Hot Saturday Night

That day I had business obligations that took all day. It was really hard, to focus on only business. I couldn’t wait to come home that day. Coming home happened around ten o’clock. My beautiful wife waited for me and after exchanging daily experiences we went to bed.  I was pretty tired, but she applied her special treatment.

She undressed us and put me to bed. Next thing I felt was her beautiful naked body next to me. Then she started to kiss me slowly, whispering in my ear, and just make me feel great.  We caressed each other, until she slowly climbs on top on me. On top of me she continues to send kisses all over me, and run her finger through my hair. After a while she slowly mounts herself on my member and starts to ride me slowly. She moves so slowly, I felt like I am going to explode. During her pleasant motions she kissed me further, then she sits straight and massages the area around my groins, and she lays down on me again.

Through this incredible sensation, just like through the fog; I heard her soft voice, telling me she likes to do me slowly until I can take it anymore.  This slow pace continues to send me to other dimensions, and the constant feeling of kisses landing on my lips, cheek, neck, nipples hold me under her control.  After a while she lifts herself and straddled me with her face looking in opposite direction, I could see her beautiful buttocks slowly lift on my member and even slower going down on him.

Her beautiful dark hair falls down her back.  Her feet were next to my body. She gives me more torture, while she rides me; her hand is busy massaging my cups and inner side of thighs.  Our loving moments continue for the following half an hour. At moments she would stretch herself and cover my entire body with hers only in one direction and then return herself to her previous position. The best part was when she holds herself still; just massages me with her buttocks.

This game of pleasure would go on and on, because she would return herself to her previous position with her face to mine, holding my hand, so my impulse to touch her body grows even stronger, whispering in my ear words of love, running her fingers through my hair, loving me completely. I did not take much time and I eject my load, while she continues to kiss me. We talk for a while, and then fall to sleep. In the morning I woke up, and give a glance to her beautiful figure and thought to myself how really happy I am to share life with such a beautiful person.

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