The Game

It was a Friday night and we were–well–how to say it politely?

Hot for one another.

My wife and I needed each other. We wanted each other. We desired each other.

But it was a Friday night, a Friday night with kids. That meant our together time would have to wait –till late at night after everybody else had gone to sleep.

Luckily, the local high school basketball team was playing in town that night. We usually went to the games. But with three school-aged kids, all of the age where they couldn’t drive but would rather sit in the bleachers with their friends than us, it was usually just us sitting with other adults anyway.

We were contemplating our evening plans when my wife gave me an option.

“It’s either alone with me for two hours or the game,” whispered my wife to me as we stood quietly in an upstairs hallway. For added emphasis, she squeezed my behind. With both hands. Hard.

I gasped. “I was thinking maybe I would just stay home and listen to the game on the radio.”

My wife laughed and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “An excellent choice!”

So without much fanfare, we had a quick dinner and then I offered to drive the kids to the game. As the children headed out the door (with their cell phones and our money in hand) and with me behind them, I turned one more time to my wife. She smiled and then blew me a kiss.

“Hurry home,” she said.

With that image helping to create a stir in my pants, I quickly, but safely drove the kids to the school gym, got them into the building, made sure they were with their friends and then headed home — admittedly at a faster speed than I had left. I got home and rushed inside.

She wasn’t on the main floor of the house. But I could hear the sounds of the radio wafting from upstairs. From the bottom of the stairs, I saw a small light shining from the main bedroom.

I hurried upstairs, turned right and then right again into our bedroom. The lights were off, but two scented candles were lit, casting a glow on the room. Heard on the radio was the local station’s broadcast of the high school game that our children were at. The pregame show had just begun.

Standing in the middle of the room, by the foot of the bed, was her. The candles cast a lovely shadow on her lovely face.

“Do you like my uniform?” She wore nothing on top, allowing me to see her beautiful upper body. She wore nothing but silk satin, red panties and a smile.

I walked towards her, gathering her into my arms as I spoke. “Best one I ever saw.”

And then we kissed with great passion and urgency. My hands walked their way down my wife’s naked back and underneath her panties to where I could touch and squeeze her flesh with both hands. She softly moaned.  In return, my wife snaked her hands under my sweater, where she rubbed my back and then guided her fingernails up and down my spine. I shivered at her touch.

Finally, my wife pulled away from my embrace and said, “You are wearing way too many clothes for a Friday night. Let me help you.”

First she pulled the sweater up over my head. My wife caressed my bare chest with her hands; stopping only to kiss each nipple. She didn’t linger long before she knelt in front of me.

She started untying and removing my shoes. The socks came next. My wife shifted her body so we could looked into each other’s eyes as she moved to my pants.

No words were exchanged as we watched each other.  I could feel her touch as she undid my belt and unfasten the button on my jeans. I heard the zipper being pulled down and felt her hands extend to both sides of my pants. She slowly pulled the pants off my waist, down my legs and to my feet. She held my hand as I stepped out of them.

All that was left was my underwear which now featured a bulge in the middle. Once again my wife repositioned herself on her knees in front of me. She moved forward and softly kissed my penis through the fabric.

She kissed it again and then hooked her fingers on both sides of my underwear, sliding them down to my feet and allowing my member to fully extend itself. My wife sighed as she saw my penis in front of her and she kissed its tip, once again sending a tremor through my body.

I helped her from her knees. I placed my erection flat against her stomach so I could hold her close. She whispered in my ear.

“I love your penis,” she said in a husky, sexy voice. “You and it have made me a woman, a wife and a mother. I can’t wait to touch and feel it again.”

Aroused even more by her words and actions, I kissed her again and then quickly spun her around. This time my penis was flat against her backside. As I held her close, my hands explored her front. My right hand stayed up top, rubbing each breast and pinching each nipple.

The left hand went lower, moving slowly from her chest, down across her stomach and settling on her silk panties. I began rubbing her love entrance through the silk. I could feel her clitoris with my fingers.

My wife responded to the touch by grinding her rear end into my shaft, She reached her arm around my neck, bringing my head and mouth closer to hers. Once again we kissed deeply; the kissing becoming more frantic as I continued to touch, stroke and probe her body.

Finally we uncoupled, my wife turned towards me and smiled. “I think it is time for you to see what you have been touching,” she whispered.

Using her hands, she slowly pushed down her satin panties until she stood completely nude and in all her physical beauty. I could already smell her personal sweet aroma as the candlelight danced across her body. My wife reached out, took my erection into her soft hand and slowly walked me to our bed.

As we climbed into our love nest, we could hear the game begin on the radio.

“Now that we have had our warmup, we can start our game,” my wife giggled, as she slid into bed.

I pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear. “I hope this game goes into overtime.”

We lost ourselves in each other.  We rolled from one side of the bed to the other; exchanging positions, but never losing contact. We kissed, tantalized, touched, stroked and pleasured each other. I sucked her nipples while she used her mouth and tongue on my penis. I probed her private entrance with my fingers and  my tongue to lick up her wetness. Her hands massaged my groin area.

Our conversation consisted of loud and soft moans and quiet words of love and intimacy. While we could hear the game on the radio; we were in our own private environment. It was just her and me.

Near the end of the first quarter, I was between her legs, stroking her thighs and planting small kisses on her stomach and around her entrance. She put her hand on my head.

“Please,” she said. “I need you now.”

I sat up on my knees, moved forward and pushed her legs high above my shoulders. My wife reached down and guided my penis into her. I watched her eyes as I moved farther into her chamber.

My wife gently put her hand to my face and smiled.  “You entering me never gets old,” she whispered.

I leaned down to kiss her again. “To me, it is the safest place in the world.”

With her hands on my back and behind, I started moving back and forth. I kept looking at my wife, watching her face. As I continued to thrust, I could see she was moving closer to the edge. She began to moan more, her eyes closed and she arched her back.

Faster and faster I went. I could feel the slap of our middles meeting and watching her close in on her climax, only heightened my desire.

As I kept moving into her, I could feel the walls of her vagina closed in on my penis. She tilted her head and grabbed my arms with her hands.

“OH MY!” she cried out as the waves of orgasm overwhelmed her.

Watching her was too much for me as I felt the same sensation and let loose my stream into her.

A few minutes later, we laid in each other’s arms, listening to the game move into the second quarter. I was hoping we had not finished for the night. Apparently neither did she.

My wife propped herself on one elbow, looked at me, smiled and moved her left hand down to my groin. She started to squeeze my penis back to life.  She nodded to the radio that was located on a table over my shoulder.

“Hmmmm…three more quarters left?” said my wife, as she kept squeezing. “What are we going to do?”

I gently rolled her over onto her back and kissed her once again. “We are smart people,” I said. “We will think of something.”

And once again, we made wonderful love. This time, she took control, rolling back on top of me. My wife sat on my waist, putting my penis length-wise onto my stomach, rubbing her slit back and forth on my growing member. She moved slowly before raising herself high enough to insert me into her. We both sighed as she slid down me.

“I so like the view from up here,” she said, her light brown hair falling on both sides of her face. I could see her smile in the candlelight. And with that, she began moving up and down. I could see my penis appear and then disappear again in her.

As she moved, her breasts swayed from side to side. Once, I pulled her closer to me so I could  suck on both nipples. But she broke free, remaining fully upright. Up and down she went, her pace quickening. I watched as she once again moved closer to climax. Her eyes closed, the fingers of her right hand began working through her beautiful long hair while the fingers on her left were used to pinch the nipples on her breasts.

I tried to match her rhythm.  I bucked upwards while she thrust downwards. The noise of our bodies increased as our desire increased. As I moved upwards, I could feel the next surge start to creep up through my groin and into my penis.

“I can’t hold out any longer,” I moaned as I felt the stream enter her. My wife stopped moving on top of me, placed both hands on my chest and braced. “Neither can I,” she gasped, shuddering as she was overcome again.

We could hear the game broadcast work its way through halftime and then into the third quarter. We laid there together again, enjoying each other’s company. We talked, we touched, we prayed, we laughed. Holding my wife anywhere, anytime is special. But after such intimacy even more so.

“You will never know how I much I love you,” I told her, stroking her hair as her head was on my chest.

She giggled and kissed my hand. “You are doing a pretty good job of that tonight.”

The game approached the end of the third quarter. With the home team comfortably ahead, we knew we didn’t have much time left before we had to leave our sanctuary and I had to pick up the children.

My wife touched my arm. “What do you say we try to beat the clock one more time?”

“I am game if you are,” I replied. With that, I rolled her onto her back and with me on my side, I placed her left leg over my hip. I then slid horizontally toward her middle and waiting entrance. My member was not as erect before but that changed as my wife took it and slipped into her.

“Oh my,” she whispered. “I can feel it grow inside me.”

That is all the incentive I needed to start moving in and out of quickly. I pushed hard into my wife, causing her breasts to move and her to moan. When I saw that, I pushed even harder. Even after a full night of lovemaking, it didn’t take long until my wife grabbed both of my hands and squeezed. I could feel her body move as she reached another orgasm. As she ended her climax, I felt one final stream leave me and enter her.  She didn’t let go of my hands until I stopped shaking.

After my drained penis finally slipped from inside her, I helped my beloved out of bed. I watched her get dressed and prepare to greet the children. The game only had three minutes left. Before I left the bedroom to head to the school, I made sure to kiss my wife once again.

“Anytime you think we should stay home and listen to the game on the radio, I will be more than willing,” I said.

After I brought the three children home, they all trooped into where my wife was waiting. As she ushered the three into the kitchen, she asked the youngest, “Who won?”

The girl exclaimed, “We did!”

My wife following behind them, turned towards me, smiled and blew me another kiss. “So did we.”



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4 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I really like how you were both thinking on the same wave length about how to make it happen – and yet were still totally committed to being responsible about your kids well-being!

    The love you both shared together made for a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

  2. Joo Densen-Byo says:

    Mmm… I too find this story interesting… keeping mind of the children whilst still in the woes of lovemaking… I find this adoring for humans… always taking care of each other… ta, ta!

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