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Sexy Pregnancy – Mark and Amy

Sexy Pregnancy -Amy had found out that she was pregnant just over three months prior. Ever since, she’d found herself undeniably attracted to her husband. Unfortunately, her first trimester was taken up with mood swings, heartburn, excessive tiredness and morning sickness- which occurred basically twenty-four hours a day. This made sexual encounters brief, uncomfortable and few. However, she had just hit her 4-month mark and was feeling much better and still incredibly turned on. Her sexy pregnancy had begun.

She wasn’t entirely sure why her desire for her husband, Mark, had increased so much. She was willing to mark some of it up to hormones. After the months of morning sickness she’d experienced, she was well aware of the surge of hormones inhabiting her body. But that could only account for part of the experience. There was something logical and natural in the desire.

It was seeing her body change and knowing that Mark was responsible for that. She now viewed him in a different light. She had always found him attractive, but now he was irresistible to her. She saw him as strong and manly, which she had before, of course, but now it was in such a more extreme light. She had always seen herself as just as strong, but now she just wanted to please him. She would spend hours in front of the mirror, looking at her small, but noticeable bump. All she could think of was how Mark had affected her body and she loved that feeling.

She was excited to be a mum, it was her dream. As soon as they had gotten married it was constantly on her mind. Before she had gotten pregnant she had worried that pregnancy and motherhood would take away from her identity as a wife. She had not expected that it would increase and multiply that identity. Never before had she felt such a connection to Mark, nor such a connection to being a wife.

The weather had just hit spring and while the sun was brightening up their house, there was still a distinct coolness in the air. Amy was wearing a pair of full-length yoga pants and a tight hugging hot pink, long-sleeved top. They didn’t tell anyone of their pregnancy until twelve weeks so she’d spent that time wearing loose fitting clothes, worried that her growing bump would be noticed. She had enjoyed the last month and being able to wear clothes that showed off her bump, not hide it.

She was in the kitchen, washing the dishes, absentmindedly waiting for Mark to come home from work. Before pregnancy, house up-keep wasn’t her strong suit. She took care of the finances and the animals and worked part-time but looking after the house wasn’t something she enjoyed. After pregnancy, she became a whiz at it. Part of it was to do with the desire to raise a child in a clean, safe environment, but she knew even this could be traced back to being in awe of her husband and wanting to please him. She still wasn’t comfortable with that thought though. She could handle feeling sexually aroused and submissive to him, but she didn’t know how she felt about doing things to please him.

Mark was due home any minute and Amy could hardly wait. Amy hadn’t really expressed how she was feeling to him. He did notice that she was wanting sex a lot more, more than before they fell pregnant but he had just assumed that was hormones. He had also noticed her cleaning habits but hadn’t really thought about it. Amy had been wanting to share her newfound outlook but wasn’t sure where to start. She was still trying to get her own head around it.

She heard footsteps on the patio and their two dogs ran towards the door. A smile crept up on her face- Mark’s home!

She could hear their dogs jumping around and greeting her husband, she heard him laugh and say “hello” to both of them.

“Amy?” he called for her.

“In the kitchen,” she called back while continuing with finishing up the dishes.

She heard his footsteps grow louder as he approached the kitchen. He came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her stomach. She smiled at his embrace.

‘Thank you for doing the dishes!” he said enthusiastically. “You’re so good to me.”

Mark had always been one to appreciate every little thing she did. Lately, when she was doing a bit more, there was a lot of “thank you”s.

She finished the pot she was working on and put it on top of the drainer. She then turned around to face Mark, his hands not leaving her as she did so.

They kissed softly on the lips. “How was work?” she asked him.

He began telling her while she stared longingly at his mouth. Once finished he released her from his grip and took one of her hands, leading her to the front hall.

“What were you thinking of doing this afternoon?” he asked her.

She knew what she’d like to be doing. ‘There’s nothing we NEED to do, I don’t think,” she responded, following him throughout the house.

“Good! Because I was thinking we should take a nap and then go and get you some new things.”

Her face brightened. She loved shopping. “What new things?” she couldn’t think of anything she needed.

“You said the other day that you needed to get some maternity pajamas.” That was true. She was okay during the day for clothes because she either wore them tight or just wore loose fitting clothes. But all her pajamas, summer especially, were made out of cotton and constricted her tummy as they had no give.

“Also,” he continued, with what she thought could be a little hesitation, “I think you need some new bras.” They were now standing in the front hallway, just next to their bedroom. Mark looked at her, almost cautiously.

He really didn’t have to, because Amy was incredibly turned on.

“Do you?” she asked. “Why?”

“Well,” he took a deep breath, “It’s just your boobs have grown and your other bras look a bit tight.”

Amy felt a tingling inside of her. “Do they?” she walked into their bedroom and stood in front of their mirror. She looked at Mark who was walking in behind her. She then took off her top, as subtly seductive as she could manage and then looked at herself in the mirror. She could see Mark in the reflection standing behind her. She looked at her breasts, which were too big for her bra.

“I guess you’re right,” she replied, her excitement rising. She internally laughed at herself at being so aroused by the fact that her husband had been looking at her breasts.

She sighed, her hands sliding down to her tummy and she gently held it. “Okay, let’s have a nap then,” she replied to Mark’s earlier statement. She lifted her eyes to his in the mirror and could see that they now had a sparkle of passion in them.

“I’m not so keen on that nap, anymore.” He said, with a wicked smile and began to undo Amy’s bra. He slid her straps off and her breasts sprung free. He then grasped them in his hands. Amy watched in the mirror. “I love your breasts so much.” He murmured. “I have always loved them, but lately they turn me on so much.”

They had also turned Amy on more than normal. They felt so full and almost demanded attention. Mark rubbed them gently, aware that they had been a bit achy-although a lot less achy than the first trimester.

“I love it when you touch them,” she said softly, still watching his reflection. “I’m glad you like them, especially because you made them like this.”

She watched his eyes flicker back to her face in the mirror. “What do you mean? How did I make them like this?”

“Well, the only way they are so big is because you got me pregnant. It’s what you put inside me that’s changing my body so much.” Amy was in awe of how easy it was to say that to him. Of course, it was just the tip of the iceberg of how she felt on the situation, but she was still impressed that she had expressed that much.

Mark smirked, “I guess I had never really thought about it like that.” he replied, fondling her breasts with a bit more enthusiasm now. “So, really they’re like mine now.” he joked.

“That’s kind of how I feel,” she responded quietly.

She analysed his facial expressions in the mirror but couldn’t work out what he was thinking. She turned around to face him. He smiled at her.

“Well, if you’re mine, let’s get your clothes off,” he said gently as he slid off her pants and underpants. “I need to get some water, but you go and lie in bed. Make sure you get under the covers though because it’s cold.” He kissed her forehead.

She felt incredibly turned on by his gentle instructions and did as he said. Before long, he returned back into the room.

“Lie down honey,” he said as he got into bed next to her.

She lay on her back and he lay on his side, next to her, propping himself up with his arm. He began to rub her tummy, something she enjoyed before pregnancy but found it even more special now that she was pregnant.

“Is your growing stomach also my fault?” he asked with a smile.

“I never said fault.” Amy responded, “But yes, it was your doing.”

“That makes it sexier, I think. I can’t wait for it to get bigger.”

Amy smiled. She’d been a bit worried how he would take her body changing, even though she’d never had a toned body to start with.

His hand started to go lower and lower until it reached her pussy. He ran his fingers down, inside her opening and let out a sharp breath of air.

“Wow, you’re so wet,” he said breathlessly.

Amy groaned as he disturbed her opening, making her body more aware of her wetness.

This seemed to be enough encouragement for Mark as he began to take his shirt off. Amy began loosening his belt, removing his pants and underwear. She stroked his erect penis. He looked down at her and then positioned himself between her legs, sitting up. This had been a favourite position of theirs for a long time, but since her belly started growing it had become invaluable.

Amy moaned as he inserted his penis inside of her.

“You’re incredibly sexy, Amy,” Mark said while thrusting. “I’m so glad I was a part of that.”

Amy knew that her pregnancy and impending motherhood had just become a lot sexier.


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