wife glistening in water and soap over her wonderful body was turning me on. Feeling too horny, I took off my boxers and started to softly stroke myself until I stopped and wanted to act upon my feelings of love and pleasure. I knocked on the door and heard a voice on the other side.

“Come on in!”

I opened the door and was met with a wonderful sight. My wife was standing nude before me under the shower, this time with no water running. “Hey, babe. I was just gonna shower. Want to join me?” she said very calmly but sexually before she looked down at my very hard cock facing the air. “Mmmm….someone’s desperate for attention, I see. Come on in and I’ll give it to ya.” With her index finger, she encouraged me to come in a naughty way. I love my wife. I made my way over with sexual joy running through my body for my hot nude wife in front of me.

She turned on the shower just as I was getting in. It drenched both of us and made both our bodies glisten. Seeing all the water cover my wife and run down her body was an amazing sight. She was having fun with her wet beautiful blonde hair while smiling at me. Her smile can make anyone’s day. It’s so lovely. “Surprised you, did I, love?” she said.

“You sure did. Now we’re here together.” I joined in on her fun before we embraced in a deep hot french kiss, our lips and tongues connecting with passion and love behind them. We kept kissing as her back went to the shower wall. She put her arms up against it before I did the same, meeting her hands before they too connect in a tight heated grip. We are one indeed, husband and wife brought to together by God. The feeling of our kiss and hands together while wet was just so intoxicating and erotic. I didn’t want to let go. But I finally did, to which she said, “Mmmm. Thank you, love. Can you clean me up now, baby?”

I didn’t have to hear her say it twice. I reached for the hair shampoo and applied it to her hair, whitening it with the lather. I watched her clean her hair with it, with the white foam falling down on her nude body to her boobs and stunning legs.

As she was rinsing her shampoo off, I started to very gently stroke my raging cock that I so wanted to put in my wife’s mouth and ass. I then turned my attention to her tits, drenched in water and craving to be loved. My wife seemed to notice this and pulled me in a bit closer to her and said with a mischievous wink, “Give the girls some love, babe, before I give you some.” I loved licking and swallowing up my wife’s big boobs as I am a boobs guy. I lowered my head a bit to give them the attention she wanted them to get, tonguing one while squeezing the other one. She seemed to moan a bit in pleasure. Her nipples were erect and her wet tit felt awesome on my tongue. It swayed around to love every inch of the tit while I also put a gentle bite to it just for extra pleasure for her. “Good boy. Now the other one please, baby.” Yes ma’am. I did the same with the other one. “A little longer before I get to you, big boy.”

I was getting a bit impatient. I wanted her to suck my cock so bad and then to fuck her good. She put the body soap all over her body and breasts as I got behind her to cuddle her, feel her wetness and rub the soap all over her tits just to pleasure them again. I did so and it felt and sounded so good, her boobs being squishy with the help of the soap. She turned her head to face mine as we kissed again while I rubbed her body.

My cock was over her ass and then she finally broke the kiss to say “Okay, you’ve done enough for me. Now its time to return the favour.” Finally. She got on her knees on the shower floor which had a mat on it for safety. She was in a sexual frenzy, as was I. She started stroking my raging cock and kissing the head of it just as she kissed my lips before – assionately with love. She then proceeded to suck it off slowly before picking up the pace at a good rate. My wife loves sucking cock and luckily she only likes sucking mine. She was bobbing her head back and forth all the while looking at me making very seductive eye contact. “I love your cock, baby. I want it all.” She kept sucking and sucking.

But thankfully I didn’t feel like cumming yet. I bent down to french kiss my wife again and whispered, “Good girl. Let’s dry off and take this elsewhere.” My wife sexily smiled while stroking my cock. I turned the shower off and helped my horny wife up on her feet, cuddling again as went for our towels. We both dried each other off but my wife very playfully went for my cock again. “You hungry for i,t aren’t you?” I said while still drying.

“Oh yes, baby. I love it. I want it all because I want you.” Once we were dry enough we both ventured to our bedroom, with my wife guiding me by holding my cock. When we made it in, she pushed me onto the bed and immediately attacked my cock. She was feasting on it while fondling my balls. She was giving me such an incredible blowjob that I was almost surprised by how much she was craving it this morning.

“Mmmmm… Your cock is so good, baby. Please fuck me with it.” She directed me off the bed before she got on it, lying on her back and spreading her legs as wide as possible. “In now, baby. Please,” she said as I stroked my cock. Rubbing her saliva all over my shaft felt incredibly erotic. I inserted my cock in her beautiful pink pussy and was slowly thrusting in it. All sorts of sensations ran through me in that time and I’m sure it did for her.

As I was building up my thrust, my wife was playing with her breasts with a sexy but desperate look on her face. I got the idea that she was pleased I was in her but she wanted more than just a little thrusting. So with that, I picked up my pace to go harder and faster. I wasn’t doing this for me, but for her. I could tell she wanted it after that incredible blowjob and our heated erotic lovemaking in the shower. It felt so good to give my wife the pleasure that I could tell she was craving and really enjoying. I was getting animalistic in my fucking as my wife was throwing her arms around in the bed, moaning and screaming in beautiful agony of having her man’s cock pound her over and over and she loved every bit of it. Her movement and sounds only encouraged me to do more fucking. Suddenly she yelled out, “I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! AHHHH!!!!” Waves and waves of orgasm crashed over my wife, who was panting and out of breath. But I kept fucking regardless. While still fucking, I lowered myself to my wife to meet her face to face, before kissing her as I felt her emotions and feelings that she was experiencing run through me. That somehow made me feel more connected to my wife. She broke the kiss, saying to me quietly that she was going to cum more and, on cue, she did. As she was expelling more cum out of her pink pussy, she yelped in pleasurable agony. Then she put her face right against mine and said, “Ahhhhh… Please cum for me, baby. Fill me up with every last drop.”

I was almost ready to cum but wanted to fuck a little bit more. I felt my orgasm cumming and I noted it to my wife as I began getting trembly and shaky physically. “I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming… Oh, my! I’m cum-” I couldn’t finish before I moaned out loud and filled my wife’s pussy with every bit of cum I had in me. We both sounded out with pleasure and exhaustion. I kept filling her up with my cum until i felt it was over, finally taking my love juiced cock out as it was dying down. I could see semen was leaking out of her hole and even out of my cockhead, dropping down to my wife’s tummy

She wiped it with her fingers and pulled it up to her own lips. “Mmmm….tasty.” She put her fingers down to her pussy to get some more cum to indulge herself and she slurped it up.

I collapsed in complete exhaustion and it was only the morning. I lay next to her on the bed, facing her beautiful visage. When she came in to kiss me again, I felt a little bit of my cum on her tongue. “Thank you baby. I really needed that. I love you.”

“I love you too, babe.” We embraced together nude in our bed, both worn out from our wonderful lovemaking session. But we still cuddled and loved, the feeling of our naked bodies making us one. I thank the good Lord for bringing us both together to serve him in our marriage and as individuals.


I pray that God will grant me a beautiful wife someday in the future.

Stay sexy and nude!

Thanks and God bless,


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