No Need For Words

Shortly after our wedding, we were staying at our holiday apartment in New York. I remember it was a clear night, and I saw my husband get into bed, naked and started watching some television.

So I slipped my silk dress off and slipped into bed with him. He turned around, put his arm around me and started kissing my neck before I turned around to kiss him back.

We didn’t hesitate to wrap our arms around each other, and I spread my legs, ready for his entrance. I watched his man part enter my ladyplace and my whole body quivered with pleasure once he was deep inside me.

We rolled me on him, and my darling husband gently stroked strands of my hair and kissed me again. My body laying on top of his and vice versa felt so intimate and erotic. He caressed me all over, before rolling on me again. I caressed his arm before gently touching his face while we kissed.

My ladyplace throbbed with pleasure as my husband did the little figure 8s with his hard penis. He massaged my g-spot as well as my sweet spot. My pleasure intensified as caressed my breast while kissing me ardently, and his figure 8s turned to deep, passionate thrusts.

My husband held me close, as we enjoyed the erotic skin to skin feeling. I got the tingles as he ran his kisses up my neck while I tilted my head back, and let out a soft moan. I rubbed his back while my husband thrust inside me, and let out aroused exhales while thrusting.

Sure enough, his thrusts gradually increased speed, and I responded to my intensifying pleasure by moving my pelvic area. I then tensed up and moaned softly as I orgasmed. My hips twitched slightly as my husband dug his face in my neck kissing me, further intensifying my orgasm.

My husbands embrace tightened a bit as he climaxed. I could feel his penis throbbing inside my orgasming vagina as he jerked inside of me, grunting sharply in ecstasy. We were sweating as usual when we came down, and my husband kissed me before rolling me on top of him.

We didn’t think to say a word, but we didn’t need to. Our love and attraction for each other was felt through our sexual body language. We still felt it while falling asleep in each others arms.

My sweet husband caressed me as I started to drift off. In the morning I woke up to my husband watching TV quietly. When he noticed I had woken, he stroked my hair, and as I cuddled up to him, he took me in his arms and we caressed each other while laying in.

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17 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Thank you for this passionate lovemaking story Mrs Harper, I could almost feel my hard cock in my wife's juicy pussy as I read the penetration you descrived between you and your husband – I now desperately need to releaser my leaking cock ! Is there more stories cumming soon ? God bless you both !

  2. Dean316 says:

    This gives me sexy anticipation for my future as I am single. Hot little read Harper! Pleased how your and your embraced for love as your utter pleasure and delight with your hubby's cock servicing your lady place.

    Always be horny and fucking,

    God bless,

  3. possibility says:

    A beautiful story Harper. It has me feeling like OneCouple – horny with a hard leaking penis. This so reminded me of when my wife and I were on Honeymoon. The sight of her very full voluptuous breasts tipped with thick rubbery nipples surrounded by her wide saucer-like aureoles and her full luxurious pubic bush was highly arousing as we slipped into the hotel bed naked. We cuddled, caressed and intimately fondled as we exchanged kisses, light and feathery at first and then VERY French. This led to kissing, nibbling each other all the way to our sacred private parts where we gave each other oral pleasures which was exquisite for us both. Oh the feeling as she licked, sucked and fucked my cock with her mouth was, as any man would imagine, out of this world. I then turned to her and she parted her thighs again giving me full view of her hairy vagina with her inner labia protruding from her outer labia. This is always a sight to behold for me. I am so thankful to God for this wonderful women who he has given to me for our mutual sexual pleasures. I gently entered her and just fucked with only my glans inside of her when she moaned 'feels sooo good, please fuck me deep inside as well' which I duly did alternating between short shallow and long deep thrusts. She said 'oh fuck, I'm cumming. Soon I felt the liquid erupt from her cunt as she ejaculated which turned me on even more. Not long afterwards I felt the familiar tingles which signified my cumming which was explosive and plentiful. We lay there cuddling with my penis softening as my spunk leaked from my darling wife. This was the final night at the hotel. The next morning as we returned to our room after breakfast we overheard the maids saying 'there must have been a honeymoon couple staying in here judging by the stains on the sheets'. (We did not use durex). We smiled at each other and avoided eye contact with the maids as they kept quiet as they continued their work. Happy memories!

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Hello! Thank you! Yes there is one cumming on the 27th, and we'll be in Malaga at that time, so if you comment and I don't answer right away that's why 🙂 and then the Nordic trilogy with cum too 😉 I hope you'll get to be with your wife soon 🙂 God bless <3

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    possibility thank for for sharing that sexy story! This was shortly after we came back from our honeymoon 🙂 your story is similar to another one on here called the Giggling Maids. It's a good one, so check it out if you get the chance. God bless

  6. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, fortunately I get to be with my wife over the weekends for the next few weeks, so that is great and we catch up on the lost intimate time. My wife was really horny this last weekend, she had 3 big orgasms through the course of the weekend and I had 2. She masturbated herself for the first orgasm, her big tits were bouncing around and it was such a HOT show to watch, I came soon afterwards, I also had her on all fours, she loves it when I fuck her hard doggie style, it's one of her favorite positions, and she came quickly ! My cock gets rock hard thinking back on it as I lie here in my hotel room, the weekend better cum soon so I can enjoy some erotic time with my sexy wife again !!! Thank you for bringing back the memories, and I hope to read of some serious fucking in Malaga ? Blessings !

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I promise you, there will be! It's a vacation that we'll surely enjoy! Thank you so much for sharing that, that was HOT to read! I might get my hubby to read that if he wants. Look forward to more stories from you! God bless you both

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