Lick of Desire (L)

My wife just returned from a week long business trip & informed me that she had a surprise for me tonight. I missed her so much & my cock was aching for her touch. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. Dinner was over, dishes cleaned, I looked at my wife & told her I’m ready for my surprise. “Well, let me get ready for bed & meet me upstairs in 10 minutes.”

My cock was already hard & throbbing in anticipation. I head to our bedroom, strip out of my clothes & lay in bed waiting for my wife to emerge from the bathroom. I am gently stroking my now hard cock as my wife emerges from the bathroom also completely naked & looking so beautiful & sexy. She looks at me & smiles, saying, “are you getting started before me?” I tell her I just couldn’t help myself. “Well, you can stop now because I am taking over.”

I am instructed to come sit on the edge of the bed, spread my legs & lay back. My wife grabs the ottoman & sits down right between my spread legs. “Your surprise tonight is my tongue is going to lick all your most sensitive areas until you can’t take it anymore. You will be begging me to let you cum.” This is a new spice my wife is adding to our love life tonight. I am instructed to grab each leg from behind my knees & pull back to my chest. My wife now has full access to my big hanging balls all the way to my ass.

The minute I feel her wet, warm tongue touch my sensitive balls, I let out a moan of pure satisfaction. Her tongue begins its assault on my full ball sack, licking & sucking each ball into her sexy mouth. After many minutes of ball licking & sucking, her tongue makes its way down towards my ass. When her tongue reaches my hole & gives a quick lick, I thought I was going to explode.

Feeling a wet warm tongue lick my ass is an incredible sensation of feelings I had never felt before. The more I was moaning, the more my wife got into it. She was now licking & sticking her tongue deep into my ass. Her nose was pressed up against my balls as her tongue probed my ass as deep as she could go.

“Oh fuck,” I yelled – “I’m going to cum.” My cock is throbbing on my stomach with a big puddle of pre-cum all around it. My wife encourages me to let it go. “I want to see you cum for the first time without anyone touching your hard shaft.” As I continue to hold my legs back & wide open. My cock is staring right at me, ready to explode.

I feel my wife suck my balls into her mouth as she takes one of her slender fingers & begins to fuck my ass. “Cum for me honey, shoot your hot load all over your chest.” I let out a yell & my cock begins to spasm & shoot hot, sticky cum all over myself.

The first shot hit my lips. Many other shots cover my chest in cum. This was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had. It was pure ecstasy. I lick my lips to taste my own cum & I hear my wife moan now. My wife then dips a finger in my cum to have her own taste of my love juice. Then she licks some up into her sexy mouth & leans in to give me a sloppy cum kiss.

“That was an incredible surprise,” I say.  She smiles & says, “I wanted to try something new. I had a fantasy of making you cum without touching your cock & tonight we lived it.”

I love her surprises, they never cease to amaze me. I am truly blessed to have such an open loving wife.


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20 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    You have one naughty wife there sir! So erotic to read. First time that I’ve seen at least a wife making some good licking love to their husbands balls and ass! I must say I wasn’t in the mood for masturbating (even tho I’m nude now lol) but this story changed that. What was it like having your wife do that to your ass?

    Always be horny and fucking.

    God bless,

  2. Eroticcouple says:

    Dean316, totally new sensations – it was a unbelievable feeling, having my wife lick and probe me with her tongue from my balls to my ass & once her tongue made contact with my ass – I had feelings that I never experienced before. She told me while she was away she was reading some erotica and got this idea to make me cum without touching my throbbing cock. I never had such a strong orgasm and she made sure my cock was aimed at my face so she could see me shoot towards my own mouth.
    I am a very blessed, lucky man.

  3. texasman76 says:

    Wow, what a hot story! Boy, this has me so horny now. I may have to read it again thinking about my wife doing this and shooting in my mouth too. The marriage bed is so blessed. So many wonderful enjoyments. Thanks for sharing such an incredibly arousing story!

  4. snagd says:

    Well your wife has just did what a woman wants to do when she’s away for a while. Normally they fantasize about this and knowing her husband is game for it, she than unleashes her wild ectacy. I particularly liked when she makes you release your load without being touched. My wife does a similar thing to me and she says it makes a woman feel dominant . Trust me give her more leeway and you’ll find the animal unleased in her. You sex will be superb !

  5. Tulsa says:

    I have to mention this…..
    My wife did a striptease one night, after I got home from a long trip. What a rush! After she was out of clothes, she told if I wanted to see more, I had to get naked too!
    No problem!
    She then proceeded to dance and gyrate, and rub her nipples & tits and slip her fingers in her pussy. Then she started licking and sucking her fingers. I was dripping! Then my cock was drooling!
    She finally leaned over me on the sofa, and gave me a kiss. Her kiss, tasted like her pussy! BLAM! I unloaded 3 weeks of saved up cum all over, from my belly to my face, and on her tits hanging down over me. She gave me a kiss, and then dragged her nipple through the goo and stuck it in my mouth. Then she did the same with her other nipple, and do the same. She only stopped for an occasional kiss. She kept going, until all that cum was pretty much gone.
    No matter….I was hard again….or still actually, and we got more busy!
    It was quite a night! Thanks for reminding me about that!!

  6. Eroticcouple says:

    Tulsa, thanks so much for sharing your cum play story, very erotic and it is great to know other couples out there enjoy the same things my wife and I do.
    My wife got me started with enjoying my own cum off her body or from her dripping pussy. I have always loved pleasuring my wife with oral. I truly love the taste of her nectar that releases from her pussy when I lick her to orgasm but there was this one time that I was licking and sucking her pussy to a strong orgasm and when her juices flowed and covered my smiling face, she grabbed my face and gave me the most passionate kiss while she licked and moaned as she tasted herself on my face and mouth. This was so exciting and erotic to me that after that night I promised myself to Lick my cum from her body or her loved pussy to see how she would react. The first time was, when she gave me a wonderful, loving hand-job and asked me to cum all over her sexy tits which made me explode and cover each one in my love juice. As she began to massage my cum into her tits , I moved her hands and began sucking and licking her tits clean of my cum. Well she went crazy with lust telling me how hot and erotic it is to watch me clean her up from my cum shot. She grabbed my face again and we shared my taste with a very erotic kiss. But nothing is better and drives my wife crazy then when I clean her pussy from our combined juices after two strong orgasms. This always gets her to another level of orgasm and for me I just love the combined taste of our love juices – nothing is more intimate.

  7. Tulsa says:

    Sounds much like us EC!
    The first time I got a taste of myself, was after cumming way to quick. I couldn't leave her O-less, so I went down on her. I figured I'd be working on her clit anyway, so no big deal right?
    Didn't work like that….she went crazy! Never saw her orgasm like that! She was grinding my face and had a hold of my head and was in ecstasy!
    After repeating the deed a few more times for several days after, I started asking where those orgasms came from. She told me she had had the fantasy of me doing just that….for years.
    So…after that, I started trying other things, like, cumming on her tits and licking them clean, among others! Also a pleaser for her!

    Love your stories! I think more couples do this sort of stuff, but are afraid to admit it or talk about it!
    Glad you don't mind! Thanks!

  8. Chesed says:

    Anal stimulation can be VERY arousing, but it often quite a mess. OK for the shower, but how do you do it in the bedroom or elsewhere? My wife won't go near it: fear of ecoli, etc. Any suggestions?

  9. Eroticcouple says:

    Chesed, there are plenty of ways to be clean before being intimate. My wife and I take great care in making sure those areas are clean before a full night of love making. If I or my wife were not confident we were clean we would never allow anal play. It has added a great mix to our loving so there is never a worry.

  10. Ben G. says:

    Erotic Couple, great story! It drives me wild when my Gina tounges my asshole. She doesn't do it often, but when she does I expload. I also love for her to finger and tickle my asshole. We purchased what is basically a vibrating butt plug and she has used it on me, talk about a out of this world sensation!!! I generally don't last long. Anyway, thanks for posting. God bless.

  11. Conner M says:

    Great story! My read it out loud to my wife while she was grilling some cheese sandwiches. By the time I finished, she sat the sandwiches on the table and then straddled my lap and said "I want to do that to you tonight so make sure you're squeaky clean down there!" Anal kissing/licking is something we added to the menu years ago. Cleanliness is a must and even one of those bottled enemas beforehand is probably the best idea. But the sensation of my wifer going down on my balls and ass is amazing. She also enjoys having my tongue buried deep in her ass. The deeper the better. She often puts her hands around my head and pulls me right in there. Usually giving me some verbal encouragement along the way. Great, hot, sexy, erotic story!!! Thanks for posting.

  12. PatientPassion says:

    I must admit I have a thing for anal play myself. Besides being so highly erotic, it seems to show an extra layer of trust between the spouses. I hope my future wife is willing, and will even enjoy giving (and receiving!) this kind of treatment.

    I'd love to see more stories involving anal play, and I plan to write a few myself in the upcoming months!

  13. Eroticcouple says:

    I was hesitant to share this very intimate story of this special night my wife and I had shared together but seeing all the positive remarks makes me very happy that I did go through with it.
    This is such a great community of sharing such sexy, erotic stories between a husband and wife. I now know that there are plenty of couples like us that enjoy every aspect of loving – especially cum play.
    I have a new story coming out Nov. 4th and will soon begin writing a story about my wife and I on a beach over 26 years ago – we are married for 28 years but this special night on the beach so long ago – I will never forget. Stay tuned…

  14. PacMan says:

    Wow! Sexy! I give a lot of anal play, but she vary rarely touches me there (1x a year?). So imagining my wife in this role has made me hard with anticipation. I think the sexiest part was the enthusiasm your wife had. Same for you Conner!

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