The Moonlit Brunette (Part 1): Anticipation

A snapshot, a blurry image forms in my mind, white linen curtains unfurl revealing the feminine shape of a brunet figure masked by the curtains and subtle glow of the full moon as it pours over a mountain valley and through a low hanging palm branch. The moonlight reveals the smooth arch of her back as she looks up toward the moon, the palms of her hands braced against the window sill, the beauty of her naked body is breath taking. Her dimly lit silhouette lead my eyes from the smooth slope of her shoulders to her womanly hips, she turns her head…… the unwelcome screech from the friction of plane tires grinding into the tarmac of the Miami International Airport fills my head as my neck jolts forward thrusting my conscious back into the present. As I reacquaint myself with my surroundings I find Vanessa in the seat next to me. My wife, shoulder length brown hair, slim build and the mother of our two children. She sits quietly, kindle in her lap looking out the window, the bright light coming from the small portal plane window ignites the skin at the edges of her face; she turns to look back at me, the images of the moonlit womanScreen Shot 2014-10-25 at 9.39.20 PM sweep over me again. As my eyes adjust to the bright light from the window, my wife’s green eyes and unmistakable smile fill my view.   Unable to mask the excitement in her voice, she taunts me, “Half way there!” as she runs the tip of her finger the length of my chin gently leading my lips to hers.

This flight is the result of six months planning and thirteen years in the making. We are flying to a small Caribbean island, a sort of hidden gem of a place for a well-deserved break from the day to day and to take the opportunity to celebrate our thirteenth wedding anniversary and make a second honeymoon of it.   The anticipation of this trip had been building through the weeks leading up to our trip, in addition to the usual activity planning, I’d completed about 80% of the workouts outlined in the P90X fitness series and Vanessa had ramped up her weekly visits to the gym.   She had been coyly purchasing undergarments over the last month, making sure I knew that she’d purchased them but never letting my see the actual merchandise. She endured a Brazilian wax the day before and again she was stalwart in her defense of my prying eye’s in the days and hours leading up to our departure. Leaving me to my imagination and the thought of her smooth and bare beneath a lace trimmed pair of panties is intoxicating and the reason for more than one of the erotically fueled forays charging to the forefront of my subconscious, most of which end with my tongue placed hungrily between her legs. I followed suit and did my fair share of “manskaping”. {Note to all husbands out there: We’re not all that attractive in the nether regions, trimming and shaving from stem to stern is a must and pays back dividends.}

I’m somewhat of a glutton for punishment when it comes to delayed gratification. I find the exhilaration of anticipation almost as thrilling as the reward and Vanessa had been the ultimate pay-off to 23 years of virginity and 3 excruciating years of courtship. The crescendo of which played out over the course of a week at the very island we were heading to today. The pressure had been building especially high in the form of the mixed blessing and curse of her monthly cycle whose end occurred just two days prior and almost always marks the peak of the lunar cycle. This month even the news reported that this week was going to be the host to a “Supermoon”, or one of the biggest and brightest full moons of the year the apex of which was going to occur in two days’ time. Meaning I’d been already been cut-off for the preceding week, but so had she and the moon was just about to hit its peak. Vanessa is a rare breed when it comes to sex, as she takes on a sort of Jekyll and Hyde persona when the moon is full, becoming an insatiable force to be reckoned with that more than oft leads to me pleading my case as a mere mortal man bound by the physical limitation of my humanity.   So I know every ounce of my anticipating is matched by her own.

As a final measure of preparation I had come up with the idea of each of us doing a bit of homework for this trip. We had discovered Marriage Heat about a year ago and have been overwhelmed with how it has enhanced our intimate times together. Sometimes MH greases the wheels when her mental game just isn’t up to par, or has provided opportunities for us to have open and honest discussions about what we do or don’t want in bed, which gives us each valuable insight into how to truly meet the other’s needs. So my homework was for each of us to find one story or scenario from MH that we would like to mimic on this trip. With the thought of her pouring over MH stories doing her “homework” getting worked up ultimately working to my advantage. With the end of her cycle, weeks of preparation, the “Homework” and now the “Supermoon”, I had unwittingly created a perfect storm of sexual anticipation.

We hurry through the Miami airport grab a bite to eat and rush to make our connecting flight to our little piece of heaven. I let myself lag behind a bit as we make our way through the crowd. She’s wearing an ankle length red spaghetti strapped dress that has a tie in the middle. I’m mesmerized as I watch the gentle sway of her hips which serve as bookends for her perfect round ass, knowing that the length of her dress was intentionally selected to mask her long slender legs that are only revealed when she hikes her dress up, another erotic gesture Vanessa enjoys cashing in on. I’m left admiring my wife as we make our way to our gate, the crowd fades in her wake. She notices I’m lagging behind gives me suspicious glance and slows her pace to match mine. Another one of her favored qualities and one of the things that makes Vanessa such a wonderful woman and wife, is she likes to follow my lead and when a situation arises where she knows I usually do or should lead she offers support and encouragement for me to do so. This plays out even in the little things like walking in crowded areas and bigger things like major life decisions or financial investments. As we walk together my smile is met by a knowing eye roll and subtle shake of her head and she responds with her own devilish smile. My gaze falls and again my mind drifts, her slender legs and perfect round ass pair so well with petite but perky breasts. Ever an area of insecurity, I love to marvel in their beauty. Being a leg and ass man myself I’ve always sought ways to encourage her and be a source of confidence for her in that area.

We board the plane, find our seats, we settle in and come upon the unexpected surprise of having the aisle seat next to us empty. I figure this is a perfect opportunity to pull up my side of the homework on the phone. I know I need to find the story and load it before we are airborne or we’ll have to wait till we land before she can review my efforts.   Plus you’ve got nothing else to do on a plane but read so why not mount the sexual tension a bit more? She notices me intently scrolling through my phone and notices the distinct font from the MH website and playfully asks “what’s that, a little behind on your homework?” Not wanting to let the cat out of the bag just yet I try to play it off as nothing, after all it is a three hour flight and I didn’t start too soon.  She insists and snatches the phone from me. I immediately start down playing the scenario I selected, being somewhat nervous about her reaction to the stories contents.   The story is about a wife video tapping herself utilizing a vibrator for the first time and sending it to her out of town husband, then continues with her pleasuring herself while he drives during a long road trip together and finishes with some hot spontaneous side of the road sex.

Hoping I hadn’t pushed a boundary too far as I we had only begun experimenting with marital aids a few months prior.  Vanessa had picked one out and utilized it as a birthday present to me, one of those rare post adult hood presents you never forget. The idea of her hands on her body in the throes of self-pleasure is extremely arousing to me.  She continues to read the story and by the time she’s finished we are airborne and on our way to start our second honeymoon. I watch for her reaction as she reads over each escapade, by the end she looks up at me, with a smoky gleam of sex filling her eyes and whispers through a clenched jaw, “That is HOT!!” I was a little shocked at her complete lack of even the slightest hesitance. I feel a stir in my pants and attempted to nonchalantly adjust my bulging member, only to find the inside of my underwear is already damp with anticipation. See looks back at me with eye brows raised slowly starts bunching the unnecessarily long portion of her skirt in her fist as she reveals more and more of her leg while her hand begins to glide ever so slightly toward her inner thy. “Which part did you like the most?” I inquire, struggling to maintain eye contact, already knowing the answer. “What do you think she says?” I smile fiendishly and whisper in her ear, “the part where I put my tongue between your legs and lick your pussy?” Her eyes widen and the hand tugging at her dress balls into an even tighter fist in an effort to give better judgment a chance to prevail.

I look left over my shoulder to see if the other passengers are keeping busy. She takes my hand and puts it on her lap on the outside of her skirt. Knowing she wants it under but bound by the decency public places require she continues sliding my hand further up her leg until I can feel the tender seam where her legs connect. She applies more pressure and rolls her hips forward giving me a hint of the fire brewing between the folds of her soft wet lips. Constant traffic from passengers and stewards thwart our every effort to satisfy my desire to feel her freshly waxed pussy and her unrelenting desire for release. However, we yield to the lack of privacy. Vanessa consoles herself by restlessly playing a card game on her phone, while I attempt to occupy myself with a few unfinished work related tasks on my computer. An hour goes by and there is no stemming the tide welling up in her panties or satiating the fire burning in my belly or the dampness developing in my boxer briefs.   She asks several times how long the flight is and if we’ll be landing soon, disappointed by the answer every time. She starts to look over her shoulder eyeing the line at the bathroom.

Seeing my opportunity to fulfil the first portion of my “homework” I ask her; “do you need to go to the bathroom or do you need to take care of something else?” She looks back at me through gritted teeth replies, “YES! If everyone would just hurry up.” I look over my shoulder and see a few people standing in queue for the lavatory. My head begins to spin at the idea of my wife touching herself in the airplane bathroom, eager to smell and taste her fingers upon her return makes it impossible to focus on anything else. I playfully remind her of the first part of my “homework” in the hopes of inspiring her to record her session.  She gives me the, yea right, look and returns to fidgeting with the card game on her phone. Finally, the queue subsides, and she gets up to use the bathroom. I attempt to hand my phone to her, but she brushes the phone off and scoots by me with another playful eye roll.   Disappointed I settle into my seat and watch her as she casually nods and smiles to the stewards attending to their duties at the back of the plane by the bathrooms and catch her familiar mischievous smile and a spark in her eye as she closes the door. The seconds and minutes pass like molasses into a bucket on a cool day.

My attitude is divided as I struggle with the fantasy of my wife masturbating a few feet from me and the reality of knowing I’ll only get to imagine what is actually happening behind that flimsy lavatory door. I imagine her hiking that long dress up around her waist, licking her fingers and rubbing up and down the length of her pussy stopping only long enough to circle her clit a few times before fingering herself until she cums. I’m lost in the juxtaposition of fantasy and reality when Vanessa returns purse in hand. As she squeezes past me she drops her phone in my lap and says “You may want to use the bathroom now.” I stare at the phone in partial shock as my over stimulated brain and bulging pre-cum soaked cock attempt to process what just happened.

Vanessa sits down and looks back at me with a smile, satisfied with herself that she not only just blew my mind but had also satisfied herself… for the time being anyway. My mind immediately goes into problem solving mode. How do I get down the aisle to the back of the plane with a raging hard on in my pants? I want to see whatever is recorded on this phone and I want to see it now. I untuck my shirt, stand up, attempt to restrain my hard on with the belt around my waist and head for the lavatory and try not to make eye contact with anyone along the way. I’m so excited and nervous I almost drop the phone in the toilet as a hurriedly shut the door and slam the lock into the “occupied” position. I quickly scan through her pictures, find a video with a thumbnail of Vanesa’s smiling face. I open the video, she is about to say something, she moves closer to the camera to speak I put the speaker to my ear to compensate for all the ambient plane noise in the lavatory. I hear the words “Hey babe, check this out”.

The camera pulls back show that mischievous smile one more time, the same one I saw as she entered the lavatory. She is standing, the camera pans down revealing her cute cotton panties with a hint of dampness at the pinnacle. Her hand swiftly reaches under her skirt removing her dampened panties with one hand, still holding the camera steady with the other. She repositions the skirt to drape across her hips revealing her belly and my first glorious glimpse of her freshly waxed sweet spot. I paused the video and gawk for few seconds, swallow hard only to realize my mouth is impossibly dry, probably from my jaw being agape and the result of a fair amount of heavy breathing.  The video starts again, Vanessa wastes no time, knowing time is limited and the fact that she’s already so worked up no additional foreplay is needed. She starts with one finger gliding back and forth from her clit to her sweet spot, her hips gently roll back and forth in the opposite direction that her hand is moving, occasionally the camera pans up to reveal her face, she is making sure the camera is working as intended. The shot returns to her hand, her pace quickens, she is no longer externally stimulating but has taken to stroking the inside of her pussy with her index and middle finger.   Another unique trademark of Vanessa, she is equally if not more internally stimulated than external. Her head rolls toward her right shoulder than back as she takes a deep breath.

I hear the wetness building up on her fingers as the friction between her hand and her honey spot diminishes into a rhythmic slippery pool of ecstasy. Her face comes into view again, her eyes wide with excitement her mouth open, as she fights to bridle the release of her pent up sexual aggression.   Her rhythm breaking only momentarily to run her thumb across her love button, then immediately returning her fingers to siphoning off her desire into a glorious orgasm. Her strokes deepen more and more each time her fingers recoil glistening with the yield of her anticipation. The camera periodically shifts between her face and the source of her release.   Her head cocked slightly to right with brow furrowed she lowers her chin, she is close, the intervals shorten between strokes, I can hear her palm gently slapping against her pelvic mound has her hips roll forward to meet each impact. She is thinking of me and what we will be doing over the next week when her lips breathlessly form the words “Oh my God!” with one last stroke of her clit she pushes her fingers inside her and holds. A moment passes as she regains her breath, kisses the camera then the video ends. I had instinctively responded to the video by stoking my own member, eager with anticipation, I fight the urge to achieve my own release.   After all, I am a glutton for punishment and did not want the afternoon to climax at only 30,000 feet. I had plans to take Vanessa and I much higher when we got off this plane. I returned to my seat, as I sit Vanessa takes note of the eagerness still straining beneath my belt, and nodes her head in admiration of my restraint.  The captain comes over the speaker announcing our final approach and to prepare to land.  Vanessa leans over to me and whispers in my ear, “When we land, you’d better be prepared to take off.” I had a feeling my feet wouldn’t be touching the ground for a few days.

The rest of Vanessa’s and my exploits will be discussed parts 2 and 3 of this series.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear VS – I was so captivated by your story. I really can’t wait for it to continue. I loved the creative way you two are being revved up by MH – even on the plane. I too – many times – think of things that my wife and I are doing sexually in terms of something I have read on MH. It is exciting.

    You did a good job showing us the continued focus that both are you were carrying on while in the airport and in the air. The phone video was amazing. I thought it was funny that you didn’t even want to make eye contact on the way to the bathroom with other passengers! You were a man on a mission! I hope you report to us if you ended up smelling your wife’s hand when she came back to the seat! That would have been my first desire – to smell her sexiness on her hand!! Finally, the anticipation that both of you had is such a gift in our marriages. You were like to kids in a candy store! God bless you both. Thank you for such a great story so far.

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