First Anniversay, First Pictures and First Touch

It was our first anniversary.  To celebrate we got a room for the weekend at a nice resort.  It was our first morning at the resort.  We were lying in bed naked together and he was sill asleep.  I lay there looking at him, worried about my gift for him.  The night before he had given me a diamond necklace with matching diamond ear rings.  They were beautiful.  My gift wasn’t quite so costly and I hoped that he would enjoy it.

He started to stir and opened his eyes.  “Good morning, sweetheart,”  he said looking into my eyes.  We started to kiss and before things started getting too passionate, I told him I had a surprise for him.  I got up out of bed and walked over to our bags.  I opened one of them and pulled out our laptop computer.  I set it on the desk and turned it on.  While the computer booted, I reached back down into the bag and pulled out a CD I had made.  I motioned for him to come over and sit down in front of the computer.  I gave him the CD and told him it was the gift I had made for him.

He stuck it in the computer and up flashed four pictures of me.  In the first one you could see me wearing a white camisole, the second in a swimsuit, the third in some sexy lingerie.  There was a fourth picture with a big question mark in it.  He smiled and asked me what it was.

“You’ll see,“ I said and then told him to click on the left most picture.  My heart started to race.  I don’t know why I was so nervous.  I knew he would love what I had planned.

He clicked on the picture and up flashed on the computer a picture of my wearing the white camisole and short cut-offs.  The camisole was tight and conformed to my breasts.  It was a little thin and you could barely see my dark nipples through the material.  He looked at me smiling and said, “Wow, that’s very sexy.”

“Oh, there’s more,” I said.  I told him it was a sort of slide show and to click on the arrow button below my picture.  He clicked on the button to reveal a picture of me opening the fly on my cutoffs.  The next picture was taken from my back and showed me pulling my cut-offs down a bit to show that I was wearing g-string panties.  You could just see the thin white line from the panties above the top of my cutoffs.  The next picture showed me bending over towards the camera pulling down on my tank top a bit to reveal my cleavage.  I looked down at his penis and saw it starting to swell.  I was relieved to see he was enjoying what he saw.

The pictures started out teasing and started to get more and more seductive and erotic.  The next picture showed me pulling my tank top up just barely revealing the bottom of my breasts.  My cut-offs were starting to fall and you could see more of my panties.  The next picture was taken from my back and showed me pulling the tank top above my head.  You could only partially see the side of my left breast.  The cut-offs were well past my waist now and you see the string from my panties disappear between my firm, round bottom.

At this point, even I was getting turned on and I had seen these pictures a hundred times as I painstakingly took them by myself and cropped and edited them.  I certainly didn’t feel comfortable at all having some one else take pictures like these!

My husband clicked to go to the next picture.  Up popped a picture of me with my tank top on the floor and me bending over pulling my cut-offs down to my knees.  My hair covered my breasts.  My husband was getting anxious to see my breasts and after bringing up the next image, he got what he was waiting for.  I stood there wearing only my skimpy panties revealing my voluptuous breasts with my hands behind my head playing with my long blond hair.

The following image was even more erotic.  It showed my cupping my left breast and pinching my nipple with one hand while my other hand was down my panties.  My husband had a full erection now.  “These are really hot,” he told me.  “When did you take these?”

“About a month ago,” I replied.  I explained to him how it was a few months ago that I came up with the idea and how I even took some photography lessons to try and get the pictures as best as possible.  I explained to him how I planned the whole thing out before hand and all the hundreds of pictures I had taken just to get these 20 or so pictures right.  He then told me how he appreciated what I had done and told him that the pictures really turned him on.

“I can see that,” I told him looking down at his long firm manhood.  “There are more pictures,” I told him.  “Keep looking.”

The next picture showed my without my panties on at all.  I stood there stark naked revealing all my femininity.  He clicked on the mouse to reveal the next picture of me with one leg on a chair showing my most intimate part to the camera.

“This is too hot,” he told me.  He stood up quickly and starting kissing me and caressing my breasts.  “I need to take you now.”

“Slow down tiger,” I said laughing.  The truth is, I wanted him to take me right there too but that wasn’t part of the plan.  “There are only two pictures left.  Look at them first.”

He reluctantly sat back down and clicked on the next picture.  It was another shot taken from the back showing of me bent over the chair showing my behind.  My breasts were handing down and you could barely see my vulva peaking through my legs.  He then clicked on the last picture.  It was again taken from my back but this time was zoomed in on my butt.  I was all the way bent over now and was using on hand to hold my vaginal lips open so he could see my womanhood in all its glory.

He smiled and looked up at me, “Can I have you now?”

“Maybe later,” I teased.  “Right now I want to watch you look back at those pictures and touch yourself.”  We had talked before about watching each other masturbate before.  We both thought it would be really sexy but I could never get the nerve up to actually do it.

“Right now, I would rather have sexy with you,” he replied.

“What if I was touching myself too?” I asked.

A big smile ran across his face and his hand moved from the mouse down to his firm member.  He first massaged his balls and then grasped the base if his penis and started moving his hand up and down.  After a few moments he started grunting.

“Does that feel good?” I asked him.  He nodded.  “It’s making me so hot watching you.  I want to watch you climax,” I told him.

He started rubbing his penis with one hand and rubbing his balls with the other.  He suddenly stopped and said, “I want to climax on you.”

I wasn’t sure how to take this at the time but I didn’t question him and knelt down right in front of him.  He pointed his penis at my breasts and started rubbing again.  “Here it comes,” he gasped and suddenly a large spurt of semen came flying out of his penis and splattered all over my left breast.  He kept on rubbing and another spurt flew out and landed on my right breast.  He continued to stroke himself and the love cream oozed out of his penis and ran from my neck down on to my stomach.

I had given my man hand jobs and blowjobs before but never before had I seen him climax like this.  “You must have really liked the pictures.”  I said smiling.  “I think you’ll like this more though.”

“Yes I will,” he said with a grin.

I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be.  I didn’t think I would have the nerves to even suggest this but I knew its what my husband wanted.  I took a deep breath, walked over to the bed and sat down.  I positioned my self so that I was comfortable leaning back on some pillows and making sure he had a clear view of my body.

I started caressing my breasts and rubbing his love cream into them.  I tugged a little on my nipples and played with them.  I started to really get into and enjoy myself so much so that I almost forgot my husband was even watching.  I moved my hands down to my crotch and started playing with my vaginal lips a little to get my whole crotch lubricated and then started rubbing my clitoris.

As I rubbed myself I started moaning.  The better it felt the loader I moaned.  I could feel myself approaching climax and rubbed faster and moaned louder.  The pleasure of orgasm rushed through my body and I just kept rubbing.  I love the feeling of pleasuring myself and I loved that I was doing it for my husband.

I started getting into it trying to bring myself to a second orgasm when I felt the touch of my husband.  I opened my eyes and saw him standing above me.  He was fully erect again and was motioning me to move towards the edge of the bed.  I complied and slid myself down until my waist was at the edge of the bed.  I reached down and grabbed his penis and slid it into my wet love spot.  As he pushed himself all the way into me, I pulled my legs up and wrapped my ankles around his neck.  As he started to thrust, I continued to rub my clitoris.

I could feel the second orgasm building up.  It was much more intense this time as my husband thrusted his penis in and out of me.  I couldn’t help but scream in ecstasy.

After coming to an intense and fulfilling climax, I decided to put on a little more show.  I started rubbing my breasts and tugging on my nipples and whispered, “Oh baby, I want to fill your love cream on my breasts again.”  To be perfectly honest, I really didn’t want him to ejaculate on me the way he had before but he seamed to really enjoy it and I wanted to please him.

We continued having intercourse for a few moments and then he pulled himself out and straddled me at the waist.  He cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his manhood with the other.  “Climax for me baby,” I moaned.  “I want to feel you all over breasts, “ I continued.  “C’mon baby.  I want to see you climax.”  And with that his love cream leaped from his penis and landed between my breasts.  He continued to stroke himself and lovingly let his seed ooze across my breasts.

The rest of weekend was spent not only looking at the other pictures I had taken of me getting naked but also taking picture of us having a lot of fun together.  We still masturbate together frequently, especially in the shower where sex is awkward

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