The Perfect Birthday

Birthday Sex – Lisa’s birthday party had gone off without a hitch. To her husband, seeing the beautiful smile on her face for the entire day made all the hard work worthwhile. Late in the afternoon he and Stan towed the grill down to the pond and cooked them all supper—Well Stan did most of the cooking since his efforts in that deportment typically didn’t go over too well.

Lisa’s married girlfriends’ husbands showed up as well, and a great time was had by all. Following dinner, the women soundly whipped the men at several games of volleyball. Part of it was because some of them had played competitively in school, but most of it was probably due to the men’s inability to concentrate. Playing volleyball in their swimsuits was unfair competition!

By: alexisnyal


Dusk eventually came, settling like a blanket over the surrounding countryside. One by one Lisa’s friends said their goodbyes and departed. Eventually it was only the two couples left, as they wandered about the pond trying to pick up all the pieces.

“What’s so funny?” Lisa asked, hearing her husband chuckle as he picked up her things.

“Page two?” he laughed. “That’s all the further you could burrow into your book? I thought you had lots of books you wanted to read!”

“Yeah – well, I still have lots of books I want to read. I didn’t know you were going to invite all my girlfriends over. Why read when you can talk?”

“Why talk when you can read?” he returned.

“Don’t take any guff from him, Lisa,” Marie laughed. “Men have no clue about the biological necessity for a woman to talk. If only they tried it sometime, they might not be taken for the Neanderthals we think they—”

She suddenly let out a shriek as Stanley picked her up and marched straight into the pond. “Put me down!” she scolded.

Stan let out a series of guttural grunts and nonsensical sounds, undoubtedly trying his best to mimic a Neanderthal, and let go. It wasn’t going to be that easy, and they soon had Lisa and her husband practically rolling on the ground with laughter at their antics.

“C’mon, Hon,” he chuckled quietly. “Someone’s got to do the work in picking up the place, even if they want to go swimming instead.” A soft hand found his, her fingers intertwining with his.

“Thank you Sweetheart,” she said. He looked down at her, seeing the twinkle in her blue eyes even in the fading light, and the radiant smile that had caused him to fall in love with her the first time he’d met her. She rarely ever asked for anything. It thrilled his heart to have helped her have a special day with her friends. In the background they both heard the resounding splash as their best friends ended up soaking wet. Maybe at heart a person never truly grew up, Neanderthal or not. They shared a smile and a shrug as they heard the quick moving feet of Stanley streaking from the pond to evade a soaking wet Marie.

When the work was done, they politely declined Stan and Marie’s invitation to stay over for the night, and headed home. When their car finally stopped in their driveway she gently squeezed his leg and said, “That was a perfect day! Or almost…”


She looked into his eyes with a tender smile, softly brushing her fingers through the hair that fell onto his forehead. “Almost,” she repeated. “But by the time I get done with you, it will be perf—”

Stopping her words with a kiss, he loved the softness of her lips on his. He lifted a trembling hand to her cheek, gently tracing his fingers over her features, and playing with her long, flowing hair. If there was a more fortunate man on the earth than he was, he didn’t figure he’d meet him in a hundred lifetimes!

“Let’s go in,” he whispered, his breath warm on her cheeks.

Holding hands and behaving as giddy as school children, they escaped into their home and locked the door. Despite there not being enough room in their small shower for two people to effectively bathe, they did it anyway. He’d once nearly broke his leg pulling such a stunt, but it was worth a repeat.

“Honey!” she scolded. “You almost hurt yourself really bad the last time we did this!”

“I’ll be all right,” he drawled. “If I fall down, I’ll just land on something soft, like these…” He cupped her generous breasts in his hands from behind.

She smiled in spite of herself. “I’m just worried that next time you’ll break something worse than your leg.” He felt a hand reach between them and squeeze his manhood.

“That wouldn’t be good,” he agreed.

Still, laughing together they somehow made it work until they were both squeaky clean and had washed off all the pond water from the day. They rapidly toweled off, and then walked into their bedroom hand-in-hand.

His heart was pounding in his chest as he turned to his attractive bride and let his eyes feast on her loveliness, from the tip of her head down to the cute toes of her feet. “You’re magnificent,” he breathed.

Reaching between them, she tenderly touched the tip of his throbbing manhood. “So are you,” she whispered.

“How did you get so beautiful?” he asked.

“When you looked at me,” she said softly.

“And she married me,” he murmured, looking up at the ceiling. His face was incredulous.

“That’s right, I did,” she smiled, drawing closer to him and taking his hands in hers. She stared up into his hazel green eyes. “Because I need you just like I need to breathe.” She drew one of his hands to her breast. It was soft and warm, and he could feel her heart beating beneath even more quickly than his.

“Sweetheart,” he mumbled, almost gruffly, drawing her into his strong arms and crushing her against his chest. There was something about the way she said things, the way she seemed even with words to reach right into his heart and touch the innermost needs of his soul. His desire for her was practically animalistic, with a need impossible to express.

He kissed her fiercely until drawing back, almost in fear, worrying that he was being too rough with her tender lips. Catching her breath, she licked her lips and smiled up at him again, as if daring him to bring even more. Groaning within, he gently moved her backwards, until her legs touched the bed. Tenderly bidding her to sit down, she complied, opening her gorgeous legs to him as he knelt on the floor in front of her.

“O-oh, Sweetheart,” she breathed, feeling his warm hands caressing the smooth contours of her stunning legs, even as his eyes feasted on the glorious beauty of the tabernacle of her love. Moist with desire, the velvety soft folds of her femininity opened to him with beauty surpassing the best of God’s created flowers. Her scent was intoxicating to him, as was the sound of her rapid breaths, as she anticipated his loving touch. Her smooth tummy fluttered with excitement as her fingers found her breasts, softly tripping over her lovely chestnut colored nipples until they were as erect as his penis.

Starting at her navel, he began trailing his soft kisses on her body, as if searching for a treasure of great desire. Immediately he heard her soft moan and felt her hands in his hair. The soft tendrils of the tiny manicured landing strip of hair marking the pathway to her joy caressed his lips and cheek, and then complete smoothness, as the baby soft skin of her joy received his kisses. Her legs involuntarily rose, her creamy thighs pressed about his face as she quivered at his touch. Her hands were firmer on his head and face, as if to hold him there lest he depart. As if! He felt her soft hands, and the lovely sound of her voice in approval of his touch.

Lisa felt as if her world was delightfully crashing in around her. And when she felt his mouth open, and the flickering touch of his moist tongue, she cried out with pleasure, grinding her head into the bed’s pillows. He felt SO good! And then unable to tear her eyes away, she leaned her head up again, looking down at him, watching this precious man love her like no one else in the world ever could. His childlike fascination with her, with what he thought was beauty, was thrilling to her. She winced again as tingles of pleasure coursed through her. She called to memory the countless times he had praised her beauty, and the things he admired about her. She flopped her head back onto the bed again, smoothing her hands over her belly and opening herself to him as he drank of her sweet nectar. It was a joy to know she was desirable to him.

His flickering tongue found her clitoris, whispering over its head with gentle love, and then back again. Her breathy cries of happiness sounded in his ears like a sweet song. His tongue gently danced in her smooth cleft, running its entire length again and again, gently probing her secrets and tasting of her sweetness. He looked up at her, smiling even as he continued loving her, enjoying the look on her face. Her face was normally marked with such sweetness. But to see her now, her brow furrowed with a vein standing in prominence on her forehead; her cheeks a rosy, flushed color; her blue eyes opening and closing and looking into his with intensity; her mouth open and crying out her approval and need… this was the special part of her reserved for his eyes alone!

He nearly laughed as he watched her hands. They didn’t seem to know just what to do, alternating from his cheeks and hair, then up her abdomen, touching breasts and nipples, and then straight out to the side, clutching the sheets for dear life. He’d already teased her more than once that one of these days she’d tear a hole in her sheets big enough to drive a truck through. And then she’d blame it on him, of course. It was humbling to know that she gave him the power to obliterate everything else in her world except for his love and touch.

Feeling his tongue dip deeply into the well of her passion, she cried again, her trembling hands returning to his head. His tongue licked higher, barely contacting the pearl of her pleasure. And then his eyes met hers. Awash with love for him and the astounding pleasure he was giving her, she felt herself give in, as crashing waves of unabashed pleasure flashed through her body. Her sweet voice filled the room with incoherent cries of delight. He continued loving her, his tongue roaming through her slippery cleft as his strong hands tried to steady her. He loved it when she lost complete control of herself with him. It wasn’t something a person lightly gave up. But he also knew when to stop. Placing one last kiss on her smooth vulva, he looked up at her heaving chest as she attempted to catch her breath. It was a long time before she gave him a weary, and very satisfied smile, able only to utter small whimpers.

He saw the tears gathering in her eyes and quickly joined her on the bed. He laid on his side next to her as she turned her face towards his. Reaching out, he smoothed a hand over her tummy and sides, hugging her close to him before continuing with his light caresses. His eyes never left hers, even as they peripherally took in the loveliness of her face. Tip-toeing his fingers upward between her breasts, he touched her chin and tapped her nose. She blinked and smiled. Gently wiping the saliva from the corner of her mouth, he brought it to his lips. She blushed, her tongue flickering out to clean off the rest. He inhaled her scent, both of her passion, and of her skin, and the flowing brown hair he could feel against him. His hand returned to her breast, softly cupping and holding her. Her heart was still racing within her chest, and he could feel each beat on his hand as her pulse radiated to his touch.

“Th-thank you, Sweetheart,” she finally sighed.

“Is the day perfect now?” he smiled. Just hearing those tenderly spoken words from her gave him incredible satisfaction. It truly was more blessed to give than to receive!


“No?!” he exclaimed. Okay – so much for the ol’ ego! A little humbled, he continued, “Well then, my sweet, we’re going to do that again and again until it is!”

She giggled. “No, you silly goose. If you do that to me again I think I’ll die. It isn’t perfect until my dear husband…” She moved swiftly until she straddled him, stretching his arms out over his head and pinning his wrists to the blankets. “Until my most sexy husband,” she continued, “Comes… and comes… and cums!” She drew herself closer to him, until the last was whispered directly into his ear, her breasts deliciously raking his chest, and her soft bum backed into his pulsating hard length.

“Lisa,” he sighed, or tried to, his lips finding her soft neck as he felt her kisses rain upon his forehead, a shower of blessing. She shifted forward slightly, her hands tenderly holding his head and pressing him against her breasts. She was so amazing! Up close and personal, his eyes feasted on her breasts, admiring each pretty curve and the shadowy cleft of her cleavage. Her skin felt amazingly soft on his cheek, which seemed rough and unrefined by comparison.

Gently moving herself from side to side, she purred with contentment in his ear. Drawing back slightly, her nipples grazed his face, until his flickering tongue reached out, finding her distended tips and enjoyed the taste of her body. His touch was like magic to her, and she felt a sense of urgency, her hands drawing his head closer to her until he accepted her open mouthed, and suckled as a child.

Warmth radiated through her, even as she brushed away a tear. They’d long known that they could never have a child. She could never experience the joy of holding a little one close to her breast, making that special connection with those precious little eyes looking into hers even as nourishment was found at her breast. It had been hard for him to accept, too, but it made his loving touch at her breast all the more special to her.

He stopped. “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Upset with herself that he so easily detected thoughts that troubled her, she whispered, “I’m okay. I love you.” And even as she said it, she knew he knew what she was feeling. They’d talked about it many times.

“Love you, too,” he reassured, his mouth again finding a nipple, and sending shivers of pleasure through her. Doing her best to dispense with the thoughts that brought no joy, she forced herself to think on more pleasant things. Contentedly watching her husband’s tongue flicker around her nipples, she thought of Marie. She knew her best friend was able to experience orgasms from nipple stimulation alone. Maybe one day she’d know what that felt like!

Then her husband brought her back to the present. She felt his hands gently caress her smooth back, waist and hips, and then her legs. She giggled when he found her little toes, which were always ticklish.

Pensively swallowing the lump in his throat, he admired her lovely figure with his hands, even as he enjoyed the taste of her nipples. He felt like he was at a heavenly banquet table, enjoying her beautiful body as a feast. She was indeed sweet to his every sense! Her gorgeous legs felt so silky smooth to his touch, that he half worried his work-roughened hands might mar their exquisite beauty. He felt the reassuring squeeze of her thighs around him at his touch, and soft hands smoothing back his hair.

His hands might be rough, something that strangely always worried him, but she loved those hands all the same. He was a man of integrity, and his were hands of honor. She loved it when he seemed to lazily let them wander all over her, sometimes tickling, sometimes squeezing, sometimes caressing, and right now… sending chilling shoots of pleasure up her spine as he traced his fingers through the cleft of her bum. She shivered as his fingers lightly pursed across her tiny opening and traveled further south, finding her smooth vulva once more, then retreating, blissfully retracing his steps with his fingers again and again until she felt like her body was filling with a warm, pleasurable glow.

It was supposed to be ‘his turn,’ but she felt herself slipping away again into the pleasure-filled abyss he liked to take her to.

She tried to sit up, but he held her still and resisted, continuing his agonizingly delightful touch. Giving in, she hugged his head to her breast and cried into his soft hair. Warmth radiated through her, ever expanding, approaching slowly, and coming to stay. First it was warmth, and then the chills as every square inch of her skin seemed to be alive with sensitivity. His every touch was no longer a mere recognition of something against her, but each touch seemed to radiate inward with spasms of pleasure that meandered through her, exploring every part of her body. Even each intake and exhale of breath seemed to radiate tingles of pleasure. And when he looked up to her eyes even as he continued suckling at her breast, she felt thousands of chills, stiffening as powerful contractions took over her body, rendering even her breathing practically impossible. She felt his arms wrap tightly around her as he held her to him. In the back of her mind she heard his voice talking to her with words of love, encouraging her to enjoy her pleasure to the fullest. She knew she was crying, overwhelmed with the feelings she felt with him.

The waves seemed to keep coming, pleasure coursing through her with each beat of her heart, until she was spent, lying limply in his supporting arms. He felt the soft whispers of her kisses across his forehead and her trembling hands on his cheeks, as she looked down at his boyish face from between her breasts. “I love you,” she sighed, smiling at him and softly shaking her head. He stretched himself upward, missing the warmth of her breasts. “Now what am I going to do with you?” she asked rhetorically. He laughed and nuzzled closer until she giggled with him.

Sitting up, she looked down at him again with flushed face. He smiled up at her, chuckling at her efforts to blow wisps of hair from her face. Returning his smile, she tossed her hair, and gently moved beside him on the bed. After a quick kiss, she laid down on her back, her brown hair shrouding around her on the bed. Turning to her, he watched in fascination as she looked down at her generous breasts. Reaching her hands out, she cupped her beauty in her hands, tenderly massaging and squeezing them. Her nipples were rosy bright, and marvelously erect.

Her fingertips fluttered softly over her nipples while she reached for the flask of oil on her bed stand. Looking quickly at him, she smiled, and opened the flask. Both watched the oil gleam in the dim light as it left the flask and streamed onto her body. Putting the cap back on the flask, she returned it to its place on the bed stand, and again took her gorgeous breasts in her hands, rubbing the oil about her skin until they were slippery and glistening. He loved watching her touch herself and the enjoyment she found even in her own God-given beauty.

She smiled brightly at him again, her shining blue eyes containing all the invitation he’d ever need! Hurting her being absolutely the last thing he ever wanted to do, he carefully straddled her smooth tummy on his knees. An oily hand clasped about his manhood, shrouding him with her tender touch and sending pleasure-filled chills through his body as she urged him closer. His heart pounded in delight and anticipation. Her eyes met his, and then looked upon him as he crept closer, his penis gleaming with oil from her hands, and twitching with each beat of his heart. Her gaze was almost enough to make him feel self-conscious, even while it thrilled him to no end that she (for some reason) found him attractive. He halted his fidgeting closer, feeling her soft skin against his thighs, and feasted his eyes on her gleaming breasts.

Looking briefly behind him, he admired her smooth legs, now relaxed and content, and the beautiful flower of her passion, still rosy pink with arousal. Her slippery hand again clasped about his manhood, instantly drawing his attention back to her laughing eyes. He felt it all the way to his toes! It was so simple to get his attention. She grinned up at him, a look of longing in her eyes. “You are such a beautiful man,” she said softly. Her gracious words delivered with the sweetest voice he’d ever known a woman to possess were enough to nearly tie his tongue permanently. The lump in his throat did little to help his breathing as he let her simple expression radiate all the way to his heart.

“Come, Sweet,” she whispered softly. With inexpressible tenderness, she caressed his hard length, lowering him to individually kiss the tips of her nipples. She stole a look at him again, and was thrilled to see him flush with pleasure, and to know it was her gift to him. She looked again at his throbbing penis as she rubbed it side to side across her nipples. Her heart warmed with satisfaction to hear him gasp with desire. He truly was beautiful, even if he didn’t think so. She slowed down to prolong his sweet agony, watching each tremor in the moist, mauve-colored crown of his magnificent penis.

Deeply aroused, he looked down at her, watching her fingertips gently stroke along his shaft, and slowly meander over his abdomen. Impulsively she leaned forward, just enough to reach him with a tender kiss, which sent fire racing through his body. Laying her head back down, the sticky trail of his essence followed. She licked her lips, enjoying his sweet taste. He sighed contentedly as she gently swabbed a finger through the tiny slit at the tip of his penis, gathering his silken fluids and drawing them to her lips and tongue, all the while staring into his eyes, and nearly driving him to madness with desire.

Each thump of his heart seemed to reverberate throughout his body begging for release, even as it torturously stored up the pleasure of her touch. He now literally ached for her, filled with a pleasant yearning that would find satisfaction and fulfillment only in her.

His expression was earnest as she looked up into his eyes, all the while tenderly loving him with her exquisite touch. So much could be communicated without words – she could see his love, and his deep and abiding need for her. Not neediness, but a simple thirst for her. His hopes and dreams seemed to radiate from his eyes, as did his vulnerability. She knew there was nothing of himself he had withheld from her, and how much he depended on her—all of her—her smile, her love, her cheerful manner, and the many things about her he had admiringly whispered in her ears over the years. His whispers might have been made from stammering lips, but stemmed from a heart where his love for her was bedrock. It was a curious thing to hold another’s heart, and he had entrusted his with her! She shivered happily and winked at him.

“Come,” she repeated again, softly, her fingers guiding his swollen manhood into the slippery cleft between her breasts. Breathlessly he watched above as her fingers softly cushioned him in an embrace that was scarcely short of something heavenly, thousands of tiny pin pricks of pleasure shooting through him again and radiating throughout his body. Satisfied that he was nestled safely close to her heart and surrounded by her feminine softness, she took her breasts in hand again, squeezing and massaging herself around him, and gazed back into his eyes.

“Li-sa,” he moaned, trying with everything in him to hold back the desires that pulsed violently in his veins, lest he despoil the profound gift of love she gave him. She rubbed her breasts around him, their pillowed softness a sweet refuge. “Honey—I—” He gulped, his tongue still tied up thoroughly. His eyes blinked pensively as he did everything in his power to hold back.

“Make love to me, Sweetheart,” she encouraged, giving him a loving squeeze. He was breathing hard, and his first movement was practically involuntary, his penis happily sliding in the slippery channel she had created for him. It felt good to have him there, and she kissed the crown of his manhood as he pressed forward. She squeezed her breasts around him again as he withdrew. She could feel his thighs trembling against her as he drew forward again, the tip of his penis piercing her slippery cleavage and again drawing near for her kiss, which she freely gave, her tongue flickering out to him. And then he retreated again, longing to be buried in the sweet comfort between her breasts.

He practically felt like he was in a dream, feeling profoundly unworthy of the glorious treasure his wife was to him. It felt difficult to keep the deep, throaty sounds from escaping his mouth. Such unusual sounds, so foreign to him, yet seeming to come of their own accord. Was this part of the language of love? He briefly wondered if it was offensive to her, but this was erased nearly immediately, as she looked up at him again and smiled. Her lips were shiny from kissing his penis, and he felt a thrill surge through him. “Lisa,” he croaked.

The cry of her name tearing from his lips was sweet to hear. He told her often of how much he enjoyed listening to her pleasure; now this was hers! He was completely lost with only thoughts of her. He cried her name again and again, his movements becoming swifter, even as she knew he was doing everything he could to hold back. As if he could hurt her! The erotic sounds of his voice, and the slippery swishing sound of his penis moving sinuously between her breasts filled their ears, a picture of splendor, each being ravished by the other. Desperately desiring him not to hold anything back, she poured her heart out to him, her voice sweetly drawing out his deepest desires, the supposed dark things he needlessly tried to hold back. As if their desires were not one—they were! His body and desires belonged to her ever so much as hers belonged to him.

His chest glowing with sweat, he looked down again at his lover, staring deeply into her radiant eyes and pretty face as he continued his movements. His heart and emotions overflowed with the pleasure of her intimacy, her sweet, sexy voice reaching his very soul as she led him to joy. She tenderly pleaded with him to cum until her breasts and neck were milky white with his seed, or to fill her mouth with his love, or wheresoever he chose. Her face, her hair—she cared not, for she was his.

“L—Lisa,” he cried. She was irresistible! His vision clouded and he nearly blacked out as she took him to quite another world in an instant. He heard a roaring sound in his ears, and didn’t know if it was the sound of his own voice calling her name, or something else entirely. Moaning unashamedly and crying for her he welcomed the intense white heat that took over his entire body. His every muscle seemed to contract all at once as incredible pleasure seized his senses and rendered him helpless. Gasping for air, his body trembled as powerful contractions raced through him as his heart emptied itself of his love expression to her in a most intimate way, fulfilling needs with her he couldn’t put into words. Crying as he came for her, she welcomed him gladly, watching and feeling his warm, erratic spurts of semen, each an arrow of love from the temple of his heart. She smiled happily, watching each joyful burst fountain from the glossy crown of his manhood, finding her lips and neck and breasts, sweetly touching her with the banner of his love.

His moans and cries continued a long time, his pleasure throbbing even long after his release ebbed. She smoothed her hands on his abdomen, trying to calm him as his tremors continued. He stared weakly down into her eyes, as if still in a distant world, until she tenderly helped him lie down beside her to help him catch his breath. It wasn’t the first time she had thoroughly ‘devastated’ him, and he hoped it wasn’t the last. The last time would probably take his life! The look of gratitude in his eyes that he was unable at the moment to express to her with his lips was priceless to her. He took her all in, watching her smile as her finger traced through the delightful white trails he had created on her skin, wincing as she brought his sticky essence to her lips to taste of his pleasant fruits. She giggled, and he shared her grin, as she found the one on her cheek. Unable to escape her mischievous hands, she took from her cheek, and then tapped her moist fingers on his nose and chin. He chuckled weakly and tried to kiss her, but missed.

Finding himself, he called her name once more, the fervent light again appearing in his eyes. She felt his strong arms hold her, pulling her onto him, her moist breasts contacting his chest, the thick blanket of hair on his chest tickling her. His lips found hers, his hands coming to her face and holding her to him, the most precious one he’d ever known on the earth. And he thanked God for her! It was a prayer he would never fully be able to put into words, but he thanked God as best he could. He didn’t deserve her; she was indeed a special gift. Her flickering tongue found his, happily dancing together in a lover’s embrace, time having no meaning for either of them as they shared this last peaceful expression of their love, their hands gently caressing each other.

Later, just before they were to sleep, he left to bring her a warm washcloth, and proceeded to tenderly bathe her skin.

“Hon,” her eyes twinkled up at him. “You need to work on your aim.”

“Huh?” he asked.

She pointed at the headboard and giggled.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he started, then laughed. “Oh my! See what you do to me, babe?” And then, with a twinkle in his eye of his own, he added, “I’m more than willing to practice!”

She snuggled into the covers as he returned the washcloth to its place. The bed stand light clicked off, and the room went dark. Her back was to him as he crawled in and snuggled behind her, his hand reaching out to hold her to him, and finding a breast.

“Oh Hon,” she giggled softly, as she felt the reaction the mere touch of her breast seemed to provoke him to. “You are my perfect day!”

He kissed her gently, and held her in his arms, awake and enjoying the pleasant sound of her even breathing as she drifted off to sleep. Long moments later, he joined her in rest, completely sated and happy.

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