Erotic Wife

Erotic Wife – Flirting Woman No Match for Wife


Erotic Wife – My husband headed to Florida for a conference in his industry, wives invited.  This retreat featured only three two-hour meeting blocks, and formal dinning each night with keynote speakers.  Two months ago, I began this journey to be an erotic wife. Our sex life has dramatically changed for the better. This long weekend was an opportunity to take some flight with my new sexual wings.

When we arrived at the hotel room at 3:30pm we were both tired from the trip and took a quick shower.  We took a nap, clothes not included. About an hour later, I was feeling horny as I was seeing my husband of 20 years still sleeping with nothing on. I was thinking of the time early in our marriage when we had a romantic week in Paris. I just started caressing my nipples with my fingers. Soon I continued my caressing on my thighs and down in my “lower” regions. I was thinking of waking him, but I had a thought. Maybe he would wake up while I was climaxing right next to him. I knew he would love that, but I had been reluctant to ever actually do that – until now.

I was surprised how wet I got thinking he might wake up while I was climaxing. I rubbed my juices on my nipples as I was interchanging my fingers between my wet spot and my nipples. Before I was over the top, he woke up and watched me as I was getting closer and closer. He moved his lips to my nipples and I imagined that he was tasting my wetness and loving it. Within moments my climax had me panting as my legs and abs tensed up in pleasure.

I took my husband’s hard penis in my mouth. “I want to straddle your face” I said.

“Okay,” was his passionate moan.

His tongue was keeping me simmering while I was sucking on his man tool. I sat on him in such a way that he was able to insert his tongue pretty far into that sweet spot. I climaxed again. The action of my climax was making my husband really close. He shot his cream in my mouth.  My erotic husband and his erotic wife felt no shame.

Erotic Wife Teases Her Husband at the Dinner

Dinner started at seven. I wore a new just-below the knee length skirt that was thick enough for me to ditch the panties. And I did. We arrived and everyone was dressed “to the nines.” I used to feel very uncomfortable at these events, always worried that my husband was going to get picked off by some sizzling woman who specialized in breaking faithful marriages. I am instead more comfortable with the fact that my husband has all he needs and wants in me, his erotic wife. This actually made me enjoy this evening more.

Our assigned table was with two couples, other “owners” in our  group of companies. I had never met them before, though my husband had met the men at the table. One of the men at the table was with his new “girl friend.” He had been divorced and this new woman was about ten years younger than the rest of us, I would guess her early thirties. The next guy was with his wife of 21 years. I was looking forward to listening to the table talk.

The “girl friend” started flirting with my husband. At first, my husband was oblivious and not at all affected. She even made sure that she bent over to show her cleavage.  I was getting hot watching my husband ignoring her attention.  I knew that I had his brain and his loyalty. Soon he realized her intentions. He was so cute being polite but uncomfortable and clearly not interested. I noticed how many times my husband was looking down at my skirt, knowing I, his erotic wife, was wearing no panties.

The lights went out as we watched the keynote speaker. I took my husband’s hand and discretely pulled it under my skirt. I opened up a little and pressed his fingers against my wet spot. He parked some of his fingers in my folds and my moisture was displaced on those fingers. He teased me there and I was getting very excited. He removed his fingers and put them in his mouth tasting my wetness. My fingers danced over his pants and enjoyed the waltzing over his hardness.

The banquet ended and we excused ourselves. We were walking outside.  I saw a quiet and secluded spot and led my husband there. When it was clear that we had found a private spot. I undid his pants and met his hard penis. I turned around for him to put it in me right there. He did. Wow. I felt myself getting close to coming as he came in me while we were standing up. We went back to the room and he finished me off with those amazing fingers.

As I feel asleep I said a little prayer, thanking God for our lives together.

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Erotic Wife

By: Zach Klein

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18 replies
  1. h0t14him says:

    I think having my dh get me off somewhere public like in a movie theatre would be SO HOTT! But he’s always afraid he’ll get turned on fingering me and it will be obvious to others. Any guys out there figure out a way to deal with this? This is a fantasy of mine to do with him, but he’s just too scared LOL

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      If you finish him off he should lose his erection, but you wouldn’t be able to do that in a movie theater…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I noticed a woman flirting with my husband at the Christmas party for his work. I saw my husband laughing at her jokes. I stumbled on this site around December 15. I realized that I was getting complacent. This site has changed my perspective. This particular story is sooooo inspiring.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In a dark time of my life, before I knew the Lord, I enjoyed testing men if they would be faithful to their wives. I found that the one common denominator of the man who cheated was he was not getting it at home.

    • Anonymous says:

      My first husband fell for someone like your former self. We divorced. With my second husband I keep him spent sexually…lol.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Part of me is offended, that I have to try to meet the sexual needs of my husband to help him stay faithful. Why can’t men just be faithful to their vows. A lot of the stories on this site are more directed to the wife. There should be more stories of men romancing their wives.

    • Anonymous says:

      Meeting the sexual needs is a two way street. Believe it or not, some wives have a higher libido than their husbands’. Meeting each other’s sexual needs is important to help keep each other out of temptation’s way. It’s a crucial (and can be the most fun) part of romance with your spouse. 🙂 After all, marriage is the only place you can have sex in purity. I, however, would love to hear more stories about men romancing and seducing their wives. 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      This story should be shared with newlywed couples. I agree both husband and wife need to take the sexual needs of each other very seriously. Have passionate fun in the process!

    • Jessum says:

      My mum is a relationship counselor and always impresses on me how important sex can be to a man based on her experiences. That even if wives are doing multiple things to express their love- if they’re not having sex with them, men can believe theyre unloved. I feel the way you do, but need to think of all the things I do for my husband to show love – cleaning, talking to him about his day, supporting him and remember having sex is a really important one… which is fine by me- but I too cringe at the notion.

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      Men are sinful: that is why we need help keeping our vows. We need help, quite frankly we have always needed help & our wife is the only helper suitable for us – at least that is what God said.
      You are right, we shouldn’t NEED sexy wives in order to be faithful husbands. And the best of us wont need our wives to help us. But, the sexual attention & desire of our wives makes all of us better men.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am in my twenties and this site has really helped me. I have been inspired with ideas from this site. My husbad does not know what has come over me. But I noticed that he is really becoming more attentive. He is “romancing” me more than ever! I am becoming a Christian Hot wife. Some of my girlfriends have noticed that I am happier. I tell them just to check out marriageheat and actually “let” go. One of my friends has joined the journey to be a Christian Hot wife also. You experienced ladies are a huge encouragement to me, please write about your experiences!

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s really encouraging to me that there are Christian God-fearing women who want to be hot erotic wives. I’m in my late teens and have been raised around the super-conservative Christians who act as if the Song of Songs doesn’t even exist. For a long time I was worried I’d never find a wife who cared about satisfying me or anything of that nature. But it’s nice to hear there are women who want and enjoy to serve their husbands like this. It gives me hope that I’ll find a Christian Hot Wife of my own someday. I hope to be the kind of husband who never gets tired of serving her in every way she needs.

  7. Bruce says:

    I am one man who will always be faithful to my wife. I don’t do this to make me seem faithful, but because I am faithful. I love my wife and even if l am not getting it at home, doesn’t mean I need to get it elsewhere. I tell men who use this excuse to remain faithful that I used to have a dog that ran around getting it everywhere, but I had him fixed. God gave me a wonderful woman 41 years ago and through many tempting offers I have remained faithful. I am not a hero a husband.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If woman (wife) gives their husband, however and whenever than husband would not cheat their wife. She has to be polite, romantic, friendly, but most woman change after they have kids. Wife (mom) does not keep her self clean, not romantic, and think we are married if not today, we will have sex tomorrow (no this is wrong thinking of woman).

  9. OneFlesh93 says:

    I know this post is 3 years old, but I wanted to comment, anyway. This series is wonderful! It's not about sex; it's about intimacy and the wedge that can be driven into a relationship when it's lacking. No one decides to have an affair after one sexless night; it's a slow fade. You both have to work to protect your marriage.

    Also, to Loved by my Wife, it is absolutely possible for a wife to give her husband a blowjob in a theater…that's one of my most erotic experiences with my wife!

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