Masturbation Journey – For those of you who haven’t read any of my stories,  my name is Gina. I am a 48-year-old mother of three and married 29 years to my loving husband Ben.

Ben and I are both Christians. We love and trust in God who gave us this love we have together. He blessed our love with 3 beautiful children: 2 beautiful daughters and a handsome son.

Ben is employed by an offshore drilling company. I am a former hairstylist, now a stay at home wife and mother.

Ben and I have a very active and passionate love life. We have sex at least once a week, sometimes more depending on what life throws our way. Regardless we make time to be intimate with each other. We may not have a full blown fuck every time, but we have sex in one form or another. It may be a hot little quickie, oral sex, or mutual and solo masturbation.

A reader commented after reading my story “Morning Bliss” telling me that he/she had 3 daughters, one of which was soon to be married. He/She asked if I would write about my journey to married masturbation.

So sir/ma’am whoever you are, if you are reading this. It is dedicated to you!

I have liked touching myself for as long as I can remember, though I didn’t actually have an orgasm till I was around 13 ( that I can remember!).

My masturbation journey began when I was taking a bath. I was sitting in the tub, my hand between my legs touching that special spot that felt so nice. Normally I would do it for just a minute, then stop. I do not know why!

Anyway, on this particular night I diddled my pussy a little longer than usual, then it happened. I felt this warm wonderful feeling come over me. My body tingled, then an intense feeling hit, almost like my entire body sneezed. It took my breath away, and my muscles contracted and I began to shake all over. A sharp yelp escaped my lips. It only lasted for a minute or two but it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt. I remember my mother came to check on me after hearing my little yelp. I told her that I had gotten a cramp in my foot. ( What else was I going to say?)

From that moment on I looked forward to bath time. I would play with my young pussy until I experienced that wonderful feeling again. I soon started masturbating in bed as well, before going to sleep and again in the morning. I would wake up a little earlier than usual so I could sneak in a good cum.

I was jilling off every chance I got. I soon learned I could make that feeling happen over and over again. I was having a very heated affair with my hand and fingers. I never felt guilty about masturbating, because to be honest, I didn’t know I was supposed to. After all, how could something that felt so good be wrong? Plus it was my body.

It wasn’t long that I became interested in boys and sex. I began reading books about sex, erotic novels, and yes, I must admit, some porn ( nobody’s perfect).

I began having fantasies about having sex with boys and masturbated to those fantasies. I was shy when it came to boys. I could barely talk to one, how the hell was I gonna have sex with one! Then I met Ben.

He was the cutest boy I had ever seen. My heart beat wildly and my palms got all sweaty when I was around him. I was 14, he was 16. He was so sweet and so easy to talk to. We hit it off immediately. I remember feeling like I would pass out when he asked for my phone number. He actually liked me! I don’t think I need to say who starred in my naughty thoughts.

After a while and with my parents permission, Ben and I started dating. We would hold hands everywhere we went. I was in heaven! Then he kissed me and my knees felt like wet noodles.

Three days after my seventeenth birthday and one week before Ben was to start working off shore, Ben proposed to me. I was squalling like a baby when I, of course, said yes.

When we told my parents, I was relieved when neither objected. It helped when I told them I was gonna finish high school first. Ben and I also both agreed not to have sex till we were man and wife. So I was a true virgin ( rare these days!).

Ben and I were married in an outdoor ceremony, attended by a small gathering of family and friends. I didn’t want a large wedding. I didn’t care if three people showed up as long as I became Ben’s wife.

We had only 2 days for our honeymoon before Ben had to go back to work. We decided instead of spending a lot of money on an expensive trip, we would just rent a room at a local hotel.

Later that night Ben and I consummated our love as man and wife. When I first looked upon Ben’s cock, I must admit I got scared. I’m not into the size thing but it looked huge to me at the time. It was swollen and sticking out at me. I nervously touched it with my hand causing it to twitch.

Ben laid me on the bed and pushed my thighs apart with his hands. I was dripping wet. He guided his dick to my virgin hole and slowly, gently entered me. I felt a little discomfort at first, but it quickly gave way to pleasure as he began slowly thrusting. I orgasmed rather quickly, clawing his arms as I spasmed. I had three orgasms before he filled me with his cum, sealing the deal on our union.

After that, I couldn’t get enough of his dick. We made love, again and again, those two days. I sucked cock for the first time, he went down on me, and we made love in several different positions.

We were married around 8 to 10 months and had bought a new three bedroom, two bath trailer house. Actually, it was used but it was new to us.

It took me a while to get used to being an offshore workers wife. He worked 14 days straight, then he was off 14 days. Those 14 days without him were tough.  I masturbated quite a bit during those days, then screwed a lot the days he was home. I was a horny wife then and a horny wife now!

One night I awakened to find Ben wasn’t in bed and he wasn’t in the master bathroom. We had made love the night before so I was still naked. I walked down the hall to the living room.

The door leading to the living room was pulled partially shut. I gently opened the door and peeked in. My eyes widened and I gasped at what I saw. Ben was sitting on the sofa, his hard dick in one hand his balls in the other. He was jacking-off!

He didn’t see me as his head was tilted back on the back of the sofa and his eyes were closed. He was obviously enjoying himself. I didn’t make a sound. I just stood mesmerized as I watched him beat his meat. It was the first time I’d ever seen a guy masturbate.

I must admit I was a bit jealous at first. I mean we had a good fuck the night before. Why did he need to masturbate? My jealousy soon turned into pure horniness. Before long I was touching myself as I stood in the doorway and watched him.

He stroked his cock in a steady rhythm as he fondled his nuts. I was frigging my clit good as I watched. Suddenly he lifted his head and saw me standing there. He smiled at me and continued jacking himself off as he watched me finger myself while standing in the doorway.

” Oh, fuck yeah! Play with your pussy, baby!” he groaned as he increased the speed of his stroking. My eyes were glued on his hand as he stroked himself. I could feel my orgasm building as I masturbated with Ben.

” OH, FUCK, BABY! I’M GOING TO CUM!” He said as creamy ropes of his cum shot from his dick, landing on his hand and stomach. A couple drop even landed on his chest.

That was it for me as I began to cum. It was a powerful orgasm, my legs barely held me up.

He cleaned himself with a damp rag he had on the lamp table next to him, then walked over to me and kissed me passionately.

We then went to bed and held each other as we fell asleep. We awakened a couple of hours later and we enjoyed a wonderful fuck.

From that moment on masturbation became a mainstay in our sex life. We share our masturbation journey with each other. It is such a turn on to share something so personal and so erotic.

Ben, I love you, baby! Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me. Thank you for allowing me to write these intimate stories about our lovemaking!

God Bless! I hope you all enjoy my story!… Always, Gina


By: Jorge Mejía peralta


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16 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Awesome story, Gina! Thanks for sharing! I love how honest you are about how you really love sex with your man, I am the same way. Can’t get enough of him. Recently when I wasn’t able to have sex cause I’d had a c-section I would get jealous of him masturbating and we’d masturbate together or I’d suck him off. It’s a fun part of being married. God bless! – Blondie

  2. teachme says:

    I have started masturbating now and it is fun to heat up for hubby. We are enjoying sex big time. Your stories has helped me get over some of my hang ups. My husband and me love that I am leaving the status quo. I love how you and blondie have such enthusiasm for being hot wives. I want to become that too. I am glad I do not have to look at porn to be inspired.

    • Gina G. says:

      Thank you so much for your comment teachme! I am so glad my stories have helped you get over your hang ups.

      I hope that you continue to enjoy masturbating for many years. Do you and your husband ever masturbate together? If not, give it a try! It is truly an erotic experience.

      Thanks again, God Bless! And stay horny!

  3. Positive says:

    We read this story and started talking about masturbating. We both admitted to liking it when we were single. My husband is going on a trip and we are going to masturbate to phone sex tomorrow night…Do most Christian married couple enjoy masturbation in their marriage relationship?

  4. PassionateForChrist says:

    Dear GG, so I’ve just read this post of yours for the 1st time. Besides the quote that stuck out to Mrs. Tammy (Amazing quote indeed! I love this part most where you say:”I never felt guilty about masturbating, because to be honest I didn’t know I was supposed to.” That goes deep and is something to meditate on.)… Besides this, what grabbed my attention was how you’ve described the first orgasm you’ve had. What is so amazing to me about this is that, though you were still so young in age when you had it, your experience of it captured the real essence of it. That is amazing to me! As I’ve read your account of it, I couldn’t help but remember the moment I quivered and shook uncontrollably for the very first time… and my experience of it was so different from yours… I was about 18 or 19 (everything happens quite a bit later in my life – growing up in blissful ignorance about sexuality, the teenage years practically passed me by – no worries though, I’m having much more fun anyway discovering all of it now! 😉 )… so, I was in the tub, and I remembered a scene from a worldly, young adult movie that I stumbled over while flipping through the channels one day… in that scene the girl went into the bathroom to have a bath and shortly after that there came out of the bathroom the unmistakable sounds, that are associated with sexuality (the camera didn’t show anything but the closed bathroom door – so all there was to the scene was the girl being alone in the bathroom and the charged sounds – the equation I drew from it was: girl alone + bathtub + doing something = charged sounds)… The movie didn’t explain what she did in there alone, so I didn’t have any idea what that “something” was… so that one day I was sitting in the tub, with that scene on my mind, pondering what in the world she was doing in the tub to make the water splash over and to make those sounds come up. Those, who have followed already quite a bit of what I’ve shared from my personal journey in respect to sexuality, know that I didn’t touch myself – I grew up with the strong sense hovering over me that this was a No No. Up until last year, I didn’t even know what I really had “down there”… During my studies with God on my personal journey of restoration towards sexual wholeness in Him, I literally fell almost off the chair that I was sitting on when I’ve read for the first time in one of the Christian books I worked through that the wife is supposed to assist the husband when becoming one because she knows better than he does where it goes… and I virtually fell off the chair, thinking in silent panic ‘I am supposed to know where what goes???? I don’t even know where it is.’… Looking back, it is quite hilarious to me how blank I managed to remain throughout most of my life. So, anyways, back to me sitting in the tub… Touching was no option for me. I took the removable shower head and turned on the stream to full throttle and warm, as I usually do when I wash my hair. Then I directed the stream down there. I didn’t really know what I was doing (I had no concept of masturbation) but I kept going. I felt something stirring up from the inside, and it went really fast. I kept the stream up-close until all of a sudden to my utter surprise… or rather to my utter shock… my whole body quivered like crazy and shook uncontrollably. Honest to heart, right in that moment, the thought I had was: “Oh my God (not as an excited, pleasured exclamation but as a fearful, insecure one), I hope I haven’t crippled myself by that now!” All I knew up to that point was “uncontrollable shaking” means “something is wrong”. So, that was my initial reaction and it was followed by an immediate trip of self-imposed guilt and shame and self-condemnation.

    I find it to be so interesting to see the completely different experiences we had of practically the same event (first orgasm). Though you were as innocent as I was when you had your first orgasm (that is, you also didn’t know ahead of time that you were working yourself towards orgasm… you just followed the good feelings), there is one big difference between our experiences – in contrast to me, you were able to experience orgasm in its pure, positive, beautiful essence. And that brings me back to my favorite quote from your post:”I never felt guilty about masturbating, because to be honest I didn’t know I was supposed to.” I grew up in an atmosphere where sexuality in general was looked upon negatively and with shame and I had internalized it, which caused me to assess my experience immediately through that negative lens. You were free to assess it in an unbiased way and that is absolutely beautiful and amazing to me! And what I find all the more beautiful is that, although you got interested in boys, sex and sexuality early (compared to me; compared to most people probably at just the normal age), you waited to find the right one to share an intimate bond with and you waited until you were married… and that, my dear GG, is so beautiful, so special, so amazing! Don’t know what it is that your parents did exactly but whatever they did in matters of sexual education and in matters of being a positive example towards their kids in terms of marital intimacy, they did an obviously awesome job. You are like a living testimony.

  5. Tanya says:

    I just LUV IT! When my hubby masturbates with / for me! It's just so damn sexy & so very,very erotic to watch one another! I just LUV watching how he teases his beautiful waxed silky smooth manhood for me. My waxed smooth pretty little kitty begins purring & she's just begging for me to pet her! We both are a just a couple of smoothies! We both like the look & feel of being smooth on each other. I'll start out with licking his beautiful,smooth shaft up & down the full length & teasing his balls with my tongue as well for a few minutes, then I'll very slowly reach over & grab his hand & place it on his beautiful throbbing manhood then I let him know I want to watch him stroke that long beautiful cock of his by whispering softly in his ear I want to watch. Then he begins for me! He begins very, very slowly by gently running his fingers along his beautiful erect shaft starting with his silky smooth balls, and up the entire length his gorgeous cock & while he's doing this I can see his manhood just throbbing more & more with each gentle teasing caress along the underside of his hard cock. Then his cock will begin jump off his groin on it's own to meet his hand & by this time my eyes are just fixated on that beautiful long cock of his & I am just entranced & hypnotized with pure amazement by this beautiful, erotic movement of his erection. By this time now my fingers are giving my pretty little bald kitty a good working over as I am becoming very wet with anticipation. I can begin to see now his clear pre -cum is beginning to slowly ooze out of the tip of his cock so, I take my finger & gently begin to make a circular motion on the head of his cock & he starts to grip himself tighter & he continues very slowly to stroke it to squeeze out the sweet love nectar of his, that I yearn so badly for & just longing to taste. After repeating this a several times all the while of course I'm still playing my silky smooth kitty, then he reaches over to grab my working hand & brings it close to his mouth, then he will very gently lick and suck on my fingers to taste my sweet love cream that he loves so much as well! This literally makes me cum again even more & nearly gives me an orgasm just from this alone! But I have to wait until we can both get off together ,after several minutes of slowly savoring each other we both begin again to get ourselves off & he starts picking up the pace of stroking that long beautiful shaft of his for me & by now I am frantically giving my kitty a good rubbing, faster & harder we both are going at it now & we both are echoing out soft moans of pleasure as were both watching one other. Then he's tells me he's about to cum and then just shortly later he erupts with all that beautiful hot pearly white cream onto my body. It feels so warm & good when he doe's this just for me & when I see it erupting out like a volcano it takes me right over the edge of shear pleasure with wave after wave of an awesome orgasms!
    I have to recommend to all the ladies out there, you definitely need to seduce your man into masturbating with / for you sometime at least once! I mean we all have masturbated at some point in our lives why not simply be honest with one another & try it together occasionally? I think most ladies will truly end up just LOVING IT!

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