Unplanned Pleasure

Sometimes spontaneity is sacrificed by busy schedules, so it had become with our lovemaking.  We resorted to scheduling our “marriage encounters’.  When unplanned “events” do happen, the bedroom heat   can really turn up.  This story is about one of those times.

As I lay next to my beautiful sleeping wife, watching her breasts as she gently breathed, I felt the bulge in my shorts begin to grow.  She turned on her side and I began to massage her shoulders, thighs and feet.  She sleepy voiced her approval as slid my hands into her panties and massaged her butt.  I parted the edge of her panties around her crotch and began in lick her moistening vagina.

She pulled off her panties and I hungrily licked her honey.  She climaxed and told me to lie on my back.  Sometimes she enjoyed receiving my climax as she gave me oral pleasure, but this time she mounted me with her back to me.  She carefully lowered her vagina over my engorged shaft.  As she pushed down it felt like her vagina was sucking me in.  I moaned with pleasure as she rode me.  I climaxed for a long time until my love cream started gushing out of her.

For some reason when she is on top I maintain an erection for a long time after I climax.  I laid her on her back and entered her again and as I sucked her breasts and pumped, she climaxed a second time.

As a postscript, nine months after this steamy night my wife gave birth to a 9 pound baby boy.

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