Mom for a Week (I)

“Lisa, uh… could I ask a favor of you?”

“Sure, Darren.  What can I do?”  Making one last notation in her chart, she turned to her co-worker.

“Um… can we talk somewhere else?”

Observing the clock on the wall, she replied, “Sure–want a coffee?”

“Uh, yeah.  Sounds good.”

Moments later, she stared into his face over a steaming cup of coffee.  He seemed nervous, absently tugging at his neatly trimmed beard and mustache.

“Lisa, could you help me… with Allie?”

Allie.  In a flash, Lisa suddenly remembered it all.  It had been over a year ago when the unfortunate accident occurred, when her co-worker had lost his wife, and his precious little girl had lost her mommy.  The entire pediatric unit of the hospital where she worked part-time had gone to the funeral.  She’d felt badly enough for him, but it was the sobbing cries of a three year old little girl that had truly left her broken, ginning up memories of when she’d herself lost both parents.  Practically in a trance-like shock, he’d gladly taken her assistance at the time, and she’d done her best to comfort a tender little soul that all but refused comfort, repeatedly asking if her mommy was coming home.  Oh yes, she remembered Allie.  And it had nearly ruined a very nice man overcome with grief.  “How is she?”

“She… she’s fine… Uh, Okay,” he added ruefully.

“What is she… four now?”

“Yeah.  As of two—no, make that five months ago.  I was wondering if you… if you have time that is… if you could take care of her for the week I’m gone at that Chicago class?”

“Well, sure, I can do that,” she said, smiling in spite of herself, and flattered that he’d think of her.  Her best friend, Marie, knew of her inability to have children, but Darren didn’t, and had no idea the gift he was giving her to pretend to be a mom for a week.

“You will?  The whole week?”

“Sure, I’d be glad to!”

“Good gosh, Lisa—that’s awful nice of—I mean, we’re a long ways away from your home though.  And Allie’s in pre-school, is that, uh…”

Thinking for a moment, she suggested, “I suppose I could just stay at your home, if that made things easier.  That way she’d be near all her stuff and wouldn’t have to pack or anything.”

“You’d do that for me?”

“For Allie, not for you,” she teased, winking at him.  “No, it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’ll check with my husband, but I don’t think he’ll mind.”  She almost grinned, already knowing his reaction.  He wouldn’t refuse her—he never did, but he’d proclaim that he’d likely starve before she got back, would die from lack of affection (a.k.a. sex) while she was gone, that the house would turn into a pigsty, etc.

“Wow—that would be so nice!  I’ve been pulling my hair out wondering what to do.  And it will be great—I know she remembers you.”

They’d gone back to work then, and she faced her shift with new vigor, already planning the things she wanted to do in her mind.

The days seemed to crawl in the intervening time, but the time finally came.  With one last good-natured grumble from her husband, she promised to bring Allie out to the farm to see him, gave him a kiss that he’d feel for a week, and hopped in the car.  Looking out the window she could see him smiling at her.  They loved to tease one another, but truth be told, he was happy for her.  It was small consolation, being a mom for a day (or a week in this case), but she adored children, and the week would bring her a lot of joy.

Meeting Darren at the door as he made his exit to head for the airport, her eyes lit up to see Allie again.  At the moment she was squeezing her father for all she was worth, her little brow furrowed with exertion.  Nope, once again her daddy was too big to squish!  Then she was practically on a dead run to the one that would take care of her for the week.  “Hi Weesa!”

Lisa smiled brightly, her heart pounding with delight to receive a child in her arms.  Allie still couldn’t say her “L’s,” but they could work on that, couldn’t they?

“Thanks again, Lisa—this means a lot to me.”  She didn’t immediately respond, and he looked at her with admiration, trying to swallow the lump in his throat.  It wasn’t that long ago and his own sweetheart was standing right in that spot where…  He pushed away the thought.  He suddenly realized that Lisa was the first woman other than a relative that had even been in his house since his wife.  Beautiful, too—inside and out.  Catching her grin and telltale wink, he picked up his bags and headed out the door to his car.  He’d tried to scrub the house from top to bottom, but she’d no doubt be able to tell it was now a “guy’s” house, the last remnants of his wife’s feminine touch having faded over time.  Pulling out of the driveway, he saw them both again waving to him from the front window.  He returned their wave, but felt pursued by the tears that streamed unbidden down his cheeks as he drove away.

Unfortunately for both ladies concerned, the ‘little’ one and the ‘big’ one, pre-school came first.  With a flurry of activity Lisa got little Allie off to school before zipping into work herself.  She’d made a special arrangement with her supervisor to work shorter shifts, and the time didn’t seem to go fast enough before she could head back out to pick up her little charge.

She managed to make it just in time, too, coming near the school entrance just as Allie practically bounded from the school, her oversize backpack in tow.  Feeling the ‘mist’ in her eyes as she listened to the happy chatter of a little girl recount her morning in meticulous detail, she brushed away a tear.  It wouldn’t do for Allie to have to worry about that, to know just how cathartic her adorable little voice happened to be.

Unlike the morning, the afternoon seemed to pass as a single heart beat.  Allie informed her that she was a big girl now and didn’t need to take a nap.  So it was only right that they went to town to do some ‘big girl’ things, like getting their nails done.  ‘Pink bubble-gum sparkles’ was how she described the color she wanted, much to the amusement of the spa staff.  It frankly wasn’t Lisa’s first choice, and neither was the matching chap-stick that came with it, but she played along, both of them coming home with ‘pink bubble-gum sparkles.’  She’d explain it to her husband later.  Then it was off to the grocery store before returning home in time to make supper, where Allie again described the important parts of her day in between bites of blueberry pancakes.

It took Lisa nearly half an hour to leave her bedside after tucking Allie in.  Allie had long since entered dreamland, her soft breathing one of the few sounds in the room.  Lisa had read her a bedtime story, and she could almost still hear Allie’s excited voice as she added colorful commentary to the story, instructing her how to read the story “Jus’ like Daddy.”  She could still feel the warmth of Allie’s enormous hug as she tucked her into bed.  Then Allie inquired about her father, and Lisa had reassured her that he’d be coming home soon.  There was something marvelous about the innocence of a child, and Lisa was thankful again for the opportunity, even if it was a lot of work.  But her heart also felt a pang for her husband.  Softly closing the door to Allie’s room, she wished he was here to simply hold her in his arms.  No wonder it had been so hard for Darren!

Moving quietly to the bedroom, she stood in the doorway and appraised the bed.  Just an ordinary bed like any other, but she wondered how long ago there had been happiness here, where two souls in love had created a beautiful little girl.  Drawing closer, she saw the picture.  His wife had been a lovely woman, and Allie looked almost exactly like her mother.

It made Lisa smile, for it was the same observation that her husband had made when he’d first seen a picture of Lisa’s mother.  Was it a foregone conclusion that daughters grew up to look like their mothers, and sons like their fathers?  For a brief moment, she wondered if she was intruding, whether it would be right to sleep here, though Darren had encouraged her to rest there.  Still, the room was inviting, and gave her a peaceful feeling.

Moments later, her clothes neatly put away, she stood before the mirror in naked glory, thinking again of the love that was expressed on this very bed.  She didn’t know why, but it gave her a tingle of excitement, her fingertips luxuriating over swollen nipples.

She looked at the clock—it was almost time!  She’d left her husband a note NOT to call, instead giving him ‘other’ instructions.  She could almost see his face—he’d probably have a grin a mile wide.  It was small consolation compared to having her there, but it was still bound to give him some fun… which was exactly what she planned to have at the same time.  Rummaging through her suitcase, she found the massage oil, and laid down on the bed.  After fluffing the pillows until she was comfortable, she stared at the ceiling for a few moments, then looked over to the clock and watched the turn of the hour.

Across town was a man who had spent (he was ashamed to admit) part of the day grousing that his wife and lover wouldn’t share his bed this night.  Even Melissa at the farm office had noticed, and had timidly asked if anything was wrong.  Then he found Lisa’s note, which had been left on top of his pillow along with… What?  His chuckles filled the empty room in spite of himself.  What a woman!  She left nothing to chance, and he knew exactly her intentions for the small tube of slippery stuff she’d left on his pillow.

Then he read the note, which was filled with naughty suggestions that just had to be ‘addressed’ at 9:08 pm sharp.  He didn’t have a clue as to where the time came from, but he surely wouldn’t quibble over that.  And then there was the P.S. to look in her closet.  Scarcely able to get the door open for what she’d hidden inside, he finally worked the frame out.  What in the world?!  Then he recognized it—she’d blown up to near life size one of the pictures from their recent trip to Hawaii, and hastily stapled it to a frame.  How in the world she managed to do that right under his nose, he’d never know.

Whistling softly, he drew it out of the closet and placed it at the end of the bed on a chair.  He didn’t remember who took the picture, but—wow!  His Sweetheart looked smoking hot decked out in a white bikini enjoying the sun, her legs gleaming in the light.  It would be a treat to undress her in his mind.  Even her smiling face alone would tear him up inside! Looking at his watch, he groaned, trying to will the moments to pass more quickly as he shucked his clothes and sat down on the bed.

Looking downward, he saw his manhood staring right back at him, twitching, and as hard as an oak plank.  Then he looked back at the picture.  That view was so much better!  Maybe he could pretend he was indeed back in Hawaii.

Reaching for the tube of lubricant, he felt absolutely spoiled and loved beyond words.  Yet again she’d out-given him, and he wondered why he never thought to send something special with her when there was a brief absence.  She’d never let him feel guilty about it, though—it was just her nature.  The moment passed as he looked again at the picture and saw her smiling face.  Propping himself up on pillows, and pouring a generous quantity of lubricant over his swollen phallus, he took himself in hand and filled his eyes with the picture once more.

Giving a nervous giggle, and hoping that Allie was a sound sleeper, Lisa poured massage oil over her smooth tummy precisely at 9:08 pm.  Resting on her back she looked up to the ceiling, closing her eyes as her hands began to work, smoothing the oil into her skin.  It immediately felt soothing and relaxing, and she felt the pressures of the day dwindle away to nothing.

She smiled, wondering what her husband was doing at the moment.  She could almost see his happy grin and flushed face, and the gentle movement of his fist as it encircled his awesome penis and…  Her body seemed to buzz with warmth as her face flushed and she bit her lower lip, her hands gently creeping between her legs.  Arching her back, she looked down at her body, liking what she saw… because it was what he liked to see.  Magnificent beyond description, her fingers tickled through the trim strip of pubic hair to where it ended in flawlessly smooth skin, her downy soft feminine cleft parting for the whispering slide of her fingers.

“Oh!” two souls cried at once.

It felt SO good.  Throwing her head back, she panted in delight while her fingers continued to work their magic in her femininity.  Catching a glance of the picture once more, and seeing the once smiling face of her co-worker and his lovely bride, she wondered again at what passion was shared in this room.  Closing her eyes, she could almost hear the echoes of their shared joy.  They came vividly to mind, and then seemed to fade away.  How lonely he must feel now, those same memories echoing through his heart!

Across town, a happy man was falling even deeper in love with his wife.  He stared intently at her in the picture.  It almost felt as if she was staring back at him with the same intensity.  Bit by bit he removed her bikini in his mind, until she was gloriously naked in the same pose, and beckoning him to make love with her.   Closing his eyes, it was as if he could still see the picture, only sharper!

Lisa closed her eyes again, seeing her husband’s smile in her minds eye as if acknowledging her great gift, and desiring to return it.  Whimpering, she could almost feel his thrusts, which built within until she could see nothing but white, spasmodic pleasure shimmering through her body in continuous waves that rendered her breathless!

“Oh, Lisa!” would have been heard across town, had she been there.

Lisa couldn’t hear his happy cry at the moment, but he didn’t care.  At the moment he was making love to her, even though it was but with his own hand and in his own mind.  It was one of his favorite positions, lying on his back and watching her impale herself on him from above.  He loved to watch his gleaming penis as she moved on him.  He could see Lisa’s luminous blue eyes, filled with the enjoyment of what they shared together, framed with a beautiful, smiling face.  He could feel her lean over him, pressing the softness of her breasts against his chest, rigid nipples tickling through his chest hair, even as she continued moving her hips.  And then she was above him again, smiling as she drove him to the brink and happily stole his control.

His body shaking with the power of his release, he laid back on the bed.  Thrusting his hand madly, his face contorted with pleasure, he felt the warmth of each milky white rope landing on his chest in gasping release.

It was a long time before Lisa was able, or cared to move, her body slowly unwinding the tendrils of pleasure that had overtaken her.  Gently dabbing at the perspiration on her forehead, she sat up.  Moments later she was in the shower, and washing the beautiful body her husband was still dreaming about on the other side of town.  She thought of him, most likely lying there in a glorious ‘mess’ by now, a satisfied smile on his face, a dazed look in his eyes, and simply looking devilishly sexy.  The imagination was fun… and they’d somehow make do while apart… but it was still no comparison to being together.

Out of the shower, she pulled on a nightshirt and panties.  Quietly heading down the hall, she looked in on little Allie.  Her little face was radiant, and Lisa couldn’t help kissing her once more and whispering a good night.



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    Wow! Loved this story! Beautiful story, beautifully written lttlb. Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to more stories from you. God bless and stay horny!

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