Carson and Cheyanne – “Icecicle Creek Adventure”

Cheyanne: This morning on my way to work I was lost in thought about a memory of a day out we had up in Leavenworth, Washington. After enjoying a nice day in town, I told Carson it was a nice day and that I was really enjoying myself. But, I was so horny that I couldn’t think about anything but getting him inside me.

I asked him if we could go find a place to fuck in private… but not too private. I wanted there to be some chance of getting caught. The possibility of getting caught always makes me Cum. As you might imagine, I didn’t have to ask him twice. We jumped in the truck and he drove a little ways out of town and turned down Icicle Creek road.

At the end of the road was a trail head. He said we could take a walk down the trail a little ways and see if we could find a nice place. There were no cars parked at the trail head, so we figured it was safe enough to get naked in the woods. We walked down the trail a little ways, until we got to a creek where we had to balance across a log to get to the other side. It was a big log over a small creek.

Part way across, he sat on it with his legs hanging down. He patted the log with his hand, signaling me to come sit beside him. It was a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. We sat for a little bit, just enjoying each other’s company. Then he leaned over and I met him in a kiss. This kiss lasted into a long, deep one which led to us making out.

Then he slid the rest of the way forward on the log, stood on the ground, and turned to face me. Standing here, he was face to face with my tits. I was wearing a very low cut top, just the way he likes, so there was plenty of tit for him to fondle and kiss. Despite this fact, he still felt he had to pull my top down further so that my huge round tits fell all the way out. I nervously looked around, but no one was around, so I let him do whatever pleased him.

As he kissed and sucked my nipples, my horny little pussy was getting even hotter and wetter than it already had been back in town. When I got hotter than I could stand anymore, I reached down and pulled my top all the way off and tossed it on the ground next to him. He was clearly pleased with where this was going. He reached around, unhooked my bra, pulled it off, then tossed it to the ground next to my top.

Laughing mischievously, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face firmly into my tits. Oh, he loved this.

He pulled away, lifted my skirt, and pushed it up. This revealed that I was not wearing panties. (I never do wear them on dates. They just get in his way). He remarked, “Oh Cheyanne, you are a naughty girl.”

Then he began to caress my pussy, playing with its lips with his fingers and slipping them inside me so he could finger fuck me. As he did, I leaned back on the log and let him drive me wild. Wow, did he!  I loved being loud in the woods; shouting his name and screaming out how he was making me feel.

Then he pressed his face to my pussy and began to lick it and start tongue fucking me. Oh man, that drove me absolutely wild! After this, I didn’t care anymore who heard us.

You should have heard me screaming, “Yes, Carson, Yes, tongue fuck me. Yes, fuck me and make me cum out here in the woods!” It was building so fast now. I knew there was no going back. I could no longer even support myself upright. All my nerves were going nuts. So, I Iaid back on the log and he shifted around to where he could plunge his huge cock into my juicy little pussy. Then he just went absolutely wild on me.

This is what I was reminiscing about on the way to work this morning. I was remembering this moment. Me, laying there on a big mossy log getting fucked out of my mind by Carson’s huge, pussy juice soaked cock. Screaming his name, I begged him to fuck me harder and harder.

Then I felt it. Here came my orgasm, the one that had been building all day. He felt it too and shouted, “If I give it to you Cheyanne, you have to promise to keep going until I cum, too!” I screamed back, ” Yes! Yes! Of course, anything, you can have anything…. just give me this orgasm!”

So, he kept going, matching his thrusts to my shrieks… And suddenly he pushed me hard over the top and I erupted out in a deafening scream. Abruptly, while I was still cumming; he stood up and looked down at me on the mossy log, all proud of himself. He just watched me laying there naked, while my nerves were all firing like crazy. I could not even move. It was like I had just been electrocuted.

When I finally could get up on my elbows, he held out his hand and pulled me to my feet. I could hardly stand. I was a little confused. I thought he wanted me to make him cum. I brushed out my skirt with my hands, and started to go to pick up my bra and top; but he beat me to them. Instead of giving them to me though, he took off down the trail; playfully refusing to give them to me.

So here I am chasing Carson down the trail, with my boobs bouncing like crazy and laughing my head off. What an embarrassing, crazy, goofball of a husband I have. Suddenly, he saw something he liked and veered off the trail and through the trees.

Coming to a stop on a lush grassy place alongside the creek, he turned as I ran into his arms, laughing and out of breathe. “What was that all about, Carson?” I asked breathlessly.

“I wanted you to follow me here,” he replied.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I want us to make love here in this hidden place in the grass by the creek. You said you would make me cum. Here’s your chance,” he replied.

With that, I smiled and we kissed in our deep embrace. As we began to melt together, we slid down into the lush grass and began to make love like only a guy and girl in love can do. One thing I remember about the lovemaking that was pretty awesome was the part where he came.

He was missionary fucking me and pulled me up into his lap with him still kneeling. He fucked me like this, then I pulled myself up and embraced him while he continued to bounce me up and down on his cock. Then holding my ass firmly, he stood and pulled me up with him.

After this standing fuck for a few minutes, I let go of him and leaned back until I had my hands on the ground and my legs about his waist. This is when he came in my pussy, with me hanging there like this in the woods, while his cock pumped me full of his “crazy in love with me” hot cum!

No wonder he loves me so much, with all the awesome, adventurous sex I give him. It makes me cum to make all his wildest dreams about me cum true.

Cheyenne Loves Carson.


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4 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    Now this was a fun story! Really liked this one! Very daring and risky but sexy nonetheless, especially wanting to go somewhere with a possibility of being caught but hot how you get so horny and wet over it. But wow what a hot fuck on the trail on the big log and it was funny reading about your man taking your clothes and you running after them barring it all (or almost) before finishing off beautifully in the grass.

    Stay sexy and horny!

    God bless,

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Icicle Creek, like the Nancy Drew game! (I know I'm in my 50s, but I love the Nancy Drew games, I play them with my granddaughter) your story also reminds me of our sexy times in Canada, especially our vacation 1984. Thank you for you hot story! God bless

  3. HappyHubby says:

    This is one of the first stories I read on MH and thought it deserved a bump after reading annewin's story about their hike. What I personally love about this story is that I have been to Leavenworth many times and I know the trail at the end of icicle creek road. I could have been the one you were afraid might walk up that trail and caught you. Maybe I did 😜

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