A Little Love at the Office

My line of work forces me to sometime work very long hours.  Fortunately, my wife is patient with this.  When the long hours persisted for more than a week or so, my wife found a way to help me deal with the pressure and stress with a little love in the office.

After we had been married for a little more than a year, I was working on a big project and had a deadline coming and I was very behind.  While at work late one evening, my wife called me and I started venting my frustration that I had too much to do with the time allotted and I was upset that I was working on the project alone.  She asked me if I was all alone at the office and I told her I was.  She then offered to bring me dinner and I told her that that would be wonderful.

A half hour later she showed up to our office and I let her into the building.  We went up to the suite where our offices were and made our way to the conference room so we could sit down together and eat comfortably.  She pulled the food out and we sat down and started eating.

She left her coat on and I asked her if she wanted to take it off.  She replied that she was cold.  I thought this was a little strange but we kept eating.  When we were done eating she asked me if I was really alone.  I told her that we were probably the only ones in the whole building (there are about seven different companies with offices in our building.)  She asked me if anyone would be showing up later, I was puzzled by the questioning and told her that we were the only ones at the office and no one else would arrive until the next morning around 8:00AM.  Her reply to that was, “Good.  It’s time for dessert.”

She walked over to the door and closed it.  She turned around and took off her coat letting it fall to floor.  I was surprised and very pleased to see her standing there wearing nothing but lingerie.  I remember it quite well since it’s still one of my favorite lingerie outfits that my wife wears.  She was wearing a black shear baby doll top with a lace trim, a shear g-string, thigh high stockings and black high heels.  I stood there staring and she knew I was enjoying what I saw.  Not only was she wearing lingerie but she had gone all out, she had just gotten her hair and nails done and had waxed *everything* from the neck down.  (My wife knows that one of my fetishes is a hair free vulva.)

My pants were of course bulging at this point.  She walked seductively back over to the table where we had been eating and sat down on the table.  She reached over to the bag she brought our dinner in and pulled out a can if whip cream and a small plastic container full of strawberries.  She asked me if I wanted to share a strawberry with her and I nodded yes.  She put the strawberry half way into her mouth and beckoned my to bite off the other half.  I did so and we started to kiss passionately.

It wasn’t long before I had the front of her baby doll open and was kissing and massaging her breasts.  She quietly whispered, “It feels so good.   Mmmmm, don’t stop.”  I continued to massage and kiss her breasts when she reach over and grabbed the can of whipping cream and sprayed it around her nipples.  I gently licked off the whipping cream to which she reacted most favorably.

She than stood up and turned around and pulled her panties down to the floor.  From behind I could see her hairless pubic area.  I was so aroused I could hardly contain the passion I had for my wife at that moment.  She turned back around sat and on the table opening her legs wide for me to see her womanhood in all its glory.  She took a strawberry and placed it on the opening of her vagina and I quickly bent down to eat it.  I continued to kiss, lick and caress her pubic area.  I took the whipping cream and gently sprayed it over her vaginal opening and clitoris and licked it off.  She moaned with pleasure as I did this.  Her foot started twitching as it usually does right before she reaches orgasm.  I continued to lick and caress and until I felt her body tense up.  As she climaxed she whispered intensely, “Yes, yes, oh yes.  Don’t stop.  Don’t stop.”

I continued my love making until she stood up and pulled my shirt off.  I quickly slipped off my shoes and she pulled my pant down finally freeing my erect penis.  My pants were quickly off and she moved down as if she were about to perform oral sex on me.  I was too aroused and motioned for her to sit back on the table.  She laid back on the table and wrapped her feet around my neck and I gently inserted me penis into her very wet vagina.  I slowly moved my penis in and out.  I wanted to make the moment last as long as possible but in my state of high arousal, our love making did not last more than 30 seconds.  I had a deep fulfilling climax.  I stood there with my eyes closed for a few moments and looked down at my wife who was lovingly looking back at me.  We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments and whispered that we loved each other.

I started putting my clothes back on while my wife pulled some wipes from her bag and started wiping up the mess I had left inside her.  She then reached down to wipe off my now limp penis.  Usually I’m very ticklish after sex but she was very gentle and I found it some what arousing.  Instead of putting my clothes back on, I sat down and pulled her onto my lap.  We started kissing and caressing each other.  My wife started kissing my neck and moved down to my chest and then down my still limp penis.  She pulled it into her mouth and began to suck and lick.  I sat in the char as my wife’s warm mouth moved lovingly over my penis.  As she performed her oral love making my penis slowly began to swell and return to a full erection while inside of her mouth.

She than stood up and motioned to sit on my lap again.  As she sat down she grabbed my penis and guided it into her vagina.  She slowly lowered herself onto my penis and began moving up and down.  I reached one hand around to her breast and the other to her clitoris.  As she continued her up and down motion, I started to stand up.  In one quick motion, we moved from a sitting position to her leaning over the table supporting herself with her hands while I did the thrusting from behind.  As she reached climax she quietly whispered, “Oh that feels so good.  So good.  Mmmm… go faster.  Yes.  Mmmm… faster.  Faster.  Faster!   Mmmmm…. Yes!  Oh, yes!”  I could feel her body tense up and her vagina contract tightly around my penis.

At this point her vagina was getting a little dry.  She motioned for me to stop.  After I pulled my penis out she turned around and kissed me.  As we stood there kissing I started giggling and told her I couldn’t believe I was standing in our conference room naked with such a beautiful woman.  She asked me if I enjoyed her little surprise.  I told that of course I did.  We laughed a little more about it and I told her how sexy she looked.  I told her she picked out some very sexy lingerie and she looked really hot in it.  I thanked her for going to the effort to wax her pubic hair and how erotic I thought that was.  She smiled and told me that she would do anything for me.

I thought we were done with our love making and would have to finish later that night.  I started to pick up my clothes.  My wife asked me what I was doing as she pulled a tube of KY Jelly from her bag.  I laughed and said something about her having everything in that little bag.  She smiled and said, “You have no idea.”

She put some of the lubricant onto her hand and started to rub it on my penis.  She began to gently stroke my penis.  I stood there in ecstasy and reached down to caress her in a similar fashion.  After I started caressing her clitoris, she reached her other hand down to my scrotum and began massaging my testicles.  It was then my turn to whisper, “Mmmm… that feels so good.  Don’t stop.”

After a few minutes of stroking my wife jokingly asked what was wrong with me and why I hadn’t climaxed.  She reminded me that it didn’t take this long to climax when she had done the same thing to me in the shower.  I smiled and asked her if it were a problem.  She said no and told me that she wished I would last this long more often.  I then told her we should make love more than once at a time.  She smiled, told me that it was up to me and started to put my lubricant on my penis.

She then sat down in on of the chairs and lowered it as far as it would go.  She leaned back and moved her pelvis to the edge of the chair.  I knelt down and inserted my penis again into her vagina.  The chair was at the perfect height for love making.  As knelt there thrusting, I listened to wife moan with pleasure and watched her breasts bounce up and down.  I looked down at her hairless pubic area and watched my penis move in and out of her vagina.  The image was so arousing and erotic.  I wondered to myself how I got so lucky to marry such a beautiful woman.  I was becoming very aroused and new I would climax soon.

As my wife sat in the chair with me keeling in front of her, we were in depths of passion.  Her foot began to twitch and her moaning grew loader and more intense.  As her body tensed up for her third and final climax, I could no longer contain myself and I climaxed to.  It was certainly one of the best orgasms we’ve ever shared.

I didn’t stay at work after that.  We both drove home in our separate cars.  When we got home, she stayed in her lingerie and took my clothes off.  We sat in our small living room and started a fire in the fire place.  We sat cuddling until we both fell asleep.

The next day, I was full of energy and ready to get back to work.  The only problem is, whenever I attend a meeting in the conference room, I can’t help but feel a little aroused and think of my wife with her hair and nails done in her sexy lingerie.

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