Return Home

I get back on Monday morning, I get picked up from the airport by the driver and am on my way back to the house. You have dropped the kids off at school and are at home. The maid has been given the day off and you are all alone in the house. I send you a text that says “I’ve landed” and you text back “hurry home”. I have been thinking of holding you tightly again since I got on the plane 12 hours ago, and the anticipation is too much and my blood gets flowing knowing that I will see you within an hour. I respond with a few dirty texts about what I am going to do to you when I get home and you respond with some nastiness about ravaging my body. I begin to get an erection as I think about seeing you and try to hide it from the driver who is chatting away as I sit in the back seat.

You tell me that you are going to turn the a/c on low and have left the front door unlocked and will be waiting in the bathtub…my heart races at the thought.

Once at the apartment I drop my stuff off in the kitchen and begin undressing as I walk thru the house to the bedroom. The bedroom is dark but a few candles are lit and I can make out the outline of our bed. I hear the jets on in the tub and hear you moaning softly. Fully naked and semi-hard I open the door and see you laying under a soft cover of white bubbles and letting the jets massage you.

I reach over and touch your hair, and surprised as if caught, you straighten up in the tub and then with a relax grin, reach out grab my hand and pull me into the water.

Immediately we embrace and begin to kiss passionately as I ease into the warm water. My hands envelop your face as I pull your head close to me and your tongue enters my mouth. You roll from your side to your back and I ease on top of you as my chest meets your breasts in the water.

After a few minutes of eternity kissing, my cock is fully erect and I can’t get the thought of being inside of you out of my mind. I resist the temptation to though and instead slowly kiss your neck and down between your heaving breasts as my hands travel down your bubble lathered body. I can’t stop from going further down and reach my hands under your legs and past your smooth ass and up to your lower back. Your legs lift onto my back and I slowly pull your hips out of the water.

It doesn’t take me long for my tongue to travel to your clit and I notice that you have been waxed as there is only a tuft of soft hair there surrounded by smoothness. It turns me on knowing that you prepared yourself for me and I begin licking you passionately. I can feel your feet and legs wrap tighter around me as you moan. I can feel your energy as my tongue tastes your hot pussy.

I then slowly lift your hips even further out of the water and your entire semi-bald pussy is touching my lips and you can feel my breath on you. You are writhing in ecstasy as I softly kiss the lips between your legs. Then, ever so slowly I pull you up and out of the water further and my tongue travels lower between your cheeks and as my nose presses between your legs my tongue finds the tight hole between your cheeks. It is so soft my mouth wants to stay on it forever. Your ass immediately tightens as my tongue licks circles around it. My nose continues to massage your pussy and as you relax, my tongue is able to feel just inside of you and you let of a sigh that let’s me know you like me where I am. I gently lick your ass and let my fingers feel every part of your smooth ass.

After a few minutes, you grab my hair again and pull my head up to your clit again. You then control my head pulling me by my hair and press my mouth against you as you grind yourself on my face. I leave my tongue out for you to pleasure yourself with and you continue to pull my hair as you thrust yourself on me.  Then, suddenly, you begin to chant “YES!” “YES!” “YES!” peppered in with screaming my name and I feel your legs tighten around my ears. You cum so strongly I can feel the wetness on my face even though I have you just out of the water. Your legs shudder as you cum with my face secured warmly between your legs.

Eventually you relax and then pull me up to your face where we kiss and then fall into each others exhausted arms. The jets continue to rumble, drowning out the sounds of ecstasy just previously made…

By: Nico Nelson

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