Wanton Sex Story – A Sexually Unrestrained Marriage (L)

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Wanton – “a sexually unrestrained woman.” Yes, I unashamedly identify as a wanton wife.

It may have been the sound of the early morning rain cascading down onto the roof above.  Or maybe the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, or the comfort of the bed still warm from the passionate lovemaking my husband and I shared the night before… that lulled me into a wanton hunger for sex with my husband.

My fingers found their way down to my pussy. I was wet. I turned on my stomach and put another finger in my asshole. I imagined my husband ramming his dick into my ass.

As I was cumming, my husband walked out of the shower and saw his wanton wife.

“Cher, if your preacher-daddy knew what turned his daughter on, he would just blush.”

“I think my preacher-daddy is married to a horny preacher-mamma,” I told him. “Where do you think I got such a steamy imagination. My mamma always said that sex is a gift from God. God made wanton sex for marriage! My mamma said that their Zydeco church music got you in the mood for some loving on Sundays after church.”

My Wanton Sex Story

The day was extremely hot and muggy in southwestern Lousiana.  We were all set to go to our favorite picnic spot at the lake, but the grey skies overhead warned of an impending storm.  Still, my husband decided there was a chance that the skies would clear, and the day would turn out fine.  I had just finished my makeup and put on a new string bikini which I had purchased with him in mind—it had a special surprise.  I pulled one of his extra-large t-shirts over my head, and we headed out the door.

We drove through a few downpours on our way up to the lake, but we held out hope that things would improve. I was excited about my husband seeing me in this new bikini; when it is dry, the fabric is opaque, but when it’s wet, the fabric becomes sheer almost to the point of becoming transparent.  I figured after a dip in the lake, he would be very taken with what he saw and would probably want to “show his appreciation” when we got home that evening.

When we arrived at the lake, we were virtually alone.  It appeared that the threat of inclement weather had kept everyone away except those of us who were the most daring.  We drove around to the far side of the lake and found our favorite secluded spot.  We unpacked the car and set up a nice spread for ourselves on the picnic table.  He made a bean and sweet corn salad.

With everything taken care of, it was time to go down to the lake for a swim.  Because I knew he would really like this bikini, I didn’t just want to nonchalantly take off the t-shirt. It deserved a big reveal! So instead, I sat my husband down on the picnic table bench.  In very slow and deliberate motion, I reached down to the bottom of the t-shirt, and little by little, tantalizingly lifted it to uncover my body and my new swimwear.

“Very nice,” my husband told me, gazing fixedly on my body.  I reached down and cradled his face in the palms of my hands and planted a soft wet kiss on his lips.  I got excited thinking about what he would say about my new bikini once we got into the lake.  I imagined him wanting to swim off to some secluded alcove to fuck me.

Seeing that I had kindled the fires of passion, I decided to turn up the heat a bit more with him.  Pulling my husband up off the picnic bench, I unbuttoned and opened his shirt and let my hands glide up his smooth chest until my arms encircled his neck.  He clasped his arms around me and met me with wet open kisses.  Stepping out of our embrace, I knelt in front of him, unbuttoned his shorts, pulled down his fly, and stripped his shorts off.  He couldn’t believe what I was doing, but the tenting in his bathing suit told me that my little show had been very effective.

We went down to the lake together, walking hand-in-hand.  At the water’s edge, I turned around, and walking backward took my husband by the hands and led him into the lake enticing him with the surprise I had yet to show him.  When we were deep enough in, I turned, dove in, and swam out to a deeper spot in the lake.  I waited for him, keeping only my head and shoulders above the surface.  He swam out to meet me.

When he asked what it was I wanted to show him, I stood up slowly in front of him, letting him soak in my image.   The wet fabric of my bikini, now sheer and almost transparent, was clinging everywhere to my body.  The coolness of the lake waters had left my nipples erect and protruding against the bikini top.  The bikini bottom clung transparently to my buns, leaving nothing to the imagination.  Even the white flesh of my breasts and the circles around my nipples could be distinctly seen.

He rose out of the water, the bulge in his bathing suit proclaiming his arousal.  When I inquired this time as to whether he liked my new bikini, he responded, “oh yes,” and then I leaned against him.  He looked wantonly into my eyes before passionately joining his mouth to mine.

We kissed deep wet kisses exploring each other’s mouths.  His lips traveled to my neck and shoulders.  His arms pulled me in tighter.  His tongue licked the water from my flesh.  I could feel his erection growing against my belly.  After asking me if there was anyone around, he leaned slightly over and brought his mouth to my breast, sucking my nipple through the sheer wet fabric of my bikini top.  I wanted to close my eyes and surrender right then and there to the passion, but whispered instead, “Let’s go back to our table.”

We came out of the lake, our arms encircling each other’s waists, and headed back to our table.  On the way back to the table, I felt my husband’s eyes hotly looking at my nearly naked body and I felt his hands gliding effortlessly across my buns on top of the sheer wet fabric of my bikini bottom.

The gift from God -Back at our table, we cast aside caution and fell into each other’s arms.  I could feel him deliberately pressing his erection against me as he drew my body tightly against him.  His lips sucked gently on my neck.  His hands fondled my bottom.  His breathing became deep and staccato.  Rubbing my belly against his bulge, I pointed out that he now had something he needed to show me.

Taking my signal, he lowered his bathing suit in front of me.  His manhood was fully erect, the head engorged and purple, the skin taut around his shaft.  I knelt in front of him.

Holding his hard penis, I began licking him, down from his balls and tonguing him to the tip.  I left no part of his love muscle untouched by my wet affections.  A bead of his pre-cum trickled out.  He watched me intently making oral love to his manhood, I licked the sticky ooze from the tip of his penis, before pressing my lips to the opening of his cream canal and sucking his pre-cum out of him.

As I continued tongue bathing his cock, the rains that had held up all day began to fall in earnest all around us.  I didn’t know whether my husband wanted to seek shelter or continue until he said, let us just do it in the rain.  I loved the suggestion. I returned my attention to his erect tool.  I wrapped my lips around him, slowly devouring his manhood, taking more of him in each time as I moved up and down along his length until I fully consumed him.

His hardness swelled in my mouth as I continued sucking it.  My husband’s hips were bucking in rhythm with me.  His face was contorted by the pleasure he was experiencing.  His body was covered in rivulets of rainwater pouring down his flesh.  Even I no longer cared about the rain that was leaving us both sopping wet.  My only thought was to bring my love to an overwhelming climax.

The rains came down heavier.  He was now thrusting his hips at me with an urgency implying his orgasm was not too far off.   Wanting to light the fuse for his explosion, I ran my hands between his legs and inserted a finger into his butt. That ensured there was no holding back on his part anymore.

Crying out in ecstasy, he thrust his penis hard between my lips and came.  Hot jets of his thick semen splashed against the back of my throat as he shot his milky cream.  His penis pulsated in spastic rhythms with each throb bringing forth more of his velvety juice.  I hungrily savored each creamy surge letting his nectar run down my throat until his orgasm subsided, and his body went limp with exquisite exhaustion.

My husband leaned over, pressing his mouth against mine, telling me how much he loved me, that is was my turn now, and that he wanted to pleasure me too!   And so he lifted me and led me over to the picnic table where he had me sit down on the edge and lay back with my legs open in front of him.  His hands untied the side strings of my bikini bottom, which he peeled away to reveal my clean-shaven pussy.  I untied my bikini top and exposed my breasts to him.  His hands were quickly upon the soft mounds, kneading my flesh, and squeezing my nipples.  His lips were on my belly, his tongue tracing its way down to my pussy.

His fingers opened the lips of my slit.  I reached down and spread my pussy lips wide open for him, anticipating his approach and his oral affections.  His tongue was at my entrance… I looked down to see my husband’s face perched between my thighs, his tongue lightly lapping across the lips of my pussy. I felt an orgasm rain down on me as the warm rain was getting heavier.  My legs came together and squeezed his face.

But he just kept driving his tongue into my pussy. He was lapping up and drinking in my cum juices.  In and out, he darted his tongue. One orgasm thundered in another one.

He replaced his tongue with his fingers, thrusting them in and out of me while he French kissed my clitoris.  I was so wet that I could feel the moisture running out of me on my husband’s face. I know I could not stop this storm of pleasure until my man had his fill. My husband was just totally absorbed in eating me out.  My moans increased.  My husband loves that sort of thing.

I could no longer contain myself.  Raising my hips off the picnic table, I pushed my husband’s face into my pussy – wanting him to lick me harder.  Sensing my urgency, my husband slipped one of his rain-soaked fingers in my butt hole. He continued to flick his tongue rapidly across my swollen clitoris. At the same time, his fingers drove deeper into my pussy and his finger deeper in my butt hole.

I don’t know if I could have imagined the passion and pleasure that overcame me at that moment.  One surge of orgasm after another ran from my loins and enraptured my body.   I reached down and pulled my husband’s head in tighter to me, grinding my pussy into his face.  He intensified the tonguing he was giving me—the dam burst.  I climaxed in one final orgasmic surge drenching his face in my juices until my orgasm faded. That has never happened to me before! My husband was not turned off!

My husband came upon me kissing my mound, my belly, and the valley between my breasts until our bodies aligned, and his again rock hard wet member was at the entrance to my wet pleasured pussy. I must be a marriage sex nymph, but I wanted him to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

With one very slow stroke, he sank the full length of his member into my wetness, so I could feel his heat as his throbbing flesh filled my pussy.  His manhood felt so good inside of me.

Slowly he began moving and pumping in and out of me.  I spread my legs and raised them to deepen his penetration.  In and out, up and down, my husband buried his manhood into me.  When he was fully inside of me, I tightened my muscles around him, which made him moan with pleasure and made me want him even more.

As his passion increased, so did the fever pitch of his thrusting.  I could hear the sounds of our bodies slapping together as my husband began to lose himself in the crescendo building towards his orgasm.  When he could hold back no longer, my husband drove himself deeply into me and began screaming inside of me, loading my pussy with his liquid love.  I felt the sensation of his hot semen splashing inside my vagina.

Drained by his orgasm, my husband gently brought his lips to my lips. I could smell my own pussy on his breath. The rain had stopped. In the distance, we heard thunder. It was time to quickly pack up and get out of there before the next storm struck.

We arrived home. We didn’t make love again that day; we just kind of napped and woke up and talked and laughed, and most importantly, reconnected.

Sex is a wonderful gift from God meant to be unwrapped and selflessly shared by those bound by love in marriage.   Sex is the beautiful expression of love between a husband and wife – everything else is imitation.

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  1. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    Mmm 🔥 🔥 🔥. Now that is what I'm talking about. That is a huge blessing for your husband and for your marriage. To be so uninhibited by purchasing the bathingsuit for him and revealing yourself to him in such a hot way. I am praying that my wife will become more open minded on the way that we get to enjoy each other sexually and bless the marriage bed, where ever that bed is at the time. By a lake on a table while it's raining would certainly work. Oh and definitely keep writing these hot stories. I love me some anal play…

  2. Southernheat says:

    Love this story so sexy! So hot! I could day dream and find myself in this story! So sexy doing it in the rain! Keep writing and sharing your sexy adventures with us!

  3. solomonssonnet says:

    In my individual bible studies, one of the key words I tried to get a better understanding for was wanton, and how it differed from the others. You painted a vivid picture! Appreciated the details of how she deliberately picked an outfit they both could enjoy intimately. Beautiful moment, excellent description and, as a single, it gives hope that sexuality in marriage can be beautifully intimate and sweet baby ray smokin! Thank you for sharing.

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