Under the Bridge

It was date night.  We had some dinner and then went to see Mad Max at the movie theater. It was very late and, other than one couple several rows in front of us, we had the theater to ourselves. We sat down and reclined our seats, enjoying some popcorn and soda. The lights dimmed and she leaned against my shoulder.

At a slower scene in the movie, she brought her fingers up to my nose and I could smell her pussy juices. She pulled her fingers apart so I could see a string of her slippery wetness stretched between them.

She was wearing a short cotton skirt and a low cut blouse. I reached over and slowly slid my hand up her inner leg, lightly caressing it with my fingers. I love the part of her body where her legs meet her ass. My hand climbed further up and spent some time there, caressing her. I still hadn’t encountered any panties.

Finally, I slid my hand up even further and came to her pubic hair and then – aha! – a thong. I pulled it to the side and slid my finger up her pussy lips which were slick with lubrication.

I carefully spread her lips and penetrated her with my finger, then pulled the slickness I found inside up to the top of her pussy. Lightly, I rubbed her clit, causing her hips to slowly buck. Her pussy lips felt so full.

I continue to mess with her legs and ass. She pulled her blouse down, showing off more of her gorgeous titties. I was getting really hot and bothered, and my cock was hard as a rock.

She whispered in my ear,“My turn,” then reached over and felt how hard she had made me. Slowly she reached into my sweatpants and pushed the waistband under my cock and balls.

With my cock now in plain view, she then reached down underneath her skirt. She worked her fingers into her soaking pussy and slid her hand, covered in her slippery wetness, up and down my shaft.

Now it was my turn to buck with pleasure. She kept at it for a few minutes, but the movie got too exciting and we went back to watching.

Once the movie ended, we waited until the other couple left. Then she got up, slid her panties down her legs, stepped out of them and put them in my hand.

I also stood and put the thong in my pocket, then wrapped my arms around her from behind. I cupped her breasts through her clothing, then slid them down the sides of her body until I could feel her bare ass.

She twisted her upper body around and opened her mouth and we kissed, sliding our tongues together. My cock was instantly hard again, and I grasped her hips and pulled her to me, grinding it against her ass. She whispered that she was so wet her juices were running down her leg.

We walked outside and looked for a dark corner to make out. The back of the parking lot of the movie theater was right next to a bike trail running along a river.

It was springtime, so the river was high. The cool night air and the sound of the rushing water were exhilarating. Further up the trail, the river had flooded over the path in several places, so no one was using it.

We walked up the trail, stopping several times to kiss and fondle each other, until we got where it went under a bridge. There was supposed to be a light under the bridge but the bulb was out, so it was completely dark.

We continued to grope and kiss each other as our eyes became more accustomed to the dark.

On one side of the path there was a heavy metal pole fence about four feet high. It was there to protect people from going off the trail because the rocky ground sloped quickly away to the river. There were poles running horizontally about a foot apart making the fence almost like a ladder.

My wife looked around, satisfying herself that we were alone. She climbed up and sat on the top of the fence, placed her feet on a lower rail and spread her legs, revealing her incredibly slick pussy at nearly my face level. Her pussy hair was trimmed in a landing strip about an inch wide and only went up an inch or so above her clit, which absolutely drives me crazy.

I bent over a little and began to lick her pussy from bottom to top, cleaning the juices off her lips and inner legs as she moaned in pleasure. (How I love the taste of her juices!) I then slid a finger inside, making a ‘come here’ motion while licking and sucking her clit.

Her hips bucked and she softly moaned with every stroke of my tongue. She said, “Dammit, I want you inside me,” and jumped down. Pressing me back against the fence, she pulled her shirt down, fully exposing her tits and said, “Suck me, baby.” I grasped them in my hands and kneaded them firmly while swirling my tongue around each nipple.

She pulled down the front of my sweatpants, grabbed my cock, and began to slide it up and down the lips of her drowning wet pussy.

Since I am nearly a foot taller than her, I leaned back and sat my ass on one of the lower fence rails, spreading my legs to make myself lower.

She stood with her legs together between mine and slowly impaled herself on my cock. Taking her time, she slid her engorged pussy up and down the shaft. “Suck my nipples harder. baby,” she said and of course I obliged.

I slid my hands down her sides and under her skirt and grabbed her bubbly ass, pulling her harder against me. The silky smooth folds of her pussy felt so good on my cock and her ass massaging my balls was driving me crazy.

“Oh, baby, the mushroom head of your cock is flicking my clit and g-spot just right,” she said in a ragged voice.

I could feel her ass begin to tighten and then she began to cum. Her pussy clenched my cock with each spasm as she rode out the orgasm, moaning loudly with every wave. As the orgasm subsided I stood up and pulled my waistband back up. She leaned into me, putting her head against my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her and just held her there. “I love you so much, baby,” I told her as I stroked her face and hair.

“Baby, I love you, too. That was an amazing orgasm,” she said.

After a few minutes, she had recovered enough and pulled my cock and balls out of my sweatpants again. She was so horny from the first orgasm that there was no teasing or foreplay.

I leaned back on the fence, this time supporting myself with my arms and holding my legs together.

She spread her legs and slid back onto my cock, even wetter than before. She said, “Baby, I want to cum again.” She grabbed my t-shirt at my chest with one hand and started bouncing up and down, grinding her clit on my shaft with every stroke. Her ass brushed against my balls when she bounced, making my cock ache for release.

Soon her head tilted back and she said, “Your dick is flicking me just right. I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuum.” And then she was moaning again with wave after wave of ecstasy.

After that, she could barely stand and I held her again until she regained her composure. She said, “I guess it’s your turn now, big boy.”

I sat on the fence and she devoured my cock, sucking it expertly with her long tongue. “Wow, I was crazy wet, huh?” she said as she licked her wetness off my shaft.

It didn’t take long before I was again on the edge of an orgasm. I told her, “Baby, I want to cum in that wet pussy.”

She stopped sucking, leaned over the fence and lifted her skirt, showing me her naked ass. I jumped down and plunged my cock into her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby!” she said.

I grabbed her hips and began to pound her pussy from behind, my balls smacking her voluptuous ass. Soon I was groaning in ecstasy as I filled her over and over with my cum. Afterward, I had to lean against the fence. I had come so hard I was out of breath and weak in the knees.

We walked back to the car. On the way she had to stop twice to squat and squirt out the crazy amount of cum that I had filled her with.

The sex had been so good that a few weeks later we decided to try out the spot again. But, by that time, the light had been fixed and the flooding had subsided. There was no way to get the privacy we needed.

I still get a little smile every time I drive by that place, remembering that awesome night of sex.

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