Bucket List N°1: Car Sex

My husband and I are still very young and recently reached our one-year wedding anniversary. Neither one of us had sex prior to marriage, so it’s pretty exciting trying all kind of things with each other. I tend to have a stronger sexual drive and more fantasies. One night, I came across a bucket list idea… a sexy bucket list. I put a few things on my list including where I want to have sex, when, how etc. One night I got to cross a big one off… road sex.

We had just left his parents house for a six-hour drive. I knew I had plenty of time to build the courage to try this out.

I love car rides. I’m sure it’s partly because, as a young engaged couple, we would fool around when we were alone on road trips. He would grab my butt inconspicuously as he drove. I’d lean in sometimes to kiss him on the neck and play with his hair.

Once, we were driving and I decided to rest my head in his lap since the car has no console in the center. He started out petting my side and my hair but would rest his arm on me here and there. When his fingers would graze the side of my breast, I could feel him twitch but restrain himself. I wanted to see how long this would last. Roughly 20 minutes later, I held his hand and slid it over my breast. With my hand wrapped around his, he cupped my tit and squeezed. And squeezed. And squeezed, until it became a massaging motion. I was slowly writhing.

That was the extent of that experience. But reminiscing about that and other experiences got me hot. I finally told him how badly I wanted him. He had to pull over to buy condoms and, while he was away, I read stories of road head to keep my mind roaring.

We finally got back on the road but made a detour, as it was already late. We took a very dark backroad. Finally, we found a stretch that was between houses and covered in foliage. As we pulled to the side, he shut off the engine. He leaned his seat back to make room and get comfortable.

My heart was beating out of my chest and desire driving me out of my mind. I reached over to kiss him and he grabbed my hair with one hand and held my butt with the other. I slowly moved my body against his. He trailed his lips down my neck and squeezed my butt as I reached toward his crotch. We took a moment to breathe and I realized he’d gotten so hard. He whipped out his member and slid a condom over it while I slipped my panties off.

The idea of being caught pushed urgency on us and built the tension. I threw my legs, spread apart, over him and lifted up my skirt to slide him into me.

He ran his hands under my shirt. There was no time to undo my bra so he just went after my breast, squeezing while I moved up and down. Faster and faster, I rode him while telling him to whisper in my ear what he likes about me and what we’re doing. I took his hand and shoved it down my bra. He grabbed and twisted my nipple while I moaned, thrusting him in and out of me. I orgasmed when his other hand went from squeezing my butt cheeks to pulling my head back by my hair so he could kiss me. He moaned and huffed, “Oh, yeah, baby. Ughhhh.” While I climaxed, he ran his nails down my back. Hard. I grabbed his hair and shoved his face into my breasts as I rode off the end of the orgasm.

I kissed him tenderly to tell him I was satisfied. But I knew he wasn’t finished. I got myself together and we headed back to the main road. He kept his penis out; it was so dark no one could see in. I told him to be careful so we wouldn’t get pulled over, but the risk is the best part.

While he drove, I inconspicuously kept my hand on his shaft. I groped, slid, and twisted his still hard, throbbing manhood. He kept a straight face but his breathing told me the truth.

Slowly I leaned over with my grip still on him and, little by little, slid him into my mouth. My head was slowly going up and down. I was uncomfortable but I didn’t care because it was so hot! I knew he was enjoying it when he grabbed my hair and took control. Oh, my! He shoved my head up and down on him. I noticed a trucker was coming up but accepted that he might get a free show because this was too hot for me to try to stop.  I could feel him getting warm as he moaned and climaxed.

We cleaned up, both satisfied. And I just can’t wait to do it again. Cross one off my bucket list. Check!

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4 replies
  1. MarriedWithToys says:

    That's an awesome start to the bucket list. My wife and I have tried that many times, but just can't seem to pull it off. We should probably all print this off and leave it in the glove compartment. I'd much rather find that than my AAA card.

  2. Lovinghusband says:


    What a great experience. My wife and I prior to marriage had a couple of long drives where we refrained from going too far. But in our marriage we've had a number of memorable car sex moments (I've written a couple of stories on them). Your story was described very well. I would guess you will have many such car times in the future! God bless you both. LH

  3. CMLove says:

    loved this post, bucketlistlove! Thanks for sharing! My hubby and I had a long distance daring relationship so we had many many many makeout sessions on dark lonely roads! By God's grace, He kept us from going farther but, let me tell you, I still get wet thinking about those years. Hooo baby!
    Your story reminded me of those times and it was so well written, well done! At this season in our lives we have three small boys and they're always with us on road trips so no car sex for the foreseeable future but hopefully someday! There's really nothing like it!

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