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The Home Movie

She could feel his eyes on her as she dutifully tore open the mail and grinned. It was a dinner table ritual, opening the mail, but he was oh, so predictable. She’d filled his tummy with her good cooking, and now he had other things on his mind, namely ‘dessert.’ He always seemed to conveniently forget that SOMEONE had to do the dishes leftover from those great meals he always wolfed down. Men—so easily distracted. She stopped mid-slice with her letter opener and met his gaze.

“My eyes are still hungry,” he said softly.

His face was sometimes maddeningly sexy, and she turned back to her letter with a soft grin. He was ‘hopeless,’ but that was quite all right as far as she was concerned. “Oh, darn it!” She waved her thumb in the air, and then squeezed it with her hand, looking down at the tiny pin prick of blood inflicted by the sharp tip of the letter opener. Truth be told, he was distracting, too—sometimes to her exasperation. She looked over at him and rolled her eyes at his grin. He knew it, too. Reaching for her hand, he drew it to his lips and kissed her thumb.

“Here—you open it.” Lisa handed him the letter.

He glanced briefly at the return address. “It’s from Marie. I wonder what—” He finished opening the top with his thumb and drew out a note and a DVD. Opening the note, he read quietly:

‘To my dear couzin and his much better half… I just have to share this with you. It is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, even if it was by accident. I don’t know what ever possessed me to do it, but I couldn’t help myself… and if I’d have made a sound, it would have been… well… yo’ll will sea. If I tried to keep it secret any longer, I think I’d just bust. Lisa—you’re the most beautiful person I know… inside in the hart, and on the outside, too. Couzin, your a lucky man, and you better take good care of my best friend or else you’ll be hearing from me. And from the sound of things, I’d say you’ve got things covered… but you’ll still have to hear from me anyway. Tuff luck, huh? That’s what you get for being related. Ha ha! Anyhoo, love you both. ~ Marie’

He handed the note to Lisa. “Do you have any idea what in the world she’s talking about this time?” he inquired. “Someone needs to teach her how to spell, too,” he added.

Lisa scanned down the note and looked up at him. “I haven’t the slightest idea, Sweety. What else came with it?”

“This DVD. I guess we’re supposed to watch it?” He looked at her, distracted at once by her rich, cornflower blue eyes, suddenly not caring about anything else. He sure as heck didn’t need a note from his cousin to tell him who was his better half and that she was beautiful… and stunning… and sexy… and…

She shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe after dishes.” And then she gasped as she felt a hand meandering over a soft leg under her skirt. Now how in the dickens had he so quickly relocated his hands without her feeling it?!

“Maybe after—”

“After dishes!” she giggled, swatting his hand away. Shifting out of her chair she grinned as he seemed to exhale a world of air. Crushed… but only for a moment. Tossing him a dish towel she offered, “It will go faster if you help me.”

Actually, it didn’t. He actually was quite good about helping her, and always had been, but in truth, it took more time to get the job done than if she’d done it herself on account of his delightful habit of not keeping his hands to himself. It was his playful streak that reminded her why he was in the same family tree as Marie, her best friend, who seemed to be made of the same stuff. Sometimes it was a game, each trying to outdo the other with some outlandish whisper in the other’s ear. Other times he’d try to distract her with those naughty hands of his that never left her without a smile on her face, and laughter in her heart. When she finally hanged the towel up in its proper place and proclaimed the job finished, she was as ready as he.

“C’mon, Hon,” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him with her to their cozy little den. “Let’s see what Marie gave us.”

Popping the DVD into the player they sat back on the couch to relax. Leaning back against a pillow, she watched his face light up as she rested two flawless, smooth legs on his lap. Bare legs and a jean skirt. It was one of his favorites. He smiled down at her, his warm hands enjoying her soft skin and pretty feet, sending butterflies of excitement to her tummy. She was touched with his gentleness, as he tenderly rubbed her feet.

“Hon… is that–?” she started, sitting up. She looked over at her husband, whose jaw was hanging open. They looked at each other, and then back at the screen. “Honey! Where is this? I—”

“Sweetheart, you’re blushing.”

“I am not! How did she—”

“Shh…” he soothed, his eyes now glued to the screen. It wasn’t a long recording, maybe about five minutes, but long enough to make both wonder just how they managed to miss the fact that another person happened to be in such close proximity to where they chose to enjoy God’s creation in a most special way. The screen went blank, and they continued staring for several minutes, before either said anything.

“Well, now, Hon,” he drawled in a sarcastic voice. “Congratulations. We’ve just starred in our first movie. The male lead looked pretty scruffy if you ask me, but the female lead, she was quite delicious.” And she had been, too. He still remembered that afternoon, their hushed and hurried whispers, the accidental tearing of her panties, and the sublime feeling of her smooth thighs clasped about his head as he brought her to ecstasy.

Giving her husband a crooked grin she stammered, “Caught on tape…” At least they hadn’t been totally buck naked, wanting only a quicky, and this time it had been for her. Five minutes and he’d taken her to heaven and back… with only the deer and the gophers to observe. Or so they had thought at the time.

“I feel violated,” her husband commented again. “I feel used and emotionally distressed. I feel—”

She wiggled a foot against the bulge in his pants which belied his sarcastic words. “Could have fooled me,” she giggled.

“On the other hand,” he laughed, “it’s kind of cool to see all those cute expressions on your face when you come…”

“Is that what I look like all the time?”

“Oh yes, all the time… even when you’re reading the paper and doing the dishes.”

“You’re a nut.”

“Yes, I have two.”

“Do you think anyone else saw us?”

“Not likely.”

“Oh gosh… I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or…” her voice trailed away. “At least—at least it was only Marie.”

He grinned wryly at her. “Only Marie? For all we know it’s now listed under You-tube!”

“No… she wouldn’t do that,” Lisa laughed. And then, in thinking of it further, she looked at him, her brow furrowing, “She really wouldn’t… would she?” After all, she did know her best friend pretty well.

This time it was his turn to laugh. “Who knows? It’s not like anyone could see anything… all they’d see is this gorgeous lady making all these cool little noises, purring like a kitty ya’ know, and some idiot’s big fat rump in the foreground with his head—”

“Oh, stop it!” she giggled. And when his foot rub turned into toe tickling, there was significant movement on the couch that left them both laughing, and subsequently breathless. Leaning on his chest, she could hear his heart beat. “I’m not the only one ticklish around here,” she reminded him.

“Quite right,” he chuckled, enfolding her in his arms, and gently running a hand through her soft hair. Leaning closer, he inhaled the scent of her hair, and left a kiss on the top of her head. “But you do know that you’re gorgeous, don’t you?” he whispered.

She looked up at him, knowing already the earnestness she would see in his eyes, and rewarded him with the same smile he always said he fell in love with first. That was how he always made her feel – gorgeous. But how could one answer a question like that? She grinned and looked away. “Just like you know you don’t have an idiot’s big fat rump! In fact—” She almost laughed at the look on his face when her hand found that apparently fat rump of his, and gave him a much deserved pinch.

“Hey!” he yelped.

“Now that’s a nice r— Hey!”

“Yeah – I can find yours, too.”

“Can you now?” she teased. Standing up, she straightened her skirt and looked down at him, still lazily lounging on the couch. Turning just slightly, she flashed him a look that would have given a Greek statue an erection, let alone a mere mortal such as her husband, and gently smacked her beautiful backside. She started walking away, but quickly switched to running as he gave a ‘whoop’ and jumped to his feet in pursuit. Barely reaching their bedroom door before him, she gave a playful shriek as she narrowly avoided his tickling hands.

And then she was in his arms, completely caught, and glad to be so. Both hands at her pretty bum and holding her tightly to him, he smiled down at her, watching her deftly unbutton his shirt and tickle at the dark curls of chest hair. The press of his arousal against her, even through a couple layers of jeans was insistent, bringing a smile to her lips. Tired of waiting even those short few seconds for her to complete the task, he kissed her neck, a hand gently palming her breast. Wiggling to get the man’s shirt off, she giggled as he insistently kept her pressed against him. A button ricocheted off the adjoining dresser. “Oops!” she laughed.

Two could play at that game. And besides, he wasn’t sure just how much longer he could wait. Looking into her eyes with longing, his hands trembling along the buttons of her shirt, she felt his soft fingers at her breast, and then the sound of buttons scattering across the room like shrapnel. She looked down at her lovely cleavage, and then up into his eyes with a surprised look. He only grinned, and continued on, lifting her to sit on their bed while his hands fumbled with the clasp of her bra.

“S-sorry, Hon,” he mumbled. “I—I just need you so much right now, I—” Reaching behind her, she helped him find the tiny little clasp that separated his eyes from the feast of her beauty.

And while he made short work with the rest of her clothes, she stared at the buttons on the floor. He hadn’t done that before, but a special random memory suddenly pierced her heart. That must have been what Mama was doing! She saw a little girl sitting on a little stool and chattering away while her mother patiently worked on a shirt. Buttons. There were lots of them, and she remembered the feeling of running them through her fingers while her mother worked, and the squeals she made when they fell on the floor and she’d chase after them. Mom always had enjoyed sewing, but there always seemed to be that curious smile on her face when she was working with buttons. Come to think of it, they were mainly on Dad’s shirts. Finally seeing just what made her mother laugh at her childlike questions, she giggled at the memory.

“Gosh, Mommy. Why does Daddy always busk his buttons off?” Yeah – ‘busk’ indeed. A shiver of happiness went through her. Her Mom and Dad might be gone now, but she felt their love again, as from a distance, and the delight and passion with which God brought them together to create her! Well, next time her husband was going to get his own surprise when she pulled a now-discovered page from her mother’s playbook, and ‘busked’ his buttons, and sent them scattering all over creation. She’d make HIM pick them all up, too.

If he wondered what she was thinking, he didn’t let on, for the moment utterly transfixed with her beauty. Kneeling between her smooth legs, the look of adoration on his face was unmistakable, as was the cheerful, wandering path of his fingers, which gently touched her, tracing little trails over her skin, leaving her with goose bumps of pleasure. Looking up he met her eyes, and gave her a smile that melted her heart.

He always claimed that she could see right into his soul, and it was true. Right now she saw it all, his complete happiness and delight in her as plainly as if written with pen and ink, and her heart swelled with the love they shared. She returned his smile and gently tousled his hair as he leaned in to kiss her quivering tummy, her hands remaining on his head as he continued his journey south.

Her hands felt warm as she held him against her, and the scent of her skin was intoxicating. She opened her legs invitingly as he felt the soft, trimmed bristles of her pubic hair against his chin and lips. Momentarily stopping, he lifted his face, and simply drank in her feminine beauty, and listened to the soft sound of her expectant breaths. He traced a finger through her pubic hair, enjoying the contrast of the soft tendrils of her narrow little strip against her baby soft skin to where it ended right above the center of her passion.

Looking up he met her eyes once more, blue, and shining back at him above lovely breasts that had been hand-sculpted to perfection by the Almighty Himself. Unspeakable need for her blazed in his veins as he leaned in and kissed her soft tendrils again.

Trying to control her shaking, Lisa looked down at him one more time before lifting her face upward as she felt his soft lips against her femininity, and purred with the familiar delight. She couldn’t decide if it was better on their bed or in the woods, when they’d done it on the spur of the moment, when he’d gotten that gleam in his eye and whispered his naughty suggestion in her ear. And now there was documentary proof to boot—Marie was such a hoot! She almost laughed, but was too distracted by the exquisite movement of his tongue in all the right places.

Lifting her gorgeous legs to his shoulder, even as he ravenously consumed one of his favorite treats, he helped her lie back on the bed. Her hands quickly met his as he smoothed a warm path across her quivering tummy, and lightly caressed at her hip.

“Oh, Sweetheart!” her voice sounded in the room, even as it had that afternoon in the woods. He felt her legs cross behind his neck, as if to contain and keep forever the delights of his adoring mouth. Gently gripping her hips, his tongue marching in a lover’s dance across the silky smooth contours of her vulva, he held on for dear life as her passion burst forth, her high pitched cries filling the room as his delicious pleasure seized upon every part of her body. He stayed with her, tasting her passion, finding nourishment special to a man’s soul in knowing his most treasured friend, lover, and wife enjoyed life’s greatest delight with him.

The silence, in absence of her pleasure-filled cries, seemed deafening, and as if something was missing from the room. All that was good and wonderful seemed to have an end in this present world. In eternity it would be different. Gently planting one last sweet kiss on her soft folds, he rested his face on her, smiling at the feel of her pubic hair against his cheek. Gently nuzzling his cheek against her, he rested with her. Her waist trembled and twitched with the aftershocks of what he had shared with her as she made every attempt to catch her breath. A soft hand gently moved in his hair, trembling along his forehead.

She whimpered softly, and he looked up at her. Her pretty face was flushed, and the smile she gave him warmed his heart. Feeling her gentle tugs on his hair, he caught her meaning, and joined her on the bed. Filled with happiness simply to hold her in his arms, and unable to keep the big fat, satisfied smile off of his face, he simply watched her, adoring her reaction to him, the rise and fall of her breasts with each breath, the trickle of perspiration down her cheek and neck, the absent minded movement of her hand across her tummy, the twitch of her left knee, the rubbing of her toes together… he loved it all.

“I love you,” he whispered.

She turned her face towards him. “I – I love you, too.”

Her lower lip trembled, and for a moment he feared she might cry. “You okay?” he whispered.

She nodded her head. “Yeah.” He’d just given her pure ecstasy, and he had to ask if she was okay? Silly man. She smiled at him as thankfulness for everything he meant to her washed through her. Turning on her side to face him she traced a finger down his forehead and over the bridge of his nose, tripping it across his soft lips and chin. “And you, my husband, are an awesome lover… you do know that, don’t you?”

He grinned as she parroted back to him his earlier words to her. Diverting his eyes from her he again appraised her lovely figure and murmured, “What was that you said? I’m too busy enjoying the view.”

“Enjoy away, Sweetheart,” she laughed. “It’s all yours…”

“Too bad that wasn’t caught on tape,” he quipped. “Though it was nearly identical to that DVD.”

“It was not!” she laughed, mussing his hair. “How would you know anyway, you looked fairly preoccupied down there.”

“I sure was,” he smiled, reaching out to caress her breast.

“And by the way, you have too many clothes on.”

“I know – I’ve got a tent pole in my pants that’s getting pretty mad at my jeans.”

“I don’t blame the poor guy,” she giggled, adroitly zipping the belt out of his pants.

Feeling powerful urgency sweep through him, their hands trembled together until he was delightfully naked with her. And with her sweet voice urging him on, she took them both to another world, where all was light and beautiful, and they were one soul. And somewhere, some place, surely Marie must have smiled, wondering what ‘pandemonium’ she had caused for her dearest friends.

home movie

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