Our First Time

The way he looked at me was intoxicating.  He was almost tortured by desire.  Never before had my body been available for him to take in completely.  I’ve never seen him more in love with me than in that moment.

I moved over to him from across the room and gently ran my fingers across his wonderfully broad chest.  He pulled me close and we shared the deepest, most passionate kiss we’ve ever experienced.

His hands began rubbing across my body, slowly finding the lace and smoothly removing it.  He pulled back to stare.  This simple gesture made me want him even more.  I could just feel myself getting wet, anticipating what was to come.

I could tell his breathing was getting more steadily pronounced as I slid my hand down his rock hard shaft.  I wanted him badly.  The desire was pulsing through my entire body as he pulled me onto the bed with him.

As we wrapped ourselves around each other, he started to pull away and bend his head to kiss my breasts, taking his time with my erect nipples as he ran his tongue over me.  It was all I could take.

I pulled him close and made him feel my wetness.  He couldn’t wait any longer.  With one thrust, he was deep inside me.  It took my breath away.  I had never felt such bliss.

He began moving above me and I met his every thrust.  As we stared deep in each others eyes I’d never been more in love with him.

Time did not exist as I was brought closer and closer to climax.  I could tell by the burning in his eyes and with the intense way he wrapped his fingers in my hair that he was inching closer and closer too.

All of a sudden, it was all I could bear.  I tensed just on the edge of ecstasy right as I heard him gasp.  All at once I let go, pulling him even closer.  I was trembling with the intense jolts from my orgasm all while taking in his expression of lust.

Slowly we started to relax and come back from our intense whirlwind of physical pleasure mixed with raw emotion.  He ran his finger down my jawline as he gazed at me with love.  I had never been happier than in that moment.

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