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First Time: Honeymoon Night

First Time -It was my first night. I was waiting for my dear to come to me. I was never been alone with a girl before and so was little tensed even if was thrusting with desires and dreams.

My wife came with a glass of milk. I took it from her and ask to close the door. I am not getting words to explain that wonderful walk, which arouse me, when she moved to close the door.

Then she came back and I make her sit near me. I looked to that eyes nose lips and neck. Wow !!!!  It makes me arouse again. Then we talk about different thing and by the way she remind me about the milk. Then I told you are the real milk the tasty milk. Slowly I put one of my hands on her shoulder moved to the back neck and then kissed her deeply and she hugged me in return.

Then we separated, then my hands moved from back neck to her ears then cheek and chin, and then to lips and start eat it. aah wet little hot and tasty. My hands were caressing her sides while I was doing so. Also I feel her hands roaming on my back.

We both leave from our dress. Nicely shaped body with lovely boobs, little hairs button belly and her heaven!! It was really wonderful to see for the first time.

I started to play with her boobs – caress it; squeezed it and lick it, she told don’t stop and sucked it. Then I kiss all over her body. She started moaning aaaaah ssss hmmm when I reached her belly. Kissed her belly button. Dipped my tongue into it and tickle. Then I move down and started kissing from toe until I reached her vagina for the first time. I wanted to eat it but I didn’t. I was thinking that what she would feel so I gave a kiss to it.

All these timing, she was moaning and caressing me.

Slowly I separated her legs also lips and entered my manhood onto her for the first time. I found it a little difficult to enter and also she cried. Again I tried and move slowly in and out but only the head part. I gave a Little more force widening her legs again and she cried. I stop and start circling my manhood’s head in it.

Also I started to press her boobs again. I grabbed her nipple and pressed it hardly also squeezed. I continuing circling and in and out also I suddenly I can’t control and I press mine in deep hardly and mine gone fully inside her. And she produced a big sound also. Hope nobody hear it.

After that I moved Little without paining her more and she also found it ok (that’s what I understood ). And after some time I increased the speed and also I can hear her breath and moan. And after some time I was climaxed. I lie in there without removing my penis from vagina.

That was the first time we made love.

First Time

By: Sean McGrath



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  1. 76servant
    76servant says:

    Thank you for reminding me of our honeymoon! After 32 years I still go back to remember which draws me closer and closer ever intimate moment!
    Blessings to your marriage!

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