The Quiet Game (with an Oral Twist)

E laid her head on her husband’s chest.  The TV was on the Saturday night primetime game of the week.  The game was not

By: Zoe

By: Zoe

particularly interesting and neither of their favorite teams were involved.   The couple was visiting E’s family for the weekend at their lake house and by 10 p.m. everyone except the young couple was ready for bed.  So here laid the couple in bed.   Frankly, E was bored.

E had already removed her contacts so she had her glasses on. B thought it gave made her look smart and sexier.  She was wearing a sexy black lace thong and white tshirt.  She looked amazing as always.   B could see her beautiful tits through her shirt.  It made him horny just to look at his wonderful wife. Even though she was plump woman, she was very attractive and the extra pounds were in all the right places.  B smiled to himself.  He had waited until both of them had gotten ready for bed to reveal his plan.  The game was almost over when he asked, “Babe, why don’t we play a game?”

“I don’t want to play a game.” She replied not taking her eyes off the TV.

“But E, I think we will both like this game.  We used to love it as kids.”

She cocked her head towards her husband locking her beautiful green eyes with his. “Yeah? And what was that?”

” She looks so sexy!” B thought.

“The quiet game.” B responded.

E sat up a little in the bed. “The quiet game…” She sarcastically replied.  “The dumb game teachers used to make us play when they would leave the classroom and would always leave the class tattle tale in charge so if you talked you would miss recess???  That quiet game?????”

“Well kinda.” B smiled.  “But my version is a little different.”

“Oh really? While that sounds exlierating.  I think I will pass.” E replied again sarcastically as she laid back down on the bed glaring at her husband though her glasses.

“Well before you just totally shoot it down at least let me tell you how it goes.”

“Fine.” E retorted.

“Well basically I eat you out until you make a noise, then its your turn and you give me a blowjob until I make a noise, then I go back down on you, and so forth.”

E sat up in the bed this time with a spark in her eye. “B!!! SHHHHH!!!!!” She exclaimed.  “My mother is sleeping in the next room over! If she heard what you said I would be so embarrassed!”  Even as she was saying these words to her husband, she was thinking of his proposition.  She was horny too.  B had been gone all week with work and they had immediately left for their weekend visit on Friday.  Usually, the couple had sex at least 3 or 4 times a week, so both were craving for some sort of sexual release.   The couple had just recently experimented with oral.  E had learned that shed loved both giving and receiving.  B had caught on quick too, and he knew exactly where  where her special hot spots were, but most of all E loved taking her husband’s thick cock in her mouth.  So naturally, her husband’s proposition perked her interest.

“You’re right it is stupid.  We will be home tomorrow we can….” B started to reply.

E didn’t let him finish. “Lets play!” She exclaimed. “I’m going to win!”

“Ha Ok!” B smiled again.  He knew he wouldn’t be the loser regardless.  He was going to have the pleasure of tasting his wife’s  sweet pussy which was satisfaction enough! B leaned up and said, “Do you want me to go first?”

E bit her lip giving B a seductive look over her glasses and replied. “Its your game you go first!”

“As you wish Mrs. R!” B exclaimed.  He took a pillow and placed it under his wife’s back elevating her hips perfectly.  He slid her thong slowly down her legs.  B tossed it aside and said “Ok here we go no more noise starting now.” as he spread his wife’s legs and lowered his face towards her clean shaven slit.  B could smell her wettness.  He loved E’s scent.  It drove him wild.  He couldn’t wait to taste her any longer.  B kissed her pussy softly before licking the entire length of her slit.  E gasped biting her lip trying not to make a sound.  B wrapped his hands around E’s hips to her inner thigh spreading her wider.  He had waited all week to be with his wife.  He did not to wait any longer.  B flicked his tongue along his wife’s clit.  E couldn’t stand it.  She let out a soft moan.  B pulled away smiling.

“Dang it!  Thats not fair!  You knew that would feel too good to keep it all in!  You should take another turn!” E whispered loudly.

“Nope! Rules are rules!  Your turn!”

E leaned up jerking her husband’s boxers down.  His erection sprang forth.  E knelt down on the middle of the bed and took it in her hands licking the tip.  ‘Mmmmmhmmm he tastes so good’ she thought to herself as her tongue ran down the entire length of her husband’s erect cock.   She cupped his balls before taking his right testicle in her mouth.  After a few seconds she released it with a loud “SMMMMMMAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!” as she gazed up at her husband.
‘Holy crap!’ B thought as she took his left nut and did the same. ‘She is so sexy!’  The sensation of his wife sucking his nuts was unbearable and he groaned as she smacked releasing his other ball from her moist mouth.

“UGGGGHHH Babe that’s felt so good!” B stammered.
“Shhhh!!!!” E smiled.  “Your turn again sexy.”  She winked at her husband as she laid back down on the bed.


B took his position between her legs again.   E was wetter than before giving her husband head had made her so horny!  B made several long licks lapping up every ounce of his wife’s wetness before concentrating solely on his wife’s clit.  He spread her lips apart allowing for deeper access and more direct stimulation.  E bit down hard on her lip so not to make  a sound.  Her juices were gushing from within now.  She felt her orgasm coming.  ‘OH MY GOSH!’ She thought to herself wanting to cry out in pleasure, but knowing B would stop.  E bucked her hips upward off the bed and squeezed her thighs together making sure her husband couldn’t pull away.  She grasped for the other pillow on the bed and bit down trying anything to stay silent as she came.  B sucked his wife’s clit trying to drain every ounce of her.  E allowed her hips and thighs to relax back on to the bed, but B didn’t stop.  Still flicking his tongue along his wife’s clit, he slid two fingers inside of her soaked pussy.  Sliding them as deep as possible before stroking in a come hither motion.  E immediately bucked her hips upward again.  B had found her G-spot.   Intially, he fingered her slowly  before giving way a much faster pace.  He wanted to his wife to cum again.  E’s mind was racing wildly.  Their previous oral sessions had never been this intense.  She felt another orgasm coming on.  B shook his face a little burying him deeper into her pussy, and in instance she grabbed his hair pulling it then pressing his face deeper.  She knew she was about to explode.  B made one more stroke along her g-spot. E couldn’t hold anything in any longer.  Her hips bucked upward and pussy tightened before her dam broke, and she came like she had never cum before.

E couldn’t help but moan, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! BABY!!!!”  She tried to muffle her moans into the pillow she had grabbed, but it didn’t stiffle her climax completely.

B heard but didnt stop.  He continued to lap up his wife’s cum.  ‘Thank you Lord for such a wonderful, perfect wife!’ He thought as E’s sweet juices continued to pour  out.  B felt his wife’s pussy pulsating with every wave of cum that came forth from within.  E couldn’t take any more pleasure and pressed his face away from her and tried to catch her breath.

B leaned back and smiled knowing he had pleased his wife and that she was on cloud nine. He felt his own precum dripping from his rock hard cock. He began stroking it a little as he watched his wife come down from her high. E was completely out of breath with her eyes still closed she thought ‘O my!  Thank you Lord!  Thank you for my husband!’

E opened her eyes and gazed upon her husband when she noticed he was stroking his cock.

“Hey!” E hissed. “What are you doing?”

“Umm….” B started to respond.

“I don’t remember that being part of the game.” E leaned up and pulled  her tshirt up and over her head letting revealing her huge breasts to her husband.  B felt his dick jump with excitement.

“Put that thick cock in my mouth!” She demanded.

E was still extremely horny.  She wanted to feel her husband’s dick explode in her mouth and receprocate the pleasure he had just given her.  E gave her husband a dirty smile as she motioned for her husband to sit along the edge of the bed as she knelt down on the floor between her husband’s legs.

B’s dick was at full mast. E couldn’t refrain any longer. She took his head in her mouth and in an instant his whole length.  B leaned back and tried his best not to groan. ‘Holy crap!’ He had thought.  E had never been able to take more than 3/4 of dick when blowing him before tonight.  E even surprised herself.  She was so horny and craved her husband’s dick that she didn’t even fear gagging.  She wanted to please her husband so badly.  E placed two fingers back on her clit and began rubbing softly as she bobbed up and down her husband’s shaft.  She felt his dick twitch in her mouth.   B leaned back groaned softly again ‘Screw the game!’ He thought.  B knew she wouldn’t stop now.  E peered up through glasses at her husband and smiled to herself when she saw the sheer pleasure on husband’s face.  She knew it made him so horny when she looked at him while sucking his cock.  She began fingering her clit a little faster as she took his full member in her mouth once more.  E cupped B’s balls with her other hand  and began messaging them lightly.  B groaned again.  E knew he was loving every minute of his bj as his dick twitched again in her mouth.  She knew he was close so she allowed his dick to plop out of her mouth.

She wrapped her hand around his cock locking eyes with her husband and asked, “You like this baby?” She knew it was a rethorical question but she wanted to hear his response.

All B could do was nod.  He was speechless from the amazing head his wife had just given him.

“You ready to cum in my mouth?” E asked.  She knew he was, but she loved teasing him.

He nodded again.  E smiled and lowered her mouth back onto his shaft not taking the full length in this time.  She bobbed upward to his head and sucked hard.   E had never took her eyes off of her husband’s face.  She moaned “MMMMMHHHHHMMMMMM!” at the she drank her husband’s precum.  B’s dick jumped again.   She bobbed downward once more fingering her own clit again. B leaned back and grabbed the bed linens.  He was so close.  E bobbed up and down a handful of times.   He couldn’t hold it any longer.  B let out a groan as he felt his dick jump wildly in his wife’s mouth.  His hot cum sprang outward.  E moaned not only from her husband’s cum shooting into her mouth, but from her own orgasm.  She sucked her husband’s cock as hard as she could  so not to allow one drop to escape her.  She slowly raised her mouth to her husband’s head milking every ounce of cum from his dick.  Stopping at the head sucking wildly pulling every bit of his man juice into her mouth.  E moaned  as she tasted his thick, sweet cum.  B groaned too as he watched his beautiful wife devour every bit of his orgasm.

Finally, the cum quit pouring from B’s cock and E released it from her lips.

“I love to suck your thick, juicy dick baby!” E blurted  before  licking all around the tip making sure there was not any remaining cum on her husband.  B stroked her hair away from her face gazing upon his wife lovingly.   She sucked the head of his penis once more before plopping it out her mouth like a sucker.  She loved exagerrating sounds because she knew it drove B crazy.

“And I love to drink my husband’s hot, thick cum!” She purred.

B groaned at her words trying to come down from his own high.  Finally he said. “I love when you do that too baby!  So much for being quiet huh?”

The couple both smiled.

“Well rules are meant to be broken.  At least when it comes to games like that!”  E laughed.

Both laughed.

“Seriously, though somebody had to hear that.”‘ B replied.

“We are fine my mother took a Xanax.  They knock her out to the point she couldn’t hear a freight train.”

The couple listened carefully and could hear her snoring through the wall.

“Ha!” B exclaimed. “Guess that means we have the green light to continue!”

“Continue!?” E blurted. “Baby you still think you have gas in the tank.  You came pretty hard.”

“I’ve been gone for over a week.  Trust me I have plenty in reserve!”

“Okay…. if you say so.” E replied.  “What did you have in mind now?

To Be Continued.

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    I absolutely loved this!! Such a wonderfully horny idea for a classic game. Ben and I will definitely have to play! Of course I tend to have trouble remaining quiet during sex, especially when Ben is eating me. But it will be worth it to try! Lol

    Thank you so much for posting this Jesse! I cannot wait to read what happens next! God bless and stay horny my friend.

    • Jesse Wilbur says:

      It definitely keeps everything interesting! To me its the best type of game, no losers only winners!

  2. Barnboy says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Having my mother now living with us I think this would be a fun game to play with m’Love. Especially since we both enjoy oral immensely.

  3. PennY Laine says:

    Fun game. We have a somewhat similar game except I am tied spread eagle to the bed and blindfolded. Ours involves more teasing and suspense, but I have to remain quiet. B and E I am glad you found a game you both enjoyed so much.

  4. Silver says:

    I think that is such a great game to try, so gonna do this with Lord X! Thanks for the fun story as well!

    And GG, I am with you, I have a hard time keeping quiet as well, so it’s not gonna be easy! Lol!

    Oh, and PennY, I thought you said you weren’t usually into the submissive fantasy thing, but you like to be tied up, teased, and blindfolded? 😛 Unless you were talking about master/pet play. Hehe

    • PennY Laine says:

      Haha. Well Silver I think I mentioned that I don’t know much, or understand the whole submissive or master/ pet fantasy. I don’t normally read stories labeled as such, maybe I have been missing something. The blindfold seems to heighten my senses when used on occasion. The ties are symbolic as I can slip out if I want. Of course that ends the game like talking does. Teasing is him leaving the room and me hearing him talking and wondering what is going on and some confusion he plants in my head when he returns. It was really hot for us, but probably nothing special for others. Not sure what genre of erotic activity it falls into.

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