What’s in the glove box?

My wife and I have been married for nine years and have lately been really enjoying MarriageHeat. It’s a fun way to entice one another during our busy schedules. When working, taking care of the kids, or trying to get the house clean, taking a few minutes to read an erotic story gets us thinking in the right direction towards one another. Hope this story does that for some of you busy parents and lovers.

Having date nights is always important, more important is what the date night leads. Is it just a fun night with a good movie? Does it lead to snuggling in bed afterwards? Which inevitably means you stayed up too late and will be regretting it in the morning. Let me tell you my favorite date nights. When the day is filled with text messages that turn into sex messages. When we are able to bypass everyday life through fantasizing about the other. And when I have a constant wet spot in my boxers from thinking about my wife’s irresistibly attractive ass, raining kisses on her mound, and tipping her head back to receive streams of cum. Those are the date nights where we are thankful that our vehicle has tinted windows. Last week was a night like that for Lisa and I.

The babysitter was on the way and Lisa called me to the bedroom. Trying to get our kids fed, I hurried over to the bedroom to see what she needed.

“What do you think about this outfit, baby?” She was in a tight red dress with black lace peeking out of the top. I’ve dreamed about going out with her in an outfit like this. The dress was just long enough to cover her ass, but just short enough keep me busy thinking about how I could get her to bend over. My response…“That’s fucking hot!”

Our kisses started gently with a familiarity of movement and feeling. Slowly opening one another’s mouths, our hands found each other’s pathways to pleasure. I traced her butt cheeks, and found wear the panties were riding up her ass. She’s told me before that she likes having something press against her because it gets her thinking about our bodies together.   All an appetizer for what was going to happen later. I knew if I bent her over the bed I wouldn’t stop… we opened our eyes and knew to treasure the foreplay for later.

You know that saying girls say when someone is supposed to be looking them in the eyes? It goes something like, “my eyes are up here.” Well, when your wife has the most amazing, suckable, twistable tits… I didn’t want to look at just her eyes all night. I wanted her. And I wanted her bad! Quickly, I gave her two toys that she was to use in the car while I was driving home from our date. A dildo (she secretly loves filling her wet pussy with this rubber cock. I secretly love watching her do it), and a powerful, 10 speed vibrator. The babysitter arrived and we were in the car as quickly as possible. No- we didn’t get messy on the way to dinner. We were both starving and didn’t want to rush. But rest assured, her sex and my dick were dripping the entire night.

Being able to connect over fondue for hours without interruption is sexy as hell. Laughing together, trying new drinks, and being vulnerable only elevates the night from hot sex to erotic, forbidden, intimacy. If your wife is as hot as Lisa, you will know what I mean when I say being so intrigued with your lover emotionally and physically for 3 hours makes your breath quicken and your cock throb. Non-stop throbbing. So when we were on our way home, I asked her..

“Will you lay your seat back while I drive? Relax, take off your tights, and open the glove box.” I was so horny from her sexting me all day that my cock had no more room. I unbuttoned my pants, pulled it out, and started stroking myself as I was driving. For the next 22 minutes, I was entranced watching my somewhat conservative wife getting lost in pleasure.

“I want you to touch yourself while I do whatever you want me to, babe.” Lisa was losing all inhibitions. Her smooth, silky legs were spread on the dashboard, her seat was at just the right angle for her head to move forward and backward with each surge of pleasure. In one hand she had a 7” dildo that is usually reserved for phone sex when I am away on a business trip. I’ve often fantasized about her suctioning one end to the dresser, bending over, and lustfully letting it fuck her from behind. Thoughts of her wildly pleasing herself drive me wild! But now she has given me new thoughts to think.

“You want me to fuck myself with this?” she asked with a seductive tone that seemed to not care what my response would be. She started to receive it before I could answer.

“Yea, baby. I wanna see you fuck yourself while looking at the pics and gifs we have been sexting each other today.” Even thinking about this now, I’m tempted to go into the public restroom and rub my cock. Damn, my wife is amazing.

Almost immediately she let out a small sigh and started to moan. She looked at me as her toy entered her pussy. It was soaking wet. As I stroked myself and watched her take the 7” member into her, I exploded with precum. Dripping all over the tip, my cock and her pussy were ready for one another. Her whimpers and moans became louder, and I wanted her to use her hands all over her body. I took her phone, turned on an erotic video I’d made earlier that I knew she would get off to, put it on the console of the car, and we both enjoyed devouring each other with our minds and hands. That’s all we could use for the time being at least…

It took everything in me not to cum. But I wanted Lisa to orgasm multiple times that night. Her legs began to shake, and with her head raised, I started rubbing her clit. Her clit was moist and swollen, inviting me to rub it in a circular motion. She no longer cared if people could see in the car, she was only thinking with one part of her body. And that part was being massaged, tickled, and squeezed. She started squeezing her breasts together as she out screamed the video with a, “Here I cum! Fuck…fuck… FUCK!” My hand received the moisture, and without touching myself, I almost got off to the sound of her pleasing herself.

“How did that feel? God, your the best hottest lover and you’re gorgeous when you look like this,” I told her as we realized she couldn’t go into the house dripping down her legs, and I couldn’t even zip up my pants. We managed to get in the house and get the babysitter out the door. I’ve never felt so horny that I didn’t care if I was rude to the sitter, I needed to use my wife tonight.

We were finally alone and she bent over in front of me to touch herself once more. She pulled her sexy black panties to the side to give me a VIP view of her dripping sex. I couldn’t take it anymore, I need to have her. I took Lisa to the room, laid her on the bed, and spread her legs. Her pussy was freshly shaved and smooth for my tongue to glide over. Her pelvis was pushing towards my mouth before I started eating her out. She wanted it bad. Watching and waiting, all the foreplay had led to this moment. As I went down on her, I took the lips of her cunt, spread them open, and licked every part. My tongue entered her only to be welcomed by my fingers. And as my fingers found her G-spot, my mouth now moved to her clit. Her lovely, gorgeous, begging clit. I made love to her clit with my mouth until she begged me for more.

Edging to the end of the bed, I took my (now) enormous dick and pushed it into her.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight Lisa! You naughty girl…” It felt like the night was finally starting. This is what date nights should end with!

I will continue the evening in Part 2, but we are going on a date tonight. I’m hoping that Lisa switches roles, making me violate the passenger seat in the car, and taking over.

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