Birthday Escape

A few years back, I planned a memorable birthday outing for my wife to convey to her the appreciation I have for her dedication and love shown to our sons and me.

Two weeks prior to the evening I set up a babysitter to stay with our sons throughout the day and night. I went out and bought her a complete outfit for an elegant day of romance. I scheduled a day of pampering at the spa that included a full body massage, pedicure, manicure, facial, and hair styling. I purchased tickets to take her to see a play. I made reservations at a 5 star restaurant and finally at a luxurious hotel not far from the theatre. It was to be a magical day.

The morning of the surprise, I woke up before as usual to” go to work”. Instead, I work her up to a kiss and a dozen roses, then told her to get ready for a day of pampering. Once she was ready, I lead her out to the car and made her put on a blindfold so she wouldn’t know where we were going. Kind of risky in that I was afraid someone may think I was kidnapping her. Slowly we made our way to Ann Arbor to the spa. Once parked I removed her blindfold to reveal where we were and proceeded to take her in, sign her in and then tell her that I’d back in the early afternoon to pick her up once she was done.

Later that afternoon, I picked her up and took her home again.  Told her to go into our bedroom and open the wrapped gifts I had left for her on the bed. Those gifts contained her clothes for that evening. A long, sleek black evening gown from Victoria’s Secret. Nothing revealing, but something she definitely wouldn’t buy on her own because it wasn’t practical. (I could even hear her say those words as I purchased it.) They also contained a black, strapless, frilly bra. There were two different pairs of silk, thigh high hosiery, and two pairs of sexy, expensive black panties for her to choose from. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen when she walked out of that bedroom fully dressed n her new evening wear.

We were off to our first stop of the evening…dinner at the 5 star restaurants, The Whitney in downtown Detroit. After indulging in candlelit conversation over exquisite food we were off to our next surprise stop… the Masonic Temple Theatre to see the play Miss Siagon. (One of her favorite plays) After a great performance in which we held hands and leaned into each other like new lovers, we were off to her next and final surprise stop.

Instead of going home to pick up the kids, much to surprise we made a short drive to the Athenium Hotel in the Greektown part of Detroit. Our room was a suite that included a spacious hot tub and a king size bed. Almost immediately upon crossing the threshold into the room we embraced and began to kiss each other with a passion we hadn’t had in a long time. Gently, I unzipped her black dress and let it tumble to the floor. She stood before me dressed in nothing more than her silky thigh highs, strapless bra and lacey black panties. I was excited beyond compare; she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever laid my eyes on.

She proceeded to undo my tie and unbutton my tie as my hands glided over her warm body. Our eyes were locked on each other as she slid my shirt off and proceeded to unbuckle my belt and pants. I quickly slid them off. We stood for a moment just gazing at each other as we stood in front of each other semi-nude. I led her over to our bed and laid her down and then began to fill the hot tub with warm water.

In the overnight bag I had packed earlier, I pulled out one more gift box and handed it to her. She slowly opened it to find a silky red teddy for her to wear, and some warming massage oil. While she slipped into the bathroom to change, I pulled out some candles and lit them, turned off the lights and waited for her, impatiently.

Again, out stepped the most wonderful woman in the world to me as she appeared in the bathroom doorway clothed scantily in her sexy red teddy. She also wore a seductive wink and smile on her face as she crossed over to where I lay. There we began to kiss once more, our tongues dancing into each other’s mouths and our hands gliding along each other’s bodies. She gently removed m boxers, leaving my excitement quite literally exposed. I slowly returned the favor and shoulder strap by shoulder strap, gently slid her teddy down her body. First revealing her erect nipples to my wandering mouth as my hands proceeded to glide her silky teddy further down her body. My mouth following along each contour of revealed flesh. First her exposed navel, my tongue lightly tracing it as my hands guided her teddy further down to her thighs. My mouth trailing it and tasting her moisture as I stopped over her wet pussy.

Not lingering long there, I proceeded to kiss my way down her inner thighs as my hands reached their destination and freed her from the last piece of clothing. I gently kissed and rubbed her feet, pouring warm massage oil on them.

I had her lay face down, and poured the oil across her legs and thighs. Massaging it in deeply. I led my hands up further to her rear and massaged in some more oil. Gliding my fingers over her soft rear and slightly over her moist mound. She would ever so slightly left her rear end as my hands glided by, wanting me to slide them over her hardened clitoris. Positioning myself straddled across her body, I continued to work my way up her body, massaging her back and shoulders. Relieving any tension she may have had since her last massage a few hours previously.

I turned her over onto her back, gazing into her eyes as I softly brushed her face, gliding my fingers over her eyebrows and rubbing her temples. Our eyes locked into each other’s as my hands continued to trace her delicate facial features. I poured some more oil onto my hands and began to gingerly slide them over her shoulders, down between her ample breasts and then up her sides. My hands glided over her breasts cupping them and making them glisten from the reflected candlelight in the oil. Her nipples erect as my slippery fingers gently squeezed them and then flowing down her breasts to her navel.

I slicked my hands slightly more and proceeded to softly glide my hands over her navel area, brushing over her pubic hair ever so gently. My hands followed their way down to each of her thighs. Slowly massaging each as they brushed up against her now wet mound. Holding back strongly against my desires, I proceeded to knead each of her legs until I reached her feet.
There I stopped massaging her as she spread her legs for me, inviting me to bring her more excitement. I gradually made my way up, kissing every inch of her glistening inner thighs. Coming to a final kiss on her fragrant and wet pussy. Slowly my tongue slid between her decidedly moist lips and up to her erect clitoris. There I sucked gently on it, while my tongue darted over it. Her sweet juices engulfing my mouth as my tongue continued to dance over and around her hard clitoris. Her soft moans enticing me to quicken my pace. I guided a finger gently into her wet pussy as my mouth continued and quicken its massage n her clitoris. As I did so, she began to arch her back in anticipation of her climax and then suddenly let out a whimper as her body shook as the waves of her orgasm flowed through her body.

We lay there, bodies intertwined for a few minutes holding onto each other.

We then proceeded to the waiting hot tub, relaxing once again, enjoying each other’s conversation. After a good half hour to hour of relaxing in the hot tub, we began to enjoy each other’s bodies for what would become one more out of a few times we made love that night and the next morning.

Her smile and renewed passion following that night were worth more than anything I could ever expect. My wife deserved so much more for the love and patience she shows me and our sons each and every day!

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