Taking My Husband for A Ride

I have been off love making for some time due to stress at work and hormonal problems. So once I got myself sorted out I decided my hubby really needed some good loving…initiated by myself. I am known by my darling to be reserved.

So…I put our 3 boys to bed very early and while he was doing some work in the living room I took a nice shower, put on “his” favorite nighty he’s so crazy about – a peace of cream satin material,dashed on his favorite perfume and waited… I text him a message telling him I am waiting and waited…

He took to me like a moth to a flame. By then I was quite worked up, sexually aroused and dripping wet! I licked, stroked and pulled and his jonny walker and sucked him dry…He cried out because it was like bliss!! I needed some heavy licking myself so we did a 69 – I thought I would die of the sheer pleasure when his tongue took to my clit like a butterfly to a flower! O man, it nearly made me cum – I could no longer handle it so I turned and straddled him – did I give it to him. He went into an orgasmic shock of pure lustful pleasure. I rode him so hard and fast that I came with an earsplitting cry – the waves of the mighty orgasm almost caused my heart to stop for a count! The delicious sensations that coursed through my body made me realize I wanted more…

So I told him to give me some more – doggy style. He pumped me so hard that I was so out of breath!! It felt like he completely filled me up, wow!  He hit my G-spot, causing me to cry out as I came again – I love doggy style!! Then we did missionary, he rubbed clit while pushing himself deep into my little yoni, causing me to come again…and again until I cried. I almost died from pleasure. Blissfully happy that I could minister to my husband like that and knowing I have all he needs in a woman. He’s been gone for 2 weeks and will be back home on Friday…what a lovely surprise awaits him…I’m getting wet just thinking about it…

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