You Belong to Me

Just as I was leaving for work, you stopped me at the bedroom door, lustily hissed “I need to do this to you!”.

Swiftly you unbuckled my pants, let them drop to the floor and seductively shoved your hand into my underwear and delectably shoved them also to my feet and attacked my now enlarged shaft.  Your kissing, sucking and bobbing of your head gave me a sexual urge that screamed for release.


Your moaning while you made love to my penis drove me wild. You reached around to grasp my buttocks and when you gave me eye contact, I was stunned by the look of your lust for me. Only a woman madly in love with her life long partner can give a look like that. It was full of trust, longing and desire to please me completely.

I relaxed (as best as I could) against the wall and let my wife continue her lust on my body.

“Wendy…I’m gunna cum!” my now ragged breathing gasped out.

Wendy took me out of her mouth for a moment, but continued to erotically stroke me

“That’s the goal my love!  I love it when you pulsate into me.”  She swallowed me again and continued her sweet loving.

I looked down at my lusting wife, ran my hand through her golden locks. In the delirium of love, I thanked my God for Him sending Wendy my way.  A Christian wife who becomes a love machine in our marital bed, performing an erotic act of love on me with no inhibitions.

My legs trembled, an early sign of the cumming explosion. It didn’t take long.

“A-A-A-R-G!”, I yelped as I released my love stream into my wife’s mouth.  She didn’t take out my love shaft but continued to suck me dry (if she could).  The feeling of the release into the warm moisture of her mouth was incredible. It didn’t match me releasing into her pulsating vagina as she would attempt to squeeze down on my shaft as I ejaculated into her, but this was a VERY close second.

It took a few minutes of heavy breathing to come back to normal.

Wendy finally let my rod slither out of her mouth.

We quickly cleaned up, and as I hitched up my pants and straightened out my shirt, Wendy kissed me deeply and quietly said, “You belong to me. More of that tonight when you get home. Drive safely but be anxious to come home. I’ll be waiting!”

She winked her eye.

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