While hurrying to complete my evening CNA job, I was greeted with the news that I had to cover the overnight shift. It was so frustrating because I was looking forward to pleasing my wife with sensual oral sex. I called with apologies, letting her know I won’t be home until morning. My understanding love thanked me for calling and asked when my break would be. I told her about when and closed the call with kisses.

Just before my break time, a visitor rang the employee entrance bell. I went to see who it was, and WOW, it was my caring wife, with a sack. “Hey sweetie,” she said as I let her in the locker room. “Brought you something to help you get through the night,” she said. I asked her what it was and she replied, “An energy drink, some of your favorite cookies, and a couple spicy sausages.” Gladly I accepted her gift and thanked her with a hug.

She told me, “Take care of those residents, honey.” “Wish I could take care of you,” I replied. She smiled, suggesting I could let her enjoy some of my sausage. “Sure,” I said. “We could microwave them in the break room.”  With a sly grin, she whispered, “I was thinking of your other sausage.” Gesturing toward the bathroom.

I excitedly told her to wait while I go clock out. After placing my sack in the break room fridge, I informed my hall partner and charge nurse that I was taking my break. Walking back into the locker room, I told her we should quiet. As we step into the bathroom I locked the and kissed her, with my hands on her cheeks. With a mutual, quite “I love you,” she pulls my pants strings. As my scrub pants fall, she happily says, “Mealtime!” She sat on the changing chair, lowered my underwear, while my penis rose.

With one hand around my leg and the other at the base of my penis, she takes in the swelled sausage. Her soaking tongue rolled its taste buds over my shaft. My heart raced as her wet warmth gently squeezed up and down my shaft. Once she paused to say, “I love you.” and then she licked my balls.

As quietly as possible, I closed my eyes with heavy sighs. Intense pleasure steadily welled in me, like a heating pressure cooker building to orgasm. Finally, with my breaths signaling climax, she swiped my sausage around her lips. I moaned in ecstasy, as she rubbed my erupting penis all over her face. I gratefully smile at her, while she wiped away saliva and cum.

After making ourselves proper again, she told me of the wonderful snack she had, with a goodnight kiss. She headed to the door saying, “Night love, see you in the morning.” “Night love,” I replied. “Hope my sausages don’t make me too full.” She reacted with a grin, “At least not too full for my breakfast taco.”

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    Wow… did I miss a holiday or something? Where are all the MH goers? Is there a new site I don't know about? Aw man, where are all of my favorite writers!!?

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