Married Bliss

I was in desperate need of a haircut once again. Preferring to keep it fairly short, it had crept over my ears a bit by my procrastination. But deep down I always look forward to a trim because my lovely wife is my barber. I love those snippets of times because it can be such a sensual time for me. So I approached her with an offer.

“Can you give me a haircut this weekend? In exchange, I’ll give you a back rub,” I said.

She enthusiastically said, “I can do it right now if you’re ready.”

“Sure!” was my quick response.

I headed to the bathroom, took off my shirt, and began to soak my hair. As I stood in front of the mirror, I saw the cool water trickle down my bare chest. It felt really good on this hot summer afternoon. I paused there reflecting on what a great wife I have. Again and again I’m reminded of how caring and supportive she is. And how sexy she is. I thought about flirting with her and making love to her later. In that short instant lustful desires began to stir in me.

Returning to the kitchen, I sat down in the chair and leaned back. My wife draped a towel across my shoulders, securing it in front with a pin. I was keenly aware of her hands touching my shoulders and bare chest. It made even more horny than I already was. As she began to trim me, her fingers ran through my hair. They were pulling my hair, massaging the scalp and relaxing me. I sighed, “Oh, that feels great.” Her fingers were connected to my heart, or maybe somewhere else as it were. I closed my eyes and immediately began to fantasize about making love to her.

In my imagination I was going down on her, softly kissing her all over. First her cheeks, lips, and neck. Next, her tender breasts. Then her inner thighs, as she spread her soft folds open for me. They were moist with anticipation and want. As I neared, her familiar aroma wafted through my senses. As my fingers took over, hers ran through my hair and tugged my head toward her pussy. My tongue parted her inner lips and honey poured out for me. The taste of her ignited my lust. My tongue danced and curled to draw in all I could get. I nuzzled into her clitoris, lightly stroking my tongue from side to side. Soon, her hips bucked heavenward and she cried out my name in heated passion. “I need more,” she begged. “I need you in me!”

Suddenly, my daydreams were interrupted. I was back in the barber’s chair getting that haircut from my wife. As she was maneuvering around me her legs tangled in mine. Have you ever so badly wanted to continue a dream that you were awoken from? That’s exactly what I wanted now, but it wasn’t to be. I smiled as my fantasy faded, thinking how I really get a kick out of giving her oral pleasure. I was back to reality, but was left with a pleasurable memory and a bit of an erection.

Well, a few moments later it happened again that she brushed against my legs. It was as if on purpose and I wondered, even hoped, that maybe she was horny too. She was wearing shorts and her bare calf touched mine. I reached out to touch her thigh and give her a loving pat. But I was really hoping to get the sexual ‘green light’ from her.

Leaning over in front of me, she gave me a soft sensual kiss. Her posture, and a loose fitting top, revealed the sexy blue-gray demi bra I once bought her. Her full breasts were amply displayed and her cleavage aroused me even more. Letting her know that I got a good peek, I reached out to unbutton her top a little further than it already was. Running my fingers over the silky material I brushed over a firm nipple.

We exchanged glances as we both giggled. She unzipped my pants, guessing I needed some extra room down there. And I sure did! It’s a playful side of her that’s so much fun. Underneath I was wearing the soft blue cotton boxer shorts she bought me for my birthday. She reached deep down inside to free my penis, and then stretched out the elastic band to get a playful look. Teasingly, she sprayed some water down my crotch to cool me off, but we both knew it wouldn’t do any good.

She continued the trim but paused to kiss and nibble at my ear. Then her hand explored my pecs and she whispered in my ear exactly what she wanted from me. “I want your fingers running through my hair too. I want a scalp massage,” she said. But she wanted something more. “Then I want you to make love to me so my whole body tingles in pleasure.”

I reminded her, “You need to finish what you started… the haircut that is.”

As soon as she finished the trim, I finished unbuttoning her blouse. Then I unzipped her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. She was wearing lace panties that matched her bra. A patch of pubic hair faintly showed through them. With a light touch I felt she was wet, and little did I know, ready to stir up some more action. She kicked her shorts aside, pulled off her panties, and slowly slid them down my face. I could smell her sweet intoxicating aroma in them. It always drives me crazy. Then she teased my very erect penis with their silky texture. Tying them in a knot around the base of my shaft got me thick and hard. I felt like I was going to burst.

Immediately she straddled me to sit on my lap. With her blouse now draping open, her lovely breasts were greeting me, even begging for kisses. I began to give her a gentle shoulder rub as my member throbbed below her. She began to place soft kisses all over my chest and it sent goose bumps down the back of my neck. As I reached behind her trying to undo her bra strap, she took me halfway in her. All I could manage was to linger on the soft skin on either side of her spine. I put my hands on her waist, closed my eyes, and thought how stimulating her aggressive actions were.

My hazy eyes tried to turn back to the things at hand. She had me pinned to the chair and she was in complete control. The feeling inside her was warm and wonderful. Rocking on me, I watched her breasts gently bounce in front of me. Then I felt her clamp down on me like a vise. I soon felt myself spilling my seed even before the first wave came over me. I came quick and hard, filling her to overflowing.

But now it was her turn. Knowing she needed some attention, I took her hand to lead her to the bedroom. “What can I do to satisfy your desires?” I asked. I continued probing deeper, “What do you secretly crave from me? I want to hear your most erotic fantasies.” And I knew I was going to enjoy every moment of this afternoon.

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  1. Darylcampbell52 says:

    I love pulling my wife's panties off and holding them to my face to smell her beautiful pussy. After 6 yrs of marriage theres no other pussy I'd rather have.

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