Rekindled Love

It had been a long time since we had actually done anything adventurous or slightly daring within our intimate times. Usually we found ourselves physically exhausted by the week or the day and found ourselves falling asleep before we could pursue any type of sexual intimacy.

My dear wife and I had longed for a vacation where we were by ourselves, able to be alone and just to rest from our harried lives. Those days are treasured because of the time we took to envelop ourselves in each other and to rekindle our love.

We found a small inn that featured complete privacy, secluded outdoor spa and a walk down to a small lake that sparkled like diamonds when the sun rose across the hill.

The sunlight streamed into the room one morning and we awoke to a glorious day. No one else was at the inn, so we were able to casually enjoy a light breakfast and linger at the table. By the time we were finished the sun was fairly high in the sky and I suggested we go down to the lake for a swim and some sun.

The owner of the inn had informed us that they would be gone for the morning and that no one else was expected to check in for at least two days. Knowing we would be all alone, we decided to do some old fashioned “skinny dippin”. As we walked down the path, I hoped that this would spark some of the excitement that had been missing from our relationship.

As we neared the lake, we found a splendid spot and laid our towels on the soft grass. It didn’t take long for us to drop our shorts and shirts and be in the water. The first dive into the water had us gasping for air, as the water was brisk. Jan jumped up with her hair shining, but the thing I noticed were her beautiful breasts, with her nipples reacting to the water. I quickly swam over to her and we began to play like kids; tickling, grabbing and even trying to duck each other under the water. Suddenly the play turned to passion as our bodies rubbed against each other and the glistening skin excited us.

In a flash, Jan reached down and began to stroke my penis and balls, which made me jump like a fish on a hook. She wouldn’t let go and I began to stroke her bottom and slowly found her becoming more and more excited. My fingers found their way into her love spot and we began to play with each other more and more. My penis was growing enormously, much more than usual and was aching for release. However, when I tried to move in, she let go and shook her finger saying “Not yet, I am just getting warmed up”. She then turned around and ran out of the lake, plopping down on the blanket we had laid on the grass. She raised herself up, allowing her breasts to swing toward me and I just about drowned myself trying to get out of the water.

As I approached, with my penis purple and a mind of its own, she reached for me and surprised me by taking me into her mouth, something she had never done before. My love was pleasuring me with a desire I had had for years, yet had never been fulfilled. As she was kissing and stroking me, I reached for her and pulled her up to her full height. We began kissing and caressing and fondling each other like never before, building to a climax without even any intercourse. As our passion built, Jan pulled me down to the ground and spread her legs widely for me to see her beauty in all its splendor. She was wetter than she had been in many months and my penis slid easily into her vagina, we rocked together for a long time and suddenly a most explosive climax hit us at the same time.

We lay together for a long time, allowing the sun to warm us and to revel in the beauty of the love that God had for us in rediscovering our passion. The lake invited us again and we spent a lot of time there that day.

The rest of the week passed quickly, with most of our time spent relaxing casually in the bungalow, in the spa and at the lake. We didn’t wear out our clothes either.

We can’t wait for another opportunity to explore our love again.

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