After work sex

After Work Sex

After Work Sex

by LoveMyWife56

Some Hot Wife Background

My hot wife and I both work full-time jobs, as many of you do.  It’s just the way life is in the U.S.A. today.  We have been married for 33 years, but we still really love sex with each other.

Still Dressed and Playing

On this particular day for after work sex we both arrived home from our jobs about the same time, she just before me.  I could see her walking in the house as I drove up the driveway.  She looked so good, even from this distance.  She so excites me!  I open up the front door, and there she stands in the kitchen door in a mid-length skirt showing her perfect legs perched on 3-inch heels, just looking at me with her beautiful green eyes.  They radiate what she wants.  I walk up to her and we embrace, then begin to kiss.  Her lips are so soft and her tongue so tasty.  Her neck is so appealing, and I start to lightly kiss and nibble on exposed flesh.  She moves her hand quickly to my crotch outside my pants and grips my hardening penis.  I caress and squeeze her breasts outside her blouse.

Stripping Each Other

We cannot stand our clothes for any longer.  So we begin undressing each other there in the kitchen.  We are both breathing harder as we race each other in unbuttoning each other’s shirts.  She wins the race and quickly pulls my shirt off and immediately removes my t-shirt.  “I love your hairy chest,” she whispers, and massages it with her fire engine red nail polish.  She knows how much I like red polish on her fingernails and toes.  Finally, I remove her blouse to see her lacy bra holding in those wonderful breasts.  I kiss the tops of them as I reach behind her to unclasp her bra.  Throwing it to the floor, I marvel at her tits, her nipples inviting me to lick and suck.  I can never resist them.  They are quickly in my mouth, and I suck them so wanting her.  She moans so sweetly while raising her beautiful face toward the ceiling.  We are both so horny, and she works on removing my pants while I continue to pay the appropriate attention her breasts deserve.  We finally get each other completely undressed; our clothes piled on the kitchen floor.

Naked in the Kitchen

We briefly stare at each other.  “I love your body!” she tells me, and we hug once again.  Immediately her hand finds my hard cock, and my hand goes to her shaved wet pussy.  We stand there in the kitchen holding each other, she with her right hand jacking me off.  She widens her stance for me to reach her better and raises one leg up on her toes.  She is so wet!  Again, that red nail polish on her hand gripping my dick!  I love to see it…and feel it.  I grip her soft ass with my right hand as my left hand pleases her pussy.  My middle finger in her vagina teasing her g-spot, while my thumb rubs around and on her clit.   Her hips are moving with the movement of my hand, moaning more.

Off to the Bedroom

We both are ready.  She pulls away from me, keeping a strong grasp on my penis, and leads me down the hall to the bedroom, never letting go of my throbbing cock.  My beautiful, sexy, horny wife shoves me down on my back in the bed.  She immediately climbs on top of me and slides my cock deep into her ready pussy.

Quick Sidenote

A quick side note…My wife is 5’2″ tall, a humble, sweet, nice, and quiet woman, who would never utter a curse word or any bad word to anyone.  But she talks dirty to her husband and gets wild in the bedroom, or wherever we have sex.  Back to the “Just Home from Work” sex!

My Favorite Position

She’s riding my hard cock now in my favorite position, cowgirl!  I love to watch her tits as they bounce.  More sucking on them is in order.  She bites her lip, then moans so loudly.  “Oh YES!…Oh FUCK!” she cries!  I raise up my knees and grip her ass, thrusting faster and harder.  “I love when you hold my ass!”  she cries.  I lower my legs and spread them.  She puts her legs together, still with my dick in her pussy, and fucks me.  She loves the rubbing of her clit against me as my cock continues to thrust in and out of her drenching wet pussy.  I grip her ass hard.  “Oh yes…oh yes!” she cries.  “I’m going to cum!” she moans.  She keeps fucking me until she orgasms.

My Turn

I roll her off of me then.  “Get on your knees, I want you doggie style,”  I tell her.  She gets in position.  What an ass!  I enter her quickly, and she moans with more lust.  As I thrust in and out my moaning gets ever louder.  She reaches back and grips my balls, then plays with her clit while I thrust more and more.  “Fuck me!” she cries.  I am about to explode, and she can tell.  “Give it to me!” she screams.   “Oh fuck…I’m cumming’,” I scream.  “Cum on my ass!” she cries.  “I love to feel your hot cum on my ass!”  So I obey and shoot my load all over her perfect ass and up her back.  “Massage in the cum,” she tells me.  Again I obey.  What a great way to begin the evening!

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10 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you! I LOVED it! We never did cowgirl style, but we sure love reading about it! Such a hot story, I'm showing this to my husband very very soon! God bless you! 🙂

  2. LoveMyWife56 says:

    Thank you, Shelby?! Your kind comments are very exciting, as are your stories. What a wonderful thing married sex is! I am a newcomer to this website (2 months), but I think it is great, and my lovely wife gets 'turned on' by the stories, too. I look forward to your next story!


  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    LoveMyWife56 Harper's my first name. My comments are exciting too? Thank you! That's so kind of you say <3 Oh yes, married sex is the BEST! I showed this to my hubby last night, and that resulted in a night of sweaty passion! I have some stories scheduled, my next one should be here soon. God bless, dear!

  4. LoveMyWife56 says:


    Yes, your comments are exciting! (Hot sweaty passion) Did you try the cowgirl? You and your husband will love it! Now it's time to return to reading your earlier posts. 😉


  5. OneCouple says:

    Really enjoyed this story LoveMyWife56, especially since my wife almost always asks me to cum on her back in the same fashion that you described, when I fuck her from behind, so erotic ! Thanks for sharing and God bless you both !

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      I am so sorry I have been so tardy in thanking you for your comment. Your wife sounds like she has some of the same likes as mine. Thanks again.

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