Vacation – Delightful Afternoon Novel

The day had been ideal. We had rented a large two bedroom condo on the sixth floor that had two balconies with the master bedroom on the back with a view, but far enough away from our three children’s bedroom for needed privacy. The morning had included early morning cuddling while listening to the ocean waves, that had naturally progressed into early morning lovemaking. The lazy sleepy kind that is relieving for me and sets the stage for physical closeness for my beautiful wife. I then take an early morning walk on the beach while my wife sleeps in with the kids. When they awake there is coffee, cereal, and donuts.

The morning follows with a trip to the beach for shells, then the pool, the hot tub, my wife laying out and the kids playing with dad in the waves. Early afternoon is cold drinks, sandwiches, home made milk shakes and then back to the pool until the sun gets too hot. The kids veg in the overstuffed furniture in the front room and play video games and listen to their music. I go back to the beach and take a walk. The young couples in love catch my attention and the tan skin of the ladies laying out affect me without me realizing what is happening. That causes me to think of my wife and how attractive she is and how I would like to be looking at her. She knows that I am turned on by being able to view where her tan lines end. In our bedroom, even during the daytime, she dresses with my preference in mind.

I decide to go up to the room, where I think she may be asleep. Fortunately, she is sitting in an oversized wicker chair relaxing while reading a new Christian romance novel. She ask about the kids and when I reassure her they are all occupied she relaxes even more and tells me how much she is enjoying her novel. I tell her she is beautiful and that I could spend the afternoon enjoying watching her enjoy her novel. She laughs and pull ovep my shirt she is wearing exposing most of her breasts. I gasp and she smiles….”what” she asks….knowing the answer. “Is that an invitation” I ask. She says, oh…I am really enjoying this book for now. I tell her Ok and I’ll try to cool off in the shower.

In the shower I continue to get turned on, but know that I should let her relax with her novel Despite my nobel intentions my body is shouting “no”. I come out of the bathroom and dry off. She has pulled her feet up and is hanging her legs off one side of the chair. My shirt is pulled up and I can see the smooth curve of her shapely hips and bottom. The pale skin above her tan line gives the illusion of see through pale panties. I am definitely turned on!

I ask her if I will bother her by sitting on the floor by the chair while she reads. She say no, and motions me to kiss her. I stand over her now having a full view of her breasts and her semi erect nipples poking out through the poplin shirt. She accepts my kiss and draws my tongue into her mouth…her “French” has always enticed me and today was no exception. She pulled away to go back to her book and swung her legs in front of her with both feet flat on the floor. Her eyes’ followed my lusty gaze and she slowly opened her legs a few inches.

My wife is the only woman that I have ever been with, as we were both virgins at the time of our marriage, but I am convinced that her “pussy” as we call it is without equal. Today, pale, but soft pink lips are relaxed but puffy. She shaves completely when we go to the beach and she knows that beach vacations are my favorite partially for that very reason. Wow….is all I can say.

“Try to control yourself,” she chides me and then opens her legs a little wider. She has my complete attention, but then asks me if I mind if she goes back to reading. No, that’s OK I reassure her, lying through my teeth. Just let me sit here and enjoy the view.

My sexy wife went back to reading and I sat staring at her pink flower. After about ten minutes, I asked her to put each leg over the opposite arms of the wicker chair and scoot forward so I could savor the view. She complied and after seeing that I was going to let her continue to read she became engrossed in her book again. I waited several minutes and then quietly asked her if I could touch herself lightly. She said I could, but did she need to stop reading. I said “no, just relax”. She said she was so into the book she didn’t think she could “come” even if I played with her or made love to her. I told her not to worry about it but to keep reading and stay focused on her book.

I started by rubbing her leg – not to lightly, which would have aroused her quickly – but touching all around her secret garden. She didn’t seem to notice but I started to see her getting a little wet with her juice starting to show at the opening of her lips. I then started kissing her legs and then on the side of her pussy lips and harder kisses above her vagina. She sighed and asked “honey” do I need to stop reading? Again, I told her no, just keep reading and try to forget about me.

My wife enjoys oral seek some, but seldom comes and usually says it takes too long and asks me to use her favorite vibrator. This afternoon I started to make out with her lips with firm steady kisses with no expectation and no time limit. Because she was reading she lost track of time and although her mind was engaging only with her story, her body was screaming to me. She became very wet and her lips swelled and her clit was exposed to my view and the object of my tongue. I licked up her slit starting at the bottom of her opening and traveling to her erect and now swollen clit. I circled it with my tongue and then engulfed it with my mouth. I sucked it until it stuck out, but I moved very slowly with similar pressure. She was starting to rotate her hips without even realizing what she was doing.

I looked up and to my amazement and approval she had taken off my shirt and both of her breasts were exposed and her nipples were erect and pointed. The reason? She had been rubbing her breasts and pulling on her nipples, first one and then the other without even realizing what she was doing. It had been twenty-five minutes of my mouth buried between her legs and she was wet and hot, yet totally engrossed in her novel. (She later told me she was reading a romantic portion and although not overtly sexual it was turning her on as she read how the young bride in the novel was describing her lover.) She would have asked me to stop twenty minutes earlier if it had not been for the story, but now she was hot with desire.

She began to moan and whisper soft “yeses….oh….yesssss”. I did not change my pace or what I was doing, I just kept going. Her juice was salty from the early mooring swim in the ocean…or did she always taste like that? And, her skin was soft and clean from the shower she had taken prior to reading her book. I dove deep into her love canal with my tongue and then focused on her clit. She had now put the book down and was actually going to come. I slid her further out on the chair and began to suck her clit in and out of my tight lips. I looked and she was pulling on both nipples and her breasts were firm and full. I inserted on finger inside her and started to stroke her G Spot. It was more than she could take. She wrapper her legs over my back, but opened her pelvic even wider to me. She was breathing heavy and fast savoring the expected pleasure and yearning for the explosion of release she wanted so desperately to come.

I very gently stroked her clit with my teeth and then massaged it with my tongue, until I felt the best feeling as I felt her shudder, stiffen, and then buck her pussy hard against my mouth. I had helped her climax from long slow oral sex. She continued to climax for thirty seconds and then went limp in my arms as I kissed her on her mouth. We stumbled to the bed where we both fell asleep, as she told me how much she loved me and said she had plans of her own for me later tonight.

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