I’ll start this story with a confession, my husband and I were not virgins when we married. As a matter of fact, I was pregnant with our child. We both repented and asked God’s forgiveness for our indiscretions before marriage and are currently enjoying blessed marriage heat! Now, onto the story of our union!

We were married in a small country church in our hometown. My uncle officiated the small ceremony and everyone important to us was there. After the wedding, the reception was held in the fellowship hall and it was beautiful although neither of us were paying much attention. We had stopped having sex and repented as soon as we decided to get married; that coupled with pregnancy hormones made for a very horny bride!

We left the wedding and headed to Pigeon Forge for a weekend honeymoon in a secluded cabin. The drive was torture! Upon arriving, we decided to call the maintenance man and ask that our hot tub be turned down. He informed us that it would be about a half hour before he could get there but would be happy to oblige us.

Not wanting to rush our first time as man and wife, I suggested we go grab some dinner while we had the time. We enjoyed a very simple dinner and headed back to enjoy our evening. On the way, hubby ran into a convenience store to grab drinks and a few snacks. Once he got what we needed and had filled the gas tank, nothing else was going to slow us down.

Arriving at the cabin, the hot tub had had time to adjust already and it was safe for me to enjoy. We promptly began undressing each other and strangely enough, we were both shaking for nervousness! It was truly as if we were seeing each others bodies for the first time and it was beautiful. We climbed into the hot tub together and he got the drinks he had picked up earlier….sparkling grape juice. My heart melted and I was  fighting back tears.

He pulled me to him and we kissed and caressed for several minutes. We were taking our time enjoying each other and finally I was about to burst! I grabbed hubby by the hand and we got out of the hot tub and dried each other. He then led me to the bed where we would consummate our union.

He was so gentle and loving with me as he kissed and nibbled my neck and breasts. I was a moaning mess as I held onto him for dear life. I felt every muscle in his back and arms before telling him I needed him inside me. As he entered me, I was so overwhelmed with love and happiness. The tears I had been fighting back escaped and began to roll down my cheeks;hubby being afraid he had hurt me, stopped and asked if I was okay.

“Yes, baby. Yes, yes, yes. Please don’t stop making love to me.” I had never felt so happy. I loved this man with everything in me and now he was mine forever! He continued to thrust in me for a few moments and then stopped as he kissed me and rolled to my side. He responded to my questioning look by saying “I can’t make love to you while you are crying. But I will hold you and you can tell me what’s the matter.”

He held me until the tears were gone and I made the first move to continue. I stroked his hardening member as he kissed my neck. He asked, “Are you sure you’re ready?” to which I responded by guiding his length into my waiting ladybits. We made love until we fell asleep spent in each other’s arms.

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  1. OneCouple says:

    What a beautiful story WeldersWife, it made me hard thinking of my wife and I naked in a hot tub, and I'm a big fan of that ! Hope to read more stories from you two, thanks for sharing and God bless !

  2. Dean316 says:

    Beautiful heart warming story Welderswife. God clearly forgave you and your husband of your sins. Happy to see you two made love despite your emotions. Anyways, always be horny and fucking.

    God bless you both,

  3. WeldersWife says:

    Thank you all so much! Harper, God bless you and yours. OneCouple, definitely have another story in the works😉. Dean, God’s love is amazing! The emotion I was experiencing out of sheer love just made it all the more memorable 😊

  4. ArtRutherford says:

    What a neat story of love. Our daughter was about 8 months pregnant when she got married to her current husband. But we and they are very thankful for God's grace and mercy and His faithful lovingkindness toward us and our family.

  5. MajorMajor says:

    "I’ll start this story with a confession, my husband and I were not virgins when we married. As a matter of fact, I was pregnant with our child."

    Same here, WeldersWife. My wife was three months pregnant. She wanted to wait but we were very much in love… We have been together for 26 years now, we have been blessed with two lovely children. God is forgiveness.

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