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Starting the Workday Right

It had been a couple of weeks since hubby and I had made love and I was getting antsy. I had been thinking about the last time we were together for days….it had been even more amazing than usual. Between work schedules and kids, I hadn’t had a chance to let him know how badly […]

Breaking the Silence

Before I start this story, I feel like there are a couple things you should know. 1) I made a very hurtful, destructive, and stupid decision early on in our marriage. I was unfaithful.   2) I endured both sexual abuse and rape as a very young child up until puberty. Okay. So now that […]

Bathtub Quickie

Hubby had just arrived home after being on the road for several weeks. It was early in the morning and thus, our daughter was awake. Of course, that meant our lovemaking would have to wait until bedtime…..or did it?? Hubby went to take an oatmeal bath to help with his winter dry skin and I […]

Removing Guilt from the Marriage Bed

Although my husband and I were not virgins when we married, we did gift each other with our virginities. After that we had ups and downs. We lived together, slept together, etc…in other words we were out of Gods will. And we paid for it. We broke up and I went through a deep depression […]


I’ll start this story with a confession, my husband and I were not virgins when we married. As a matter of fact, I was pregnant with our child. We both repented and asked God’s forgiveness for our indiscretions before marriage and are currently enjoying blessed marriage heat! Now, onto the story of our union! We […]

Appreciation Leads to Passion

Hi friends! I’ve posted on here once before but I’m ready to share a story instead of asking advice. Please bear with me! This story takes place just a few days ago, after hubby and I had been apart for several days. Our daughter and I arrived home a day later than hubby as planned. […]

Help! Communication Issue

Hi there! I’ve been enjoying MH for a couple of days although I’ve been on before. I love how everyone enjoys their marriage but there are “hard times” posts as well. It gives me hope that this too shall pass. Ok, so that being said my issue is quite embarrassing. I would love for my […]