The Fence – Part Two–How Two Empty Nesters Work It Out

Miss Part One? Catch up before beginning this next episode.

I leaned against the refrigerator to steady myself.

“What just happened?” I asked aloud.

The woman out in the pool looked like my darling Sharon, but I thought that crazy sexy side of her was long gone. It had been months since we had enjoyed intercourse for a number of reasons–the constant flow of sons and their friends through the house, two very stressful jobs, her on-again, off-again back issues, the tons of evening and weekend time we had invested in re-inventing the backyard. Sex for us had deteriorated to a–pardon the pun–a handful of mercy handjobs from my very compassionate wife for my release and as far as I knew nothing for her release.

We had talked very little about the situation except for Sharon at one point offering, “Well, honey, we’re just getting older. It’s natural for the sex to slow down.”

Maybe for her, but not for me, not yet at least.

That’s what led me to the Internet searching for something–anything–that would rekindle our love lives. That’s how I discovered Marriage Heat. I read the stories, devoured the conversations, and had my convictions challenged about what I thought about the pursuit of discipleship in Christ, the marriage bed, and sex in general. Did I show the site to my wife? No. I didn’t think she was ready for it. In other words, I didn’t have the courage to show her. I had to find another way.

That’s what led to the triathlon training.

I had injured my knee pretty badly a year prior while doing a P90X plyometrics workout. What was a 50-year-old guy doing plyometrics? I won’t go into that here because I’m getting off topic. Cutting to the chase: I got into triathlon practice because I had to rehab the knee. The training is very physically taxing, and the real key—I was hoping the physicality would diminish my sex drive. One problem with that idea, though. Tri training didn’t decrease my sex drive; it made it much stronger. I was in the best cardio shape of my life. Talk about all revved up and no place to go…


And that brings us back to our heroes. I was still leaning against the beer fridge, trying to get a handle on the current situation. And looking out the patio door, I could see Sharon spread out on our float, fully naked, one leg in the pool, one leg bent at the knee, both hands full of boobs.

There was only one thing left for me to do: Walk through those new patio doors into empty-nester-ville and find out what happens.

“Hey,” I offered, handing Sharon her beer.

“Hey,” she responded, taking it. “I’ve got some very large, horny boobs that need your attention,” she offered.

“I can see that. Mind if I take a taste?”

“Please do, kind sir!”

I leaned in for a nibble on a nipple—coconut suntan lotion. Nice touch. I sampled the other nipple. Just as tasty.

“How long has it been, babe?”

“Forever, baby,” Sharon countered.

“I love you.”

“Suck my tits, lover.”

I obliged. I devoured. I rubbed, pinched, groped, and manhandled. Finally, my hand drifted south. “You’re soaked,” I exclaimed.

“David, it’s been a long time since you took the time to enjoy me, baby. It’s always been there.”

I paused. In an instant, I was cut to my very core. I didn’t feel any hatred from Sharon–just a simple statement of fact. I leaned in and took a long draw off each breast. “I love you, darling,” I said. “The rush ends now. Today begins the season of renewed passion, renewed exploration into each other.”

She leaned in and embraced me. “I’ve missed you, baby.”

“And I’ve missed you.”

“Eat my pussy.”


I maneuvered to the end of the float. Made a mental note to look for one of those single persons floats online later in the evening because these two-seaters were just too bulky for this kind of action. I grabbed Sharon under both ass cheeks and positioned her for maximum accessibility.

She smelled like a vacation. She tasted like ambrosia. I locked in on the task at hand, licking with long hard strokes. Next, I nipped at her clit, extracting a moan. I inserted a finger, then two, only to receive a strong protest.

“Baby, no fingers, please. My back is just too tender from the move for a lot of motion.”

“Understood,” I replied and went back to long, sure tongue lapping.

“Nice,” she offered. Her hands had found her breasts again, and she gently caressed each nipple.

I continued to enjoy her puss, making long tongue strokes from her asshole to her clit. A pause at the top to catch my breath, followed by a suck on each side of her lips. A dive into her depths, tongue working in and out of her sweet honey hole.

“Come up here and kiss me, lover,” she whispered through waves of passion.

I obliged. Coming to the head end of the float, I cradled her head and feasted on her tongue. Hands wandered to both breasts, and I cupped, kneaded, and tweaked to her heart’s desire. We were moaning into each other’s mouths when she finally moved away.

“Eat my pussy. Suck my tits. Suck my tongue. Love me, baby!”

And so I did. That float became a rotisserie of lovemaking that afternoon. A few minutes “downtown,” a few minutes “uptown” until finally, Sharon was a quivering mess.

“I wish I could handle your big dick in me,” she confided.

“Enjoy what you can,” I offered, coming up for air.

“More tongue. Deeper. Oh, deeper. And rub my clit with your thumb.”

Being a man who takes well to instruction, Sharon got what she asked for.

“Cumming! Oh, cummmmming!”

I continued to lick and suck at her sweet puss until I could feel her begin to subside and melt back down into the float. Finally coming up for air, I drifted back to the head end and gave her a peck on the forehead.

“Satisfied?” I inquired.

Sharon’s cheeks beamed from the loving and from the kiss of the sun. She sported a healthy grin I hadn’t seen in a long time. “Yes, baby. Very.”

“Thank you, baby,” I said.

“Thank you, lover,” she replied.



“I’ll grill something.”

“That would be nice.”

I kissed her once more on the lips. Was this a one-time, once-in-a-lifetime kind of afternoon or a taste of things to come? I wondered. I still had no idea where all this was going.

To be continued…

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8 replies
  1. marriedman0217 says:

    I remember that time almost 10 years ago when the kids were gone and after awhile it would dawn on me the it had been some time between sessions. Then my Sweetie hit the beginning part of menopause and that’s when things got really interesting. Her libido and inhibitions went off the charts and we had a ball as you may or may not have read some of my previous adventures. The sex since that time is not as often, but is much more diverse an interesting than it was before. Role with it brother.

    • doggiedave says:

      It’s been quite a ride. The first week–which willl be pretty much documented on the site–was pretty amazing. As I look back, sex during times of big life transitions, always made a big impact on us–like we were clinging to each other like life preservers during the storm. Since that first week, things have quieted down. The sex hasn’t been as frequent but certainly sweet and satisfying for both of us. I hope to record some of those moments here too– if for nothing else some balance. Thanks so much for your comment and YES! I have read your work and am a fan!

  2. Married Couple says:

    Loved Part Two! The most important thing you said was that it was a lack of communication, not desire, that lead to a sexual disconnect. Too many married couples ignore this incredibly valuable piece of knowledge – and their intimacy flounders as a result. Glad you’ve rediscovered each other!

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