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Anniversary Sex – On the Beach in Rio

Anniversary Sex – Several years ago, my company sent me on several business trips to Brazil.  One of those trips, which was two weeks long, took me away from my wife on our seventh wedding anniversary.  Although the trip was scheduled on short notice, I was able to fly my wife down for a four day weekend, with the last day being our anniversary. We were looking forward to some anniversary sex.

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city full of beautiful people.  Copacabana is a white, crescent shaped beach that is about a mile long.  From the edge of the water to the Avenue of the Americas seems like it must be at least 300 feet.  At different places there are palm trees, volleyball nets, sand sculptures, and an occasional coconut stand.  At night, the beach is lit up with many bright lights so that on the beach itself it almost seems like daylight.

Anniversary Sex on the Beach in Rio

By: Mike Vondran

The day my wife arrived I had to work, and she slept all afternoon to recover from the overnight flight.  Our hotel room was in a four-star hotel overlooking Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.  It was a beautiful view by day, with the beach brightly lit and full of activity at night.  When I arrived at the room that evening, my wife was rested and anxious to go out and check out the street vendors and beach just outside our window.

After going for a quick meal at a restaurant on the edge of the beach, my wife and I strolled down the median in the middle of the street where fifty or so small tents had been set up with people selling everything from local art to clothing.  We found several small trinkets for our kids, family and friends.  My wife also found a long, flowing sundress that she decided to buy.

Before going for our first stroll on the beach, we went back to the hotel room so that she could change into her new dress.  Much to my shock and amazement, she stripped down completely naked before draping the thin, cotton dress over her beautifully shaped body.  As I stood there dumbfounded, she just smiled at me, gave me a quick peck on the lips as she walked by, and led me by the hand out of our room.  This was so unlike my shy, reserved wife!

As we walked out of the hotel into public, I was so paranoid.  As she walked, her breasts jiggled ever so slightly and the outline of her nipples was subtly defined in the smooth fabric of that dress.  It was beautiful, and erotic, and terrifying all at the same time.  My wife saw—and smiled at— my confused state as she boldly and confidently walked out into the street.  Once outside, the enticing movements were even less noticeable—although they were plenty to keep my attention.

Although the dress was not too low cut or tight, I would occasionally catch a glimpse of the sides or top of her breasts, or even a nipple when she would lean forward as we went shopping again along the street.  Carrying on as if everything was normal was difficult, but I loved every minute of it.

Sometime past midnight, we finally took our long awaited walk on the beach.  We hid our shoes at a nearby park bench, and began to stroll casually along the edge of the water.  As my wife and I strolled along, we talked, admired the view, and occasionally stopped to embrace each other and steal a quick kiss.  While we were enjoying ourselves greatly, I noticed a look on my wife’s face that was giddy, mischievous, and seductive all at the same time.  As for myself, I imagine that the longing I had for my wife in this beautiful setting after a week apart was showing through my smile.  Certainly, the knowledge of her complete nakedness under that thin dress was sending my sex drive through the roof and I was struggling with the desire to take her back to our room and consummate our marriage again in some anniversary sex.  Little did I know what my shy, modest wife had in mind.

After nearly half a mile, my wife turned to me with a gleam in her eye and led me to a semi-deserted place on the beach.  By that, I simply mean that the closest people to us were a small group of college kids about a hundred feet away and further up the beach, which had a slight hump in it so that we were partially hidden from them.  My wife then turned to me with her back to the ocean, kissed me passionately, and stared me square in the eyes and said, “Make love to me!”

Instantly, I became both nervous and excited again.  After my initial shock, I began to look around and evaluate our surroundings to see if it was possible to do this and still be discrete.  Sensing my shift to “analytical thinking” she took my face in both hands, stared me straight in the eyes again, and said, “No, focus on me!  This place is safely lit, the closest people won’t be able to see more than the tops of our heads, we can see anyone that is walking down the beach, and even if someone did walk by they won’t be able to tell what we are doing because of this pretty dress.  Now, sit down right here and make love to me!”

After a brief moment of hesitation while I realized that what she was saying was true, I did my best to let go of my own inhibitions and get into the moment.  As I sat on the beach, my lovely wife stepped astraddle me and kneeled down, sitting with her dripping love box squarely over the bulging fury in my pants.  We kissed passionately for a few moments, before I slid my hand underneath her dress to pull my shorts to the side so that my erection could fully extend itself up to touch her vulva.

Anniversary Sex on the Beach in Rio (By: Rodrigo Soldon)

By: Rodrigo Soldon

Rather than let me enter her right away, my wife slid my penis forward and began to slowly rock back and forth so that the underside of my shaft slid between her warm, wet lips.  My right arm reached around my wife to hold and rub her exposed upper back, while my left reached around so that I could trace her lower back through the dress and play with the top of her buttocks.  As we moved slowly, the tension and the heat between us grew, and the world around us began to fade.

After a few minutes of dizzying temptation, my wife slid slightly more forward so that the tip of my penis penetrated her to the base of my head, and she stopped moving and kissing to stare me straight in the face again.  After just the right pause she very slowly slid down on me until my penis was so deep in her that I could feel the tip of my head pressing against the back of her vagina.  Again, she stopped to enjoy the moment, with her eyes opened wide and her mouth clenched showing the passion that she was holding back.

Slowly again, she began to move and rock on me very subtly.  She did this such that her movements could only barely be noticed above her dress, but below it, the pace was tantalizingly right, building more and more suspense with every slow, shallow stroke.  This seemed to go on for an eternity, as my head swam in an ecstasy that was so intense and right.  Here we were, on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, her back to the ocean, her beautiful blond hair blowing in the wind, making slow, intense love.  As I often am when we “make love” rather than just having “quick sex”, I was so full of love for my wife that I felt a “oneness” between us that is so precious and dear to me, that it made my masculine heart soften and open to her affections.

After some time, how long I can’t even begin to recall, we began to move again after having paused to feel the intensity of the moment.  As my wife began to pick up the rhythm of her movements, my hands slipped underneath her dress to grasp her hips and move them and rock them in the way that drives both of us wild with excitement.  As we kissed, the tension built, and we reached the point where kissing was no longer possible.  Again, she pulled back to look me in the eyes as our pace slowed due to the intensity of the building orgasm.  The tension that was built was so strong, that we were trembling with each small movement until we both exploded into ecstasy!  We climaxed so strongly that a few short, quick, violent thrusts were impossible to hold back.  My head was swimming in blissful confusion, as my wife seemed to nearly pass out as she dropped her head forward and leaned it over against mine.  Again, we moved and stroked our bodies slowly as we drained the last bit of passion from our fading orgasm.

After a moment of recovery, I raised my knees so that my wife could lay back against them.  We felt so calm and at peace, and sat there for several minutes speechless, just enjoying each other and the intimacy that was hidden just below that cotton dress.

Although that night was the most incredible experience of our anniversary vacation in Rio, we had many more exciting and fun encounters.  We ate at some of the best restaurants in the city, visited Sugar Loaf, and the statue of Christ that overlooks the city.  We took more strolls along the beach, and visited more street vendors, including what they call the “Hippie Fair” which is located just off Panama beach, which is another famously beautiful beach just a few minutes walking distance from Copacabana.

Throughout the weekend, my wife kept the sexual excitement up by wearing modest clothes (for Rio, that is) but going without bras or underwear.  Actually, she would most often wear them during the day, but “magically” dispose of them while we were waiting for our dinner to be served in a dimly lit corner of a romantic restaurant.  So far as I know, no one around us ever noticed anything that we did except the kisses and warm embraces, which we often indulged in like any other love-struck couple.  Only we knew what was being felt through our thin summer garments. What a weekend of anniversary sex in beautiful Rio.

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    We are soooo ready to visit a warmer climate. I want to wear a dress with no bra and panties and enjoy some hot marriage sex in a private outdoor place. Inspiring story.

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