Steamy Coffee Date

A jazzy romance.

We always loved listening to jazz together on dreary days during coffee dates. Today is particularly rainy and dreary, so her and I are relaxing at our usual coffee shop. We are listening to some of our favorite Dave Brubek songs while the rain softly patters against the cafe windows. While we enjoy the warmth of each others company, the light fades away as day gives in to night.

As we finish our coffees while the last song plays, I stand up to throw away our cups. On my way up I lean forward and brush her hair away from her neck romantically. She is expecting the usual quick kiss before I move onward, but I lightly bite her supple skin just above her collar bone. I smirk as I hear a soft gasp tumble out of her mouth as she gives me a look of surprise. Her surprise quickly gives way to lust… She knows full well that I mean business when it is a bite and not a kiss. This coffee date has quickly turned from relaxed to steamy.

The drive home.

We hurry on outside to head home, our lust growing with every step. Although neither of us has said a single word to each other, we can tell by looking into each other’s eyes that we want to ravenously rip each other’s clothes off and feel our bodies pressed together as I slide inside of her. As I am driving home, she cannot contain herself and starts pulling down her pants to reveal her wet pussy. She looks over at me, undressing me with her imagination as she starts to tease her clit. She moans softly, beckoning me to take her. My member begins to grow harder and harder in my pants, making an obviously apparent bulge appear in my pants. She reaches over and unzips my pants while she continues to finger herself, my cock pushing out of my boxers as she finishes unzipping me.

As she begins to stroke my hard cock nice and slowly, she begins to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy. I pull over into an abandoned parking lot and shut off the truck. I am so turned on that I cannot help but push her against the seat to kiss her. Our hands pause as our lips intertwine passionately in love. She pauses to bite my lip, showing me that she is and ready for me. Gently grabbing the back of her neck, I proceed to lightly drag my moist lips down her neck until I reach her breasts… Pausing only long enough to tease her hard, sensitive nipples with my tongue.

Will someone see?

I cannot contain myself and begin to lustfully strip her of her clothes. She grabs my arm as she say’s, “Wait… won’t someone see us?” I assure her that it is ok because we are at the beach on a cold rainy night. Her face relaxes as she realizes I am right and we won’t be interrupted. I finish taking her clothes off and begin to strip myself until we are both sitting there, naked and extremely frisky. She slides down until she is flat on her back just in time for me to slide my cock against her sensitive clit. I feel her wet warmth against me, so soft and sexy, turning me on further. My member grows increasingly hard as I am finally able to feel her pressed against me.

The thrust.

I stare her in the eyes as I lick a couple of my fingers and begin to gently spread the lips of her pussy apart. As I begin to slowly insert my member inside of her, I can feel her throb around me. I want so badly to thrust all the way deep inside of her. As I thrust further in, she can feel me throbbing intensely inside of her as I fill her warm, beckoning pussy up. The further I slide my throbbing hard member in, the wetter and tighter she becomes. Instead of pulling back out to thrust back in, I slide even further inside of her.

With that last thrust, my hard throbbing cock fills her up completely, making her moan deeply. With a moan that sexy and inviting, I cannot resist the urge to kiss her. I lean down and softly press my lips against hers, my member continuing to throb inside of her. She starts to gyrate her hips against me, wanting me to fuck her so deep and hard.

I look into her eyes as a slowly pull my cock out… The pleasure in her eyes is intense as her moans tumble softly out of her mouth. I lift her up and press her into the seat as I thrust deep inside of her soft pussy again and again. With each thrust in, I can feel her pussy becoming wetter. I pull out for a second so I can slap my cock against her clit to stimulate it. While it is out, I see her admiring the veins popping out of my hard dick.

Taste test.

I want so badly to taste her beautiful pussy, so I crouch down and start kissing her inner thigh. As I move closer to her pussy with my kisses, the kisses turn into gentle bites. My moist lips finally reach her warm pussy, lightly brushing against her clit. I lick one slow, but meaningful lick, and taste her delicious juices. She exclaims, “Oh baby yes!” as I grab her legs and pull her closer to me.
She moans as she feels my warm lips press against her. I slowly slide my tongue inside of her, rotating my tongue inside of her pussy. As she grabs the back of my head, she starts to grind against my face as I fuck her with my tongue. In and out it slides, juices spilling out onto my tongue for me to swallow.
I place my lips around her clit and start sucking… Teasing her sensitive clit with my tongue while it is still being sucked into my mouth.

The sound of skin on skin.

I am throbbing hard at this point, precum dripping out of the end of my cock. I get back up and thrust inside of my baby in one quick motion, pleasantly surprising her. She smiles and stares me in the eye as she feels me throb inside of her. I am rock hard, wanting so bad to fill her pussy with warm cum.
I start thrusting nice and hard, enjoying the sound of our skin slapping together softly with each deep thrust. She tells me, ” Fuck me hard baby…” Your words trailing off as she loses herself in pleasure. Thrusting deeper and deeper inside of her, her pussy continues to throb around my cock. I am rhythmically pumping.  My dick sliding deep inside of her faster and faster as she starts to moan louder and louder.

 Wrap yourself around me.

I can feel her tightening around me as she gets close… About to orgasm. She lets out a gasp as she arches her back. I feel her pussy tighten in pulses around me.  It feels so good feeling her wrapped around me as she orgasms so intensely.
I whisper into her ear, “I am almost there baby…” She quickly slides my cock out of her and leans forward to start sucking on me. My cock fills her mouth as she feels it throbbing against her tongue. She looks up at me with her beautiful eyes as she starts sucking. So many times before she has told me how she loves feeling the veins on my cock with her moist lips. As she slides my cock in and out of her mouth, her tongue wraps around the head of my member.

A mouthful of lust.

She doesn’t mind the slightly salty taste of my precum, which has always turned me on more. My cock grows harder and bigger than she was expecting while she sucks on it. Throbbing away in her wet and inviting mouth. Her beautiful face looks up at me, her glimmering eyes unwavering. She continues to stare deeply into my eyes as she feels my cock jolt inside of her mouth. The first wave of cum comes spilling out, partially filling her mouth. My cock keeps jolting, pulsating inside of her mouth as her mouth fills with warm cum.
My member is so sensitive as she continues to slide it in and out of her mouth. The entire time she makes sure to not let any of my cum spill out. As the throbbing dies down, She pulls her mouth off of my cock and swallows my cum. Watching her every move, I am so intensely turned up that my cock stays hard.
She comes back and starts sucking some more since I have not gone soft yet. It feels so good that a moan escapes my mouth, turning her on more and making her suck faster. The last traces of cum spill out as she finishes sucking on me. She twirls her tongue around to tease the head of my cock one last time, making sure she licked up all of my cum.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Hot story and very well written. Made me wet. Thank you for sharing. God bless and stay horny always!

  2. OneCouple says:

    I enjoyed reading this story EroticChemist, made me hot and hard, I liked how your wife sucked up all your cum, God bless you both !

  3. cowboybiker says:

    Parking lot sex, while not always easy to successfully accomplish, is always passionate and sexy! If only my Corvette had a back seat…haha.

  4. Old Lover says:

    Either you've got a BIG truck or you are far more nimble and flexible than Anne and me – great married heat story!

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Very descriptively erotic! Well done on your writing 🙂 And the fact that it was on the beach in the rain, my goodness! It adds on to it, I think! 😉 God bless

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