Wild Woman

My wife is usually, and really, always has been a very passive and quiet person.  On our wedding night, it took about two hours to convince her that it would be ok.  She enjoyed it very much, but she was very hesitant at first.  We have been married about 2 years now and life is great.  My wife is almost always willing to have sex, but she would never initiate it, which is ok and I accepted that.

One day, when I got home from work late, the house’s curtains were pulled, there were candles everywhere, and the music was playing.  I walked into the bedroom, trying to find my wife.  I didn’t see her until I lay down on the bed.  I looked to my right, and out of the closet came my wife, wearing the sexiest bikini I have ever seen.  It was so amazing; it blew my mind.  As she strutted towards me in super model fashion, I noticed they were crotchless panties.  This blew my mind.  I nearly had an orgasm right there.

Before I knew it, my clothes were off and I was going in and out of her.  It was really exciting to have sex while her clothes were still on.  Then, out of nowhere, she flipped over on top, something she had never done before, and started to ride me.  Nearly at the same time, we reached an orgasm.  It was incredible.  After about ten minutes, she took my soft penis in her mouth and brought me to another orgasm.  That was one wild woman.

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