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Sexy Wife – I am 42, married at age 19, one grown child.  Our sex life never was very exciting but I thought it was ok. I never was one for oral sex certainly not on me.  My husband though was a different story.  He always seemed frustrated and sex for him became routine.  Kiss a while, rub a while, make out like you were excited and get on and get through and get off, roll over and go to sleep.

Finally one day it all went down in flames; he was so frustrated.  Then he finally said what has been on his mind for years. “Sex with you has never been much better than sex with a warm watermelon“.  That did it. I was mad, humiliated and dumbfounded. I thought this marriage is over if that is what he thinks of the way I like sex.  I soon realized though that it was a wake up call and long over due.   Now I needed a plan.  It seemed like he had fantasies of having a trashy hot wife that could really turn him on.  I thought to myself I will become a trashy wife (sexy wife).

Sexy Wife in the MakingSexy Wife

Sexy wife 101 -Next day after he went to work I visited internet sites about sex, and a lot of forums that dealt with what men really wanted.  Actually, I was turned on by many of them. Finally I came up with a partial plan for the beginning and play the rest of it by ear.  A “trashy” woman he wanted then a trashy woman he would get.  Not all at once though.  First I needed to get a new hair do, a peroxide job.  What would he think of it?  Doesn’t matter, he will get use to it. I called a hair dresser friend who would be perfect for the job.  I told her what my plan was and she said, “Good for you; I know exactly what you need. Come in the morning about ten.”  We had a good time talking and planning. In the middle of the afternoon I took a picture on my cell phone and sent it to him along with a message,“ Honey, how do you like my new hair do? I am excited about it and hope you are too. Please take me out for dinner and I will make it up to you later.“ He accepted the invitation. I picked out my best “sexy wife” outfit and left the top button on by shirt unbuttoned leaving a hint of breast showing. When he came in from work I gave him a big wet kiss. I could feel a bulge in his pants.

At the restaurant we had a few glasses of wine and relaxed before our meal.   I also made a comment to him how sexy the guy at the bar looked.  This was a big surprise to him.  I could tell he was really turned on. The meal was great and we had a good conversation. I actually rested my hand on his crotch while we talked.  By now he was really erect.  I leaned over to him and whispered in his ear, ”I want to fuck you.” He got so nervous he turned his water glass over. The meal went quickly. He almost got a traffic ticket going home. He jumped in the shower and came out naked and jumped straight in the bed. I took my time freshening up.  Finally, when I came to bed I was dressed in a thong and a short sleeper top. We started kissing heavily and I reached down and stroked his fully erect and dripping dick. I eased down his belly and took his 8 inch dick in my mouth.  I had the routine down perfect. The poor guy was so excited it only took a few strokes before the cum was all over my face.

That was only the first time; it got better for him and for me. I was just as turned on as he was. Then I apologized for all the years we missed having the greatest sex ever. I also realized there is no such thing as a trashy wife.


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By Michael Camp

Note: Becoming a sexy wife can be difficult for some wives. Sometimes there are deep seated hurts or bitternesses from childhood or adulthood that must be dealt with. If your marriage is filled with conflict many of these stories will only make you frustrated. Get help: Check out:  Becoming a sexy wife is a journey that is different for each person. If a husband is reading this, make sure that you are the romance husband that your wife deserves. It is frustrating for you wife to seek to be that sexy wife for you and you do not meet her emotional needs.

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5 replies
  1. lissygirl says:

    I agree….. there is NO such thing as a trashy wife. My husband is approached often by women at his work who are very willing to meet his sexual needs. They would have no qualms with being trashy and fulfilling his fantasies. When we go out on dates or I’m getting primped for a night of loving, I wear leather skirts, sexy undies (or no undies at all), stilettos, no bra, lacy see-through tops, dress-up costumes, etc…… I AM his fantasy……. I WILL meet his sexual needs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had a very legalistic background. I am overcoming my upbringing that sex is “dirty”. Did you have that struggle?

  2. Anonymous says:

    My husband needs to stop flirting with a few of the women at work and give me some attention before I am going to “heat it up” for him. Don’t get me wrong. He is a great man, who loves and provides for me, but he has to change first. I would not want him to read this story.

    • sburkhardt says:

      Wow too bad, you don’t get it. You just said he is a great man who Loves and provides for you,but he stills has to change first. If you acted like loving sexy wife, I promise you he would be all over you. And not these coworkers. Husbands don’t need their wives to hold back until they change, if the wife changes he certainly will. Something to pray about!!!

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    The anonymous lady is missing a very important point. Women usually have full control over their men if they understand the basics of the male psyche.

    1 Men get hungry. Feed them.
    2 Men want to know they’re needed. Praise him.
    3 Men get horny. Sex them up.

    I wonder if she’s ever heard the phrase, “If I’m not horny, make me a sandwich”? Men are that simple to make happy. Do the obvious and they’re yours for life.

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